Saturday, August 8, 2009

Can You Guess

What do you guess I did today?


Hint = My brother's wedding reception was last night and I got to bed at 1 am.
Through some miracle I even danced with him and with my sister and my girls!

YEP we slept a lot.

Moved slow when I got up..
We napped for over four bun not five hours.
We slept in very very late.
I can't stop yawning
We will go to bed early.

Shopping I was in a motorized scooter and took a few extra laps so Emma got extra walking in the cool of airconditioning.
It is humid and close to 90 today.
Yesterday we got much needed rain.
Sounds like more storms are rumbling in now.
We need it.

My brothers (I have 3) are so special to me. So sharing the joy of the wedding a few weeks ago on the shores of Lake Superior and the wedding reception last night was a joy. Emma attended both too.

She was so good last night many people didn't know she was there till we left.
She's a good sleeper like I am.

What a good pair we are.....Emma and Mary
We wish you a good weekend.

Hope the Helping Paws Golf Tournament went okay today.

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