Sunday, January 18, 2009

We were sleepy

We were sleepy and slept late. We got to bed late after the fun of the Weinand family gathering. Emma is enjoying the warmer temps and i am having fun playing with her outdoors and indoors. She is really eager to play and work this morning so the sleep did us both good. Her tail is wagging away.

We hope to see my daughter's house today. They have been fixing things up and are finally moving in to live there. I am so happy for Justin and Becky. Justin lived at home many years and saved money so they could have a house and Becky is a good saver too. I am pleased for them they can put money into their house rather than paying rent. If I had a magic wand i would make this happen for all my children. Wouldn't that be nice? I mean the magic wand.

We are going to head outside and then do some laundry fun fun. I want to get some things done so I can go to see the house.
My energy is limited due to MS so the fine line is don't do so much that you don't feel good and cannot go to Becky's.

Take care, Mary and Emma

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