Monday, January 5, 2009

Ms Water Exercise

Tuesday is water exercise. I thought I would share these pictures as I am not sure if you have seen them before or not.
Emma rests comfortably by the life guards desk and just a few feet from the pool. Look at the view from her spot. Of course normally I am in there. She has never tried to jump in though she loves to swim. Also here is our swim group. We have a few new members now so sometimes it is more crowded than others. We exercise at the very least a full hour...sometimes more. I often am in 75 minutes. In the water it is so easy to walk, do the exercises etc.

The nice thing is the YMCA in New HOpe has a family dressing room that is also used for the disabled or those who need to be able to get to the pool without using stairs. there are individual changing rooms with showers, and safety bars too. There aren't enough rooms for all 14 of us to get into the rooms at the same time. I don't mind at all it gives me and a few others time to work out more. We chat plenty while we walk in the water or do some of the exercises. It meets some social needs for me.

Darn it due to a problem with my computer the pictures won't post yet. I will add them when I figure it out. I don't want to delete this entry.

I hope you had a good day. Many individuals I know are experiencing a let down after the holidays (for us also the wedding) and dealing with the snow, ice and we haven't had much sun. I feel that way for me but have good friends and family so that is a good thing and of course I have EMMA. Thank God I think she keeps me sane.

Wishing you a good day Tuesday.


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