Monday, August 31, 2009

A Day OFF for Emma

Some of our book club went on the Alan and Alma boat cruise, Emma got the mid day off. Good thing. It was very very crowded on the bus and on the boat especially. She probably slept. she was glad to have me home but did fine.

On the boat was a musician. Turns out I use to babysit him when he was a baby. I knew his mother and father. In fact his mother made my wedding dress. It was delightful to meet him though we only got to talk to him for a few minutes. It was not till the end of the cruise that I realized his name and inquired. Small world.

Emma and I went outside and then took a big nap when I got home. I have been so tired lately. Bummer.

Emma and I have been outside many times. Low 70'a for weather,,sunny and nice out. We had to soak it up.

She did again alert me that my blood sugar was low. i bet she reads my body language? When I got home from my outing it went a bit low. I immediately had some carbs and rested and the situation got better. Thanks Emma.

We are tidying up a bit tonight. Cleaning woman comes tomorrow. We are NOT going to water exercise. This is a week off and no instructors. We could still use the pool but I just found out the person giving me a ride is not going. Too late for me to call metro mobility. I have to remember that next week the fall session starts as that means a time change.

My husband has been cooking every night for work. The university students who will be leaders among their peers are in training. MMMMmmm smells so good. Home cooking is enjoyable for the students and a good treat for their hard work.
Greg loves to cook.

I better get some work done around here. Tomorrow I hope to tackle some laundry among other things.
I think Emma and I will be home all day. Emma will like that we will be together all day like normal.

Wishing you a good day - Mary and Emma

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jan's Grandson

Jan's Grandson, his mommy and the quilt she made for him. Don't they look happy. She sent me this picture and I had to share it.

Emma would love that quilt. I use recycled quilts from my children's youth for her to lay on!!!

State Fair Photos

I thought Emma was cute on our many water breaks at the State Fair. She would be happy both for the rest and the water.

We talked to so many people about Helping Paws and met one family who had a Canine Companion Service Dog.

The bacon booth really got Emma's attention. The smell I am sure. No we did not buy any but I am sure it would have pleased her to have some if she could have. A tiny bit of bacon is a rare treat for her work.

For some reason we are both awake at 4:46 am. Thought we would share the photos. Had planned to take more of our day but got so immersed in the activities we did not.

New camera...Mary and Emma

Saturday, August 29, 2009


After a quick breakfast out with a friend --- this is Emma zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

She is relaxed and sleeping on this very cool day. Now it is about 60. I am closing windows...

Friday, August 28, 2009


do any of you remember the movie "State Fair" and the song from decades ago?

We had a super time and slept a lot this afternoon to recover. We sampled some fun foods, visited several buildings, people watched, and enjoyed the great weather. For the first time in my life i even purchased at the fair shoes and a bag too. Pretty fun and very reasonable.

Emma was a bit overwhelmed at first with all the people, noises, excitement. The attendance was a record I heard for the 1st day. The great weather helped I think.

Some things we did that I think helped the experience with Emma:

1. We ventured off and after just a few blocks of them walking me scooting on my electric scooter realized Emma needed time to adjust. We stopped. Reassured her and just sat while she could observe the many people, the smells, and so on. A great move on our part. We talked soothingly to her. I repeated "it's okay Emma" and you could see her body language indicate she was more comfortable.

2. We carred a dish and lots of water. Refilled at drinking fountains or bought water. Gosh Emma drank more in one day than I have ever seen her consume. With extra walking, sun shinning etc that came in handy. People would watch in amusement as she would set the dish down, I would pour water and then when she was done she would hand it back to me.

3. The Dairy Building was nuts. Home of the great ice cream but not well regulated this day for the amount of people trying to get in line. We tried to leave and the crowd was overwhelming. In this case Greg had to take Emma out while I tried to fight the crowd with my scooter. Having him take Emma was smart. We learned to preview the building before we entered. We avoided the few spots with that wild a crowd from then on. A good move.

4. We really watched Emma for signs of needing to rest, and/or needing water. I was glad we did that. She was a real trouper but it was good to watch that at time she needed to lay down a bit before we might expect. Other times she handled it more daily life she does not walk for several hours like you do at this type of event.

We are so glad we took her as we felt it added to the fun. Due to my stamina and navigating crowds with scooters we did not go to some places we did in younger years. We skipped animal barns as we knew that might not be good for Emma to adjust to and we also had to prioritize what we could handle anyway.

We also were glad to go the first day. We met a family who left their service dog at home (Canine Companion Dog) because they had such a bad experience one year with two much food and debris on the ground. It is so much cleaner the first day.
Our only hang up was Martha's Cookies booth where they stack cookies so high. Lots of people drop one or two. We managed to have Emma only get one without us stopping her first but then someone threw a cookie at her so fast? Well she lived but next time I guess I will wait with her across the street or something.

Emma did get a few tastes. her first small morsel of a pronto pup was my confession. A bit of pork but I had kibbles of her food and her evening meal if needed too.

More tomorrow.

FUNNY COMMENT - MY MS DOCTOR TODAY THOUGHT EMMA LOOKED MORE SUBDUED. I explained we had gone to the State Fair and he said "Emma I feel that way too after I go to the State Fair"....yes it is fun but tiring.

Emma slept from 7pm last night with just one potty break and then till morning. We both took a long nap this afternoon.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Emma

We went to the State Fair
We are too tired to write any news but will share news tomorrow
We are tired but happy
But guess who was the only one walking other than Greg?

Lots of rests
They carried lots of water for me
I drank tons

I did awesome
If i do say so myself.
But Mary and Greg also said so
Also did the like zillion people who commented when they saw me

One new discovery
I do not like sheep
Being walked down the road by me.
Can't they stay in the barn area?

What was he doing by the grandstand???
I was startled and upset

They cut right in front of us for dog gone sake why????
Otherwise it was a good day.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thnaks HP

Thinking this morning again how wonderful it is to have Emma...

I think the hardest i cried in my life and still spoke was at our graduation...

I still get teary thinking of my sentiments

All you Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers, Foster Families
and of course Judy and the Michurski Family

Thanks for all you do to help people like me getting a service dog.

Thanks most of all for Emma....Mary

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

for Emma

Dear Emma

You add so much to my days
Tonight a headache and your snuggles help me

Today you helped pick up the house
With my towel and cane at water exercise
With retrieving other things I dropped

Your wake me with kisses
You calm me
You love me
I love you

This is short because I feel
almost speechless tonight
Imagine that ha ha

I just can't imagine my life
without you
making every moment
of every day
every second
day or night

You are such a trooper
If I wake up at night you are at my side
When I feel great you are there to share the time
If I feel less than great you are there to calm and help me

You make us laugh
You warm our home
You make me so happy
You are delightful

My life would not be the same without you.

I love you Emma


Tail Waggin' Dinner for Helping Paws Fund Raiser

I don't think Helping Paws will mind me sharing this information

Don't forget, the last day to register for our Tail Waggin' Dinner is September 4th.
Last year we were sold out and had to turn people away!

Don't miss this magical evening. . . . .
Tail Waggin' Dinner
Saturday September 12th, 2009
Minneapolis Marriott Southwest
Time: 5:00pm Puppy Chow Reception, Silent Auction, Cash Bar
7:00pm Big Dog Plated Dinner, Live Auction
8:00pm Helping Paws Program

I know many readers already attend. It is fun to see so many dogs there. Many graduates and dogs in training will be there.
Call Helping Paws for info and price information.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Have A Good Week

Emma and I enjoyed book club and meeting one of the blog readers also.

I will write more tomorrow. We are fine. It is only 8 here but I did not have much of a nap so am very sleepy.

Emma won't mind sleeping with me now at all. Greg will take her out again at about 10 or so.

We wish you a good week....a little tv and we are off to bed.... Mary and Emma

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flash I Need My Camera

We need my mom. She passed a few years ago. She seemed to have a direct line to heaven when it came to lost articles. It is a Catholic Tradition to pray to St. Anthony. My mom would pray to him and no lie you often found the item before the end of the phone call....even if you had looked for hours.

It appears that on vacation I lost my camera. We have gone through all the bags, jackets and now the car but no camera. Up north I retraced my steps but no camera. You would think I would give up but something nags at me thinking we will still find it.
We looked at new cameras and even bought one for me. I hate to use it as i still keep hoping mine will show up. Call me hopelessly optimistic in this matter??!!!

I love to take pictures of the granddaughters and my children. We were at the parish picnic for Greg's work and they had fun. But I had no camera. The one on my camera is not good as I have a very cheap camera. Emma also was loving the park but I couldn't take photos of her either.

Whine whine. We had a good day. The sleepover was fun. Sophia, Rosa and I slept in bed together. Somehow I fell out of bed. I am fine though. We had a good time.

Emma does NOT like Rosa in the middle of the bed. She did sleep in the living room with Greg. She tried to squeeze in with us but that was too many on the bed ha ha.

So when they leave Emma likes being our "baby". The girls are good to her though.

Here's hoping you don't loose your camera and have a good weekend. I will let you know if "my" prayers to St. Anthony work.
Hey Mom can you hear me in heaven???

Mary and Emma

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A New Baby and New Grandma

Happy News - my friend Jan is a new grandma. Welcome Henry Robert Schulz and congratulations to his family.

Unfortunately my friend Judy who came home Friday is back in the hospital. Karen is home but following a routine to go to the dr for blood tests daily for now. I was glad to hear some good news.

Rosa and Sophia are staying overnight. We are having a blast. Watching a kids show before happy to have them here.

Wishing you a good weekend. Heard Jack Michurski who helped trained Emma is off to college tomorrow. How can the years fly by? I was his teacher!!! In 5th grade!!! Thanks Jack for helping with Emma and best wishes on this new venture. Best wishes to Judy too as she adjusts to another child leaving home.

Happy Weekend...Mary and Emma

Friday, August 21, 2009


Our friend Karen is doing well. Yeah and thank you God.

Today we were home. I had to rest. We watched a few tv shows, napped, and I read too. Tonight will be quiet too but we hope to watch MONK with Greg. Now he is watching the Vikings.

Emma and i went outside several times. Nice weather...not too hot and sunny. We have had so much rain and our waiting for the lawn service to cut our grass. It is geting so long.

Greg and I made supper together which was fun. Trying a new recipe we kind of created ourselves.

Tomorrow the granddaughters are staying overnight so we are all excited for that.

Emma is being wonderful helping me out today. She doesn't mind the napping, or snuggling while we read....she is such a great dog.

Mary and Emma hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Medical News Today


This has been a day of medical news. Our friend Judy Hull was finally able to go home from the nursing home rehab and is delighted. We think she will need some time to build up her strength but are so happy for her.

Our friend karen just found out she has a large blood clot in her brain that they are dealing with at the hospital. Found in the nick of time it appears to have caused no damage. More tests will occur this weekend and she will be in while being treated. We are so shocked and grateful. she has MS but it is a coincidence that this occured and not related to MS. The condition itself is rare they said. Prayers welcome

Mary went to the doctor and was given a muscle relaxant for nights. The Dr. wil call on Monday to check to see if things are better. If not they will do xrays and also refer to physical therapy. The spasms have been difficult to manage but maybe a good night sleep will help. Also alternating heat and cold and resting the back for a few more days.

We plan a quiet Friday. Hope all is well with you

Nurse Emma

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nurse Emma is On Duty

Hi All,

Mary mostly rested today after a trip to the counselor. We rode Metro Mobility and I am getting more used to it. i would rather be on a seat than the floor though.

Rained almost all day. There was a tornado that did cause lots of damage near downtown Mpls and in South Mpls. Mary
's Aunt lives near there but is fine. The news was busy showing weather reports around the state and Wisconsin due to this tornado and others and the storms. Warnings for tonight's weather but where we live seems calm for now.

Mary and I hope to go to water exercise. We are going to bed early but that happens often. We will listen to the Twins Game as we rest. Don't let it fool you - Mary will be asleep in no time.

It did calm down so I could go to the bathroom outdoors. I hate going to the bathroom in the rain. I will show Mary I need to go but then run out and run right back in due to the rain...but a doggy eventualy has to do her business.

Off to bed. Thanks for the well wishes. Mary is still very sore and stiff but managing to deal with the pain the best she can.

Our thoughts are with those with much property damage due to the tornado. Last we heard the hospitals report no one coming in with injuries due to the tornado that appeared with no warning. That is just amazing...

Nurse Emma

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nurse Emma

OOPS Mary fell today at home. Trying to pick up the house. I was helping her but somehow she fell

We did take metro mobility to water exercise. I kept a close eye on Mary - she did not make it through the full class.
A friend gave us a ride home.

Tonight Greg is here. He took me outside for exercise. Mary is headed back to the ice pack and to rest her back.

Nurse Emma is on Duty

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dog gone Monday


Met someone at church who knows someone who is a foster parent for helping paws.
Also out to eat we met someone who also asked about helping paws.
At Target met a woman who wanted to talk about Helping Paws as her Aunt with MS was beginning to research getting a service dog...

so in our own way Emma and I spread the word about Helping Paws...


Emma and I got outside during the day - it wasn't as humid. I love my time outdoors with her.

Greg was off and we got some sorting done.

I sorted and shredded some paperwork which was badly needed.

I started to clean/sort some clothing and miscl things that have found their way into my bedroom

We also of course had to nap and relax.

Tomorrow we will go to water exercise.

Trying to chase some worries away but isn't that part of life's journey?


Hi from Emma and I,

We had a good weekend. Sunday brunch with some friends since childhood and my sister too. Fun but of course came home for a nap. So much fun though.

Lots of chores to do today but of course not sure what I can do myself. Greg is off today and will help. I also have a book to read for bookclub which is only a week away.

Hope all is well with you -- more later...

Friday, August 14, 2009


Have a good Friday and great weekend too.

It is sunny here and I think going to be warm. We are headed to a physical therapy appointment and then time with my friend jan. She is so kind as to be driving me home. I am not sure what all we will do together.

I don't know what the rest of the day will bring...just wanted to wish you a good day!!!

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wed Wishing You a Good Day

Very humid today and warm for us. I had a Dr. appt for a med check and a counseling appointment. Common for people with MS to battle depression problems. And yeah my mammagram which I mention if you have put yours off like i have. Can't spell it but gosh get yourself in to be screened.

Greg was off so we went to a movie this afternoon - it was relaxing and cool. We saw The Proposal and liked it. But we are Sandra Bullock fans and needed something to get our minds off other concerns.

Emma and I tried it outside. She got out enough for bathroom breaks but she didn't even want to chase a ball or frisbee. Just too warm in her fur coat. She stood at the door waiting to go in even before I told her it was time to go in. Such a cute girl.

It is suppose to be hot the rest of the week. We are not going for our evening walks with the scooter as it just still feels too warm for me. Heat is so hard on people with MS. Though sometimes I handle it much better than others!!!

I am sorry this seems so boring today. Emma has been just great but I can't think of a certain thing to mention or anything. Just so good to me all the time. I still find it so darn cute that when at the doctor and they call "MARY" she is so alert. Head up. Sometimes she will stand before I can get up. She knows that is us.

We have water exercise tomorrow and I am not sure if anything else will come up or not. Lately after water exercise I am so tired we don't get much done at all the rest of the day. I do feel better though with so much less pain. We have physical therapy on Friday and she always says don't ever miss swimming it is so good for you...

PGA is here in town. I can't imagine being a spectator due to the cost, the heat, and the crowds but lots of people are so excited. The MN Twins are doing just terrible and I am a loyal fan but gosh they need to put money into pitchers next year I guess. Did I hear yesterday they let the other team score 16 runs and it was not a very good team????

Emma and I wish you a good day... Mary

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Aren't these cute puppies? They are not going to be service dogs but I couldn't resist sharing the photos. Yeah Eileen what cute little ones. They are 2-3 weeks old in these photos.

Emma and I enjoyed water exercise. This time though at the end she started walking toward the water. The life guard got nervous grabbed her leash and petted her. I moved quickly closer to her to tell her to lay down again. What a surprise. It was as if she was alarmed?!!!

We couldn't figure out why. We were all heading out of the pool. But her body language and facial expression made me think she was concerned. Normally she stays calm till I get out and then remains calm as we go into the changing room. I do let the life gaurds to pet her once in awhile so she is comfortable with them. Well all turned out well.

Then at lunch i was not paying enough attention to her. For some reason she wandered a bit away from the stay. That never happens. But then I was not holding the leash as normal I do. So then I noticed. I told her firmly to get the leash - she did and then walked over to me. It was tough not to laugh as she had such an adorable expression. Again this surprised me. Normally I do hold her leash loosely but getting her to stay at a drop is normally not an issue at all.

So we got some time outside today also. It was warm/hot but more bearable than yesterday. Tomorrow we have two dr appts and a test too. Will be busy from 9-3 I think. Greg is off so will drive us. Nothing to worry about just things to tend to. Then we surely will need a nap.

May your day go well.... Emma and Mary

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hot and humid here but we still found some time outside in the shade with ice water.

A headache so that slowed my day down.

Wemt tp bed early -just got up to take some meds.

Tomorrow should be more interesting

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not sure if this will be a size you can see. They are sending me photos but i am having trouble with the size. My oldest brother John is the groom and Jim is the bestman. I have another brother and my sister were not present.

Another Try at the Photo

Wedding Photos to Share

Notice Emma in the wedding photo. She was just wonderful at the wedding.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can You Guess

What do you guess I did today?


Hint = My brother's wedding reception was last night and I got to bed at 1 am.
Through some miracle I even danced with him and with my sister and my girls!

YEP we slept a lot.

Moved slow when I got up..
We napped for over four bun not five hours.
We slept in very very late.
I can't stop yawning
We will go to bed early.

Shopping I was in a motorized scooter and took a few extra laps so Emma got extra walking in the cool of airconditioning.
It is humid and close to 90 today.
Yesterday we got much needed rain.
Sounds like more storms are rumbling in now.
We need it.

My brothers (I have 3) are so special to me. So sharing the joy of the wedding a few weeks ago on the shores of Lake Superior and the wedding reception last night was a joy. Emma attended both too.

She was so good last night many people didn't know she was there till we left.
She's a good sleeper like I am.

What a good pair we are.....Emma and Mary
We wish you a good weekend.

Hope the Helping Paws Golf Tournament went okay today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

This and That

Another photo of Rosa. Sophia is finishing up camp and Rosa is so lonesome. Rosa loves to have her picture taken so here is another cute one I thought. It was taken a week or so ago. I need to get some of Sophia.

Hurray Emma and I are enjoying a much needed rainy day. A good long lasting rain...hope are poor grass and gardens can soak this up it is so dry. I am happy to say it has been raining for hours...we have waited months and months for this type of rain. Emma however does not like to go outdoors to go to the bathroom in the rain. She has a strong bladder. It is cute because she will venture out just so far and then darts right back in. I tried standing at the patio door and even going out into the rain with her but no luck yet. We are going out for a quick outing with Jan so she likely will go then?

Tonight is the wedding reception for my dear brother John and wonderful new sister-in-law Leeanna. I am looking forward to the celebration.

Family is so important to me. EMMA is a special person in my family. As the months and years pass I think my children, and my siblings and friends see more and more how much Emma means to me. She sure has enriched my life. She means so much to me.

At swimming yesterday Emma had to be at a little different location to watch water exercise. She layed on the towel so good. But I was in the deep water and a teen jumped off the diving board so close to me. They are not suppose to use the diving board at all when we are in class. Well Emma got up quickly and walked to the water edge. I had to assure her that I was alright. She was very concerned. It all settled down as the life gaurd stepped in to remind the young man no diving while the class was taking place. Emma scooted a bit closer to the pool then she was orginally (I think she wanted to see better what was going on) and layed down. I let her stay there as it was not in the way at all.

I better get some chores done. This blog is about Emma and my life I guess. I am so bummed about loosing my camera and some great pictures...oh well life goes on.

Have a great day. Emma and Mary

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Happy Friday

Hi Folks,

We are tired after a busy afternoon and evening. We went to water exercise, and visited two friends at the nursing home. A rest at home and then out to dinner with friends. Time to head to bed now...have a good day on Friday.

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emma as Photographed by my Rosa

Believe it or not this photograph was taken by my granddaughter Rosa who will be 3 in late October. At her height this was her view of Emma outside. I let her take several pictures (before I lost my camera on vacation) and it was interesting.

I have been sleeping and sleeping and sleeping...Monday was my birthday and I spent the day drinking clear liquids and then taking the prep for a colonoscopy. I really didn't mind the timing as I keep putting it off. My mom had colon cancer and my grandfather so this is an important test for me. My mom was in her 50's. I recall the surgery, the chemo therapy and all it took out of her. She had a terrible prognosis but then surprised her doctor. He was sure it spread and she lived till 85 getting it one more time...she was fortunate.

Well no sign of cancer..but the prep and I am assuming the drugs they gave me for the procedure sure made me tired. The prep is no fun but the procedure easy. It is well worth getting done though I hear not all insurance companies cover it now. Due to the family risk (my grandfather also had colon cancer) I will now have it done every 5 years.

So slept all day once I got home and evening yesterday. Canceled plans today and slept till almost 1. I do think we need a nap by 3 again. I don't think i will accomplish much today. Hope to go to water exercise and to visit friends in the nursing home tomorrow.

Emma is close at my side. Greg took her out awhile before he went to work. Due to working the evening today he stayed home till after 9. I took her out and my neighbor was out. Emma whined a bit to see her and Lucy was happy to come visit. Emma was so excited. She likes lucy.

I am glad I have insurance to help pay for needed tests. I had a physical recently and next week a mamagram. Getting things checked out I guess.

Hope all is well with you. We are doing fine - just sleepy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Emma Shows Off her Swimming Skills

Photos from our vacation. Emma heads for the lake, shows off her skills and then - the wet dog shakes it off.

We had a warm towel waiting for her and limited her time in the cold water of Lake Superior. Some of the time we were at places where rivers entered the lake or the lake was a bit sheltered and the water was warmer.

We had a blast. Emma had such a good time.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

This might interest you

If you don't follow it now - you might want to look at Rocket's blog. He is a puppy in training for helping paws.

I was so entertained by the latest blog that listed what he is working on...gosh they learn a lot in the early months.
Read it at

Keeps raining just a bit and then stopping. i give up and am going out to water my plants.

Emma at a lakeside dinnner

This picture was taken at the Angry Trout in Grand Maris. We ate dinner there and oh how Emma looked longingly at the water. I am sure she was thinking - can't I get in and swim? She was so well behaved here even as fish jumped near us. We had just beautiful weather on our trip. Rain a bit here and there but it never interfered with our plans - we adapted. Rain showers didn't last long.

Yesterday the family birthday party went just great. All had a good time. Emma and I are resting today. Saturday we were busy preparing for the party with the family. We had four birthdays to celebrate over the past two weeks. So we had one big gathering. Yummy italian food menu - Greg is an awesome cook. I did help but he is the main cook these days.

We slept really late. After Friday fun with Jan going to lunch and shopping. the Twins Game Friday night and a party Saturday - a lot going on for two days. I hope to get a few more chores done but mostly need to relax and rest today.

Hope all is well with you. Emma is doing fine. She slept late today too. I guess from all the activity yesterday...

Enjoy family and friends,

Love mary and Emma