Saturday, July 31, 2010

Back Home

We got home yesterday but were too tired to write. It's work having such fun I think ha ha. We spent time on the North Shore. We were up near Grand Maris which was beautiful. It is a small town right on Lake Superior with fun shops, places to be on the beach, and just delightful. We had a relaxing fun time.

We saw deer which seemed intent on trying to get hit on the road. We saw them four times. Thank goodness Greg taught me when you see one deer there is likely another following. I had just said after a light rain let up = we better watch for deer again. Well as the words were spoken out came one deer and I yelled "theres the second one". A good move on the brakes by Greg helped us avoid a problem. Another time one was walking down the side of the road. We saw it and slowed down it almost romped into our car! Fun to see deer but I like it better from a distance. Don't want to hit a deer or have it hit you. They are so pretty though that I sure couldn't hunt them.

We moved downward to Duluth for the Tall Ships Festival. Greg went online to get a good deal on a hotel in Duluth. they had an influx of 100.000 people they thought for the parade of 9 tall ships into the Duluth harbor. We were visiting park canal the night before when they thought one ship was coming in. We learned it went to Superior instead but enjoyed the evening. My walker has a seat so I always had a seat with me.

We lucked out. Someone from the coast gaurd let Greg and others know that before the parade they were lining up near the Lester river (just out of duluth). So yes we were so smart. We went early and brought water and snacks and headed up there the next morning. The result we saw the ships and saw them line up and then with full sails on the way to duluth. History, beautiful ships, and enjoyable day. Sitting in the shade enjoying nature, the lake, and even the people who also helped fill that area. But we were not crowded by any means.

Greg loved the ships and gave me info on them all. Emma was great behaved all the time. More later posts....

Hope you all have a restful weekend.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thankful on Sunday

Saturday we spent some time with the granddaughters which was fun. We also visited with my son Dan.

Then today, Sunday, after church, we saw almost the whole family at brunch to celebrate July birthdays and mine in August. It was great fun. My sister joined us.

I am done getting things organized and packed for our trip up north. It should be a fun time I think. Besides clothes I need medical things pump supplies, shot supplies, you get the picture ...medicines. Things Emma will need and so on. So I have happily been working on that for a few days.

I plan to write now later. I am going to take a late nap with Emma. But all is well today - thank you God for my family..Mary

Friday, July 23, 2010

Nap Time?

Who wouldn't want to nap with this adorable dog?
Hey wait Emma - I get the pillow on the head of the bed!!
Come on,
I need room too!!
wish I had a picture to add. I will look. Emma and I had a good day at home. Enjoyed outside, she got exercise and play time. We visited with neighbors briefly too.

For work we worked on laundry including some bedding. I worked on bills and some paper work and napped. A very satisfying day. YES believe it or not I took the medication last night and did okay today. Maybe my body is adjusting to it.

This was a day for children outdoors, dogs outdoors and people around. Warm for me but pleasant and sunny. We could use some rain here though. I had to water a few things. Greg handles the hoses and tougher things. Also laundry I primarily sort, fold and together we put away. I can't carry laundry baskets so do what I can. The day just flew by. Greg had some ready before work and helped out after work.

Greg is off next week and we are off to the North Shore. So don't worry if you don't see a blog. We will be relaxing along various places of Lake Superior. i also organized what I would take etc. Decided some things to donate around here. Guess that helped occupy me. I even got to read awhile. What a great day.

My neighbors will be watching my house and they are home alot so that is good. They even offered to take turns watering flowers. I have retired neighbors this summer so it is nice when I am home to see them home and around too. My kids will possibly be here at times too. So that will be so nice for us.

No wonder I am in a good mood. Dan will be here (my youngest) tonight after a party (I will be in bed) and so I will see him in the morning. He is temporarily without a car as he hasn't found a new/used one yet. So i will see him a bit tomorrow before he needs to head home. We also have a few errands to do. So this was a good day to get a few things done.

I am heading to bed early and will have to take it easy tomorrow somewhat. My busy, productive days are no where near what I accomplished in younger, healthier days. But for me it was a good day - it is relative I guess.

Emma and I really enjoyed having time outside. We go out off and on so I don't get too hot. I have a pool for her but that is not her thing at home. Next week she will likely get swimming or at least wading depending where we go on our journey through the week.

Emma is so much company. That really is helpful no matter what. I talk her all day long. She gets lots of affection, attention and tonight a good brushing too. She is just awesome to spend the day with.

Have a great weekend. I expect to blog tomorrow....Mary and Emma

Thursday, July 22, 2010

May your Friday be Fantastic

Today is Thursday. We had a good day. I felt good. We went to water exercise and then came home to play with Rosa. What a sweetie.

Emma was great at water exercise. She did great. Things got a bit more hectic than normal disturbing her where she lays and watches me swim. She handled it with grace. I am further down the pool so she readjusted herself as needed and then went back to laying on her towel. I am not explaining this well enough to do her justice. Let's just say maintainance, a life gaurd and others caused her to need to move slightly at times and she handled it great and would stand, step aside just a bit and then lay back down. i moved to be sure she was fine but did not have to get out of the pool, she handled it with skill.

We were on the metro mobility bus an hour even though it is not that far from the pool to my home. They had to drop off other riders. Emma doesn't like how bumpy it is when she lays on the floor. Few drivers will let her ride on the seat now - must be a gig rule now or something. Well again she handled it so well. The driver said she was the best service dog he had ever had on the bus ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa was here for awhile this afternoon. We played with her. Emma was a good sport then retreated to take a nap (Rosa did not). i guess she didn't want to play Barbie? It is so cute as we have three Barbie vehicles and Rosa will not move them without being sure all have their seat belts on. Isn't that show her Mommy and Dad have taught her well. And YES they do have belts in the cars for the dolls. A good thing I think.

I took the medicince again tonight (every other night) and so far feel fine and took it three hours ago. We are hoping I can say I am fine as the hours pass. Rosa knew yesterday that I could not see her because the medicine made me feel icky. She made out of play dough a patch she put on my lef to make it all better. maybe it is working.

I planned to go to bed earlier (it is almost 11 here) but couldn't fall asleep. Emma keeps looking at me waiting for bedtime. We hope to do some folding of laundry tomorrow and quiet things. We will be home all day. That will be fun but also good if I am fatigued like past days after the medication.

Emma had a good day I think and so did I. Wishing you a good day and yeah the weekend. My yard did not get the rain we need. Saw pictures of my friend's house where the storm Sat caused a big tree to fall on her house. Glad that wasn't me. No one was hurt and they can still live there while it is all being fixed. Or at least at this point.

Wishing you a nice Firday...Friday....Mary and Emma

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Happy Note

Feeling better tonight. Sorry to be kind of down the past days.

Emma is terrific. We got outside, played, and she is being so good. We may see Rosa tomorrow which is fun. We will make tomorrow a good day no matter what!!! Thanks to you who keep reading this even in slump times. i better come up with some fun stories about Emma.

The dinner we went to Tuesday night was at Pittsburg Blues in Maple Grove all sponsored by a drug company who also provided the speaker. It was just packed. I am a bit claustrophobic so that bothered me. Here Emma stayed so good under the table for 10 (all those feet) for over two hours. The waitress and others couldn't believe she was there. OKAY HP Staff and Judy when you taught her to "stay" she really learned how to handle it under a table...lots of food, smells, people and she did just great!

I think this is true of pet dogs too - I always can tell if Greg is home by the way Emma acts. She hears the car and runs to the door (we have sidelights she can see out) and I can tell by her enthusiastic body language it is him and not just a car driving by. Long before he parks she knows the car.

Emma is such a sweetie - even on days that are a big discouraging - she brightens them for me. Thank you to Judy, and HP staff volunteers and all who donate to HP for making it possible for ME and Emma and others to have these special dog relationships.

I am going to pray and think positive thoughts that tomorrow is a good day.

Emma and Mary wish you good dreams.
Another Sloow day. Tuesday was fun. I went to water exercise, had an outdoor lunch with a friend and at night to a talk/dinner by a MS Dr. Maybe too much for one day??? Or was it the medicine. Took extavia (every other night a shot) and felt so worn out today. Takes time to get use to they say. I am not sure if it was just the medicine or also a factor that I did a lot on Tuesday. We will see how it goes next time I take it.

I did enjoy outside with Emma and we slept a lot. I feel better tonight. Who knows I could have something else going on? I should feel better tomorrow Thursday.

Sorry I can't think of more to write tonight. Will try to be more informative and creative. Emma is doing fine.

Mary and Emma

Monday, July 19, 2010


At home day. I am using a new medication that gives some side effects as you adjust to it. I am starting in low doses. So I felt kind of like I had the flu part of the day. Just took it easy with Emma. She was super. Nice weather so we got outside of course.
It was a peaceful day.

Take care...Mary and Emma

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fireworks are NOT fun for Emma.

Maple Grove Day fireworks were tonight due to the weather yesterday. Poor Emma - they must have had a wonderful long and big display. I live about a mile away but it was sooooooo loud. Emma ran to the basement. i went with her but when it was time to come out she didn't want to come up. It really scared her. Things have calmed down here and she and I are ready for bed. I knew I didn't want to bring her there (Greg is working anyway) but I sure am glad she wasn't home alone. She was so upset. It was so loud and I had windows closed and A/C on.

Emma was super at church today and so good all day. She is just such a sweetie. I enjoyed her company when Greg returned to work late this afternoon. What a fun fun weekend we had mostly around the house.

There was debris in our yard from our weeping willow and leaves from trees...otherwise we did okay in the storm. Some of my flowers did take a beating though. Some holly hocks (SP?) no longer stand upright...but overall did okay. Neighbors lost tree limbs and one had damage to a fence. Relatives had hail damage in their neighborhoods.

Emma watched the movie Mamma Mia with me again. I can't believe I haven't worn the video out it is so fun to listen to. She watches me sing along and snuggles next to me.

Monday we plan to be home all day. As health allows we have a few small things we would like to get done. I didn't get much laundry folded today so tomorrow.....hope you all stayed safe in the storms if you live in the area.

Love Emma and Mary

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thunderstorms coming here so this will be short tonight.

We spent the day cooking - I mean homemade from scratch polish recipe cakes for a goodbye celebration for a Priest from Greg's work. Fr. Jim will be missed. This is not his boss. The celebration tomorrow night should be special.

It was a hot hot humid day so they are expecting big storms. Not quite here yet. Emma enjoyed our cooking, big nap, and being outside. We had such fun cooking together. Greg had the day off and that is always treasured.

I am going to turn the computer off and get ready to go in the basement if needed.

Take care all.

I am the type who is extra careful in storms...Greg is more relaxed. Remember a tornado in the 60's and bad thunderstorms vividly both causing damage when I was a child.

Mary and Emma hope it blows over soon.

Mary and Emma

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday -

Today it is Friday morning.

Our only plans are to be sure to get out for a walk. Hang out outside and play when we can (part of the day might be too hot).

Learn how to take my new medication for MS. I am starting Extavia (an injection) and a nurse is coming out to train me in how to mix it. I don't anticipate it to be too hard as I watched the video - and also injected myself when I used the other drug for MS and while I took insulin by needle.

There are some side effects to the drug when you first start it so I might have fllu like symptoms. Good things we don't have much going on. I take it every other day.

We have already been outside, watered some plants, played a bit. Emma woke up early today and was enthusiastic to have us join her in welcoming the day. She is a fun girl. I love having her with me all the time.

I talk to Emma a lot.
"Emma I am going to take a shower - she follows me to the bathroom and lays on the floor in there.
"Emma naptime" - she races me to the bed ( I don't mind)
Emma let's read the paper - Emma let's do laundry - etc etc.

I don't know what of the words make sense in my every day chatter to her but I would guess words and body language both help her see what I am up too. She makes every day better. That is for sure.

Hope you have/had a good day however you spend it or spent it.

Be safe this weekend and enjoy time with family and friends.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday -

Water exercise, a good nap, and being outside occupied most of our day. It was also good to fold a bit of laundry.

There are lots of children/families at the YMCA in the summer. I explain a lot about what helping dogs do when there. Emma is always very interested in watching the kids as she lays by the pool. I have to remind them not to pet and distract her. Thankfully, due to swim lessons and other factors some of the children are regulars, and respond well to my reminder why they don't pet.

Maybe I will write more later. Can't think of a lot to write at this time. We had a blast with Rosa yesterday.

Wishing you a fabulous Friday,

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wed was wonderful

Wed was wonderfully fun with Rosa and her dog Lily too. We are still up at a late hour (11:30) and finally headed to bed.

Will share more tomorrow....all is good here.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did I Tell You?

Emma just looked at me when I spilled a plate of bacon at her feet!
Yes indeed before I even said "leave it" she let it be.
Later yes she did get sm pieces of bacon as a treat.

Emma loves bunnies. To chase them in her fenced yard.
Most times the bunnies run before she even gets out the patio door.
But today one was hiding under a big pine tree.
Emma sniffed and sniffed.
Finally the bunny ran for it and made it safely under the gate.
Bunnies always win in our yard.
Again though if I call her she will most times come to me and leave the bunny alone.

Emma is like a kid. She can be just fine, relaxing, sleeping or whatever.
I get on the computer and she wants my attention.
She puts her noise under my forearm and tries to life my arm up.
A neat skill if you are in a wheel chair for example, and need your arms moved. Yeah Emma.
Not so fun when you are trying to type your blog for example.

When I ask Emma what do you need?
She can tell me by body language and expression if she needs
to go outside, to have more water, or just plain attention!!

Emma drinks a lot of water in the summer.
Yes she is watched for any medical reason for this since I had her.
The conclusion of the vet at this point - she likes water.
However, like Michurski's found (her foster family)
her nick name is camel dog
When she drinks it is a LOT then she will go a long time without a drink.

Emma at age 7.5 still is enthusiastic.
She wags that tail, hip and whole back portion - when I enter the room.
She still loves to play, cuddle, but naps a bit longer when she can.

On hot days Emma will choose to sit in the sun sometimes
Even hot and humid - I have to remind her often to stay in the shade.
Silly girl.

Emma loves to take off socks daily.
At the end of the day boy she likes taking off my socks and Gregs and putting them in the hamper or if we are in a different room she will hand them to us. She looks so satisfied and when you are tired boy is this a nice service.

Emma knows when I take the leather leash we are going out the front door for relaxation.
When I grab the blue leash she is ready to put on the vest (walks into it for me) that she wears for "worK".
When I say let's go in back she knows which door to run too.
When I say let's go in the car she goes to her vest and blue leash and waits for me?

When I grocery shop or shop at a store like target (I never go to Malls)
Emma knows how to help me "look for Greg"
Okay I have told you this before but it amuses me.
We will separate (Greg and I) and when it is time to fine him - I tell her "Find Greg"
We go down a main aisle at a speed that allows her to look side to side for me.
While also taking a chance to look at me to see where to go (forward)
and when she sees him she will give just a slight nudge on the leash
but her tail goes UP/wag wag and she is so pleased with herself.
All this and still being attentive to me.
She does not pull hard enough to be a problem for me.
When she sees him, I will turn and remind her to go SLOW or if needed WAIT for him.

She also will easily find GREG at home if needed by me.
We practice this. If she comes to him and is not with me she presents a certain body language and persistance that he knows I need him. Has come in handy for medical issues.

Enough for tonight - some you have heard but it still pleases me. She knows many commands to handle being with me with a cane, walker, or scooter. She is great on days we are more active or if I have a day I need to rest more.

She is so loved by me and my family.



Emma and Mary say hope your day is filled with nice surprises.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello on Monday Morning

I am forgetful so some days miss posting on the blog. Know we are fine.

Emma has been so helpful this morning, we are picking up and doing laundry as our main jobs today. That means mostly folding clothes, as Greg has to help with getting them up and down the steps and so on. Emma is so darn good.

The weather is beautiful and I turned off the airconditioning. Maybe Emma will get two walks in on this gorgeous day. We also might do an errand or two with a friend. We will also nap of course.

Last night we saw a friend with ALS at church again (Lou Gehrig's disease) and he is such an inspiration to talk with. He does not want to dwell on his condition and has a positive attitude about his life. He is able to do less and less but sees the beauty of life it seems. HE hires a garden help but sits in his wheelchair enjoying the garden during the work. He is just a kind and gentle man.
His wife is a saint and does volunteer work with the mentally ill also. She is an inspiring women with a passion to help those in need.

It makes me appreciate my abilities and my great family and friends in life.
That's how we all manage in life's journey I guess and of course faith.

The memorial service for my friend was just beautiful. It was so well planned and a true tribute to her life, her faith, and her wonderful ability to be a good friend. It was one of the nicest memorial services I have been to in my life. We all felt moved and comforted by it.

Greg is feeling better. Thanks for the emails of people concerned if he was better? He is better and it looks like the problem is not cancer so that is good. He has a busy week ahead so good thing he feels pretty good.

Hoping your week goes well. Emma is smiling at me and wagging her tail. I don't think she "needs" to go outside but I think she "wants" to go outside again. That sounds good to me.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Blessing of Friendship

We are headed soon to the "Celebration of Life" of dear friend of mine. She had MS but died of cancer. She was a wonderful mother, wife, and friend. She lived 87 years but her spirit was always bright and shinning. She never complained in the face of many physical struggles. She was a class woman, with graceful ways, twinkling eyes, and a comforting voice. She cared from the heart about you, your interests, your dreams and your thoughts. She already is so dearly missed.

Jeanne came into my life just as I left work and struggled with the diagnosis of MS and a big flare up of symptoms. She was a warm motherly figure that reached out to me at water exercise. As the days, weeks, months, years unfolded so did our friendship.
I was able to see her at swim class twice weekly, and we called. When I could no longer drive and she went to a nursing home for care - our visits were infrequent but powerful. I tried to send cards to assure her I had not forgotten her. I saw her last a few weeks before her death.

What I marvel at is the depth of support I felt from Jeanne. We shared chuckles, she gave me insights and was a source of inspiration and strength. There are friends I have lost to death before of course, but this loss has hit me so very hard. I would give anything to have one more visit with Jeanne...but on the other hand I am so pleased she is out of pain and joyous in heaven.

At the nursing home there was a very special peaceful garden. When we brought her there she barely spoke. She wanted to soak in the beauty and peace of the flowers, the fountains, and the birds. There was a peace on her face that I believe she has bound in heaven...

Jeanne taught me how to handle MS with grace even though she hated the limitations. She taught me to laugh even on hard days. She demonstrated to me how to push myself to get to water exercise even when tired or blue because of the friendships and of course the exercise. She noticed if you missed a class, looked tired, worried, and sensed when you needed some extra support. She supported me during the illness and death of my own mother.

I have regrets. i wish I could have seen Jeanne more when I drove and she lived in her apartment and loved visitors. Though she had many friends. i wish I had pushed harder to find rides when she was in the nursing home so I would have seen her more often. I knew this life was sllipping away from her but thought I would see her one more time at least...I had planned to see her the day after she died.

Jeanne wouldn't want me to feel bad - she would rejoice over the times that we shared together. With all her friends she treasured the gift of time together. She spoke proudly of her dear son John, who stood by her side through everything and her grandson Sam. When you asked at the nursing home for her room number they knew it by heart at the desk. They siad many friends visited her. I know at times though days grew long for her. I am most grateful for the loving care she got at St. Theresa Nursing Home.

I just can't find words to say "Goodbye" to such a wonderful "Angel" in my life. She loved the humor in the fact that she, Jeanne Angel saw Dr. Love (true her primary physician). She had a loving family , shared with me the loss of her brother and her pride in her neices and nephews and other close friends.

Jeanne, hello to your eternal life in heaven.
I cannot say goodbye, it is too sad.
I have a hole in my heart that is filled with the love I have for you.

I promise to think of you - I already do and the wisdom you shared with me.
I promise to spread a sense of goodness and love as you did.

I believe we will meet again in heaven...but gosh I am a better person for having known you on earth. Thank you for touching my life.

Mary Weinand

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Quiet Friday

Emma and I had a quiet day at home again today. I needed it. Both MS and Asthma bugging me today.

It is a nice day so of course we got outside. Emma loves when I play or sit with her in the backyard. Thank goodness for the fence. She loves moving around freely. She is just such fun.

I wish I had more to state but not right now anyway. Maybe later. Tomorrow we go to my friend's Memorial Service. I won't miss that nor will Emma.

Wishing you a good day, Mary and Emma

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Emma

Dear Emma,

I love how you get me outdoors. What a pretty day today to sit outside and watch you explore. To play with you. To take you for a walk...just an awesome day.

I love your company when we are alone. I talk to you, enjoy your facial expressions. I like how you cuddle with me when i sleep, watch tv, or read. I like how you like to be on the floor by me if I use the computer. You are so darn cute and attentive.

I appreciate how much you help me. Getting my shoes, my purse or bag, openning doors for me, picking up things. but helping with laundry cracks me up the most. You just love it and so do I.

I treasure you Emma. You give me "hope" and remind me "I can cope" when things are tough or feel uncertain to me. I want you to know that I never take you for granted. You are so important to every minute of my life.

This weekend you will go with me to a memorial service for Jeanne Angel. We have a ride and it will be special for me to have you with. Jeanne understood how much you meant to me. she had a special affection for you. When I came to the nursing home she always wanted you to come with. I always let her pet you and she said it helped soothe her pain. She even when very weak always wanted to touch you...she would also so "thank you Emma for taking good care of Mary".

You do take good care of me Emma
No amount of words will fully explain or capture the depth and joy of my relationship with you.
You are always there and i always treasure you.

I love you so much Emma.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leave It?

Thank you for teaching Emma to "LEAVE IT".
Yes the cue is as simple as it sounds - leave it as in ---
leave it alone
leave it and usually it means we need to keep going or get going.

So "leave it" and "let's go" might go together.

I don't over use the command. i guess because Emma normally trucks right along with me.
But today we were outside a coffee shop,
something smelled so in the bushes.

She was inquisitive and smelling it.
But unlike the smells she discovers in the back yard - I needed her to ignore it
To follow me into the car.

That trooper looked at me as if to say "please please please Mary"
but when i said leave it she stopped the smelling and came with me.

It could be used if she picked something up I didn't want her to or in other ways too.

Sometimes she knows to "leave it" even before i say the words.
And she looked at it and looked at me.

Took me a minute to get it but never once did she try to get the food.
I mean it was Bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was so proud of her!!

And yes I did do some commands/cues and had her earn a treat of some bacon (Nope not the plateful)

There are so many things I am just use to her doing.
We were asked to dog sit but can not and my husband said we would not know what all a regular dog would get into.
The owners will find someone else and we have to be gone a lot with Emma.
Doesn't make sense to dog sit and the dog be in a kennel so much.

So Emma knows how to leave it and many many many other things. IT just struck me today how much I take for granted how much she will leave it......

Thanks for all the things she has learned thanks to Judy, her family, and helping paws staff and volunteers. We better get that date for the Helping Paws Fundraiser on our calendar.

Mary and Emma

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fireworks in our neighborhood tonight too. We live not far from Fish Lake and I think people on the lake are shooting them off. It is loud. Emma though is handling it very well. As long as we are by her she is fine i guess.

We were home most the day today also. Greg is just not feeling well. Becky and her husband Justin came by to pick up some things stored here and drop off a quilt for my friend to quilt so that was great. We really enjoyed there company. Greg goes to the doctor and hopefully will feel better. His weekend was really dampened because of his health.

Emma and I did a bunch of laundry which was satisfying and picking up too. I hope to read before bed if I don't fall asleep trying to do so. It is wet out and humid and Emma doesn't seem to want to due her 'duty' so we can go to bed soon. I know her and she likely will have to go to the bathroom once before she is okay for the night.

Tomorrow our plans depend on how Greg feels. He is in a lot of pain but thinks he can handle it till tomorrow. I hope it is not a kidney stone. Good thing we have a dr appointment scheduled and it is close to home.

My knee feels pretty good today (where I fell Sat). If things go well I will go to water exercise tomorrow. We will see. Sure was glad to have Emma's company this weekend.

Off to read and from Emma and Mary
Hope you had a happy weekend...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The granddaughters spent the day with us.
It was very very hot outside...we were indoors most the time.
Mary took a fall down the outside steps later in the day.
Rosa proclaimed "I never saw a Grandma do that - and make that yyyow noise.

All is fine - Emma wants to lick my owee
We are exhausted and off to bed early.

Had a great great day with them...

Have fun with family - Mary and Emma

Friday, July 2, 2010


Too bad Emma can't
spread mulch
hook up hoses

I can only do a minimal amount too

Greg worked hard which was so awesome
WE kept him company
I did want I could
EMMA watched and looked curious
Then laid by me as I watched him work

What a pair we were
Enjoying the sun and the breeze and mostly the shade.

Enjoyable to be outside but it got warm.
I get dizzy so easy so can't do a lot but helped a bit.
Emma and I are the moral support team.

Flowers are looking good.

Tonight we are meeting friends for dinner - I have a gift certificate so even better.
Free and Fun - and yes Emma and I had our nap too.

Happy 4th of July weekend - Mary and Emma

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tried to put into words a tribute to Mother's and those who are like a Mother to us.

Got choked up so it will wait for another day....

Finally felt a little better tonight so went with Greg to Target - got Emma walking and bought a few necessities. Otherwise a very quiet day for Emma and i. Emma did get extra walking in at the store as we do extra laps just for her sake (I am on a scooter).

Hope to plan time early and later in the day to work on gardens tomorrow. Greg will do most the work - yipee he has the day off. We keep him company, help water and weed a bit. It is suppose to be warm so we will have to time our outdoor time. Emma is doing well today. We both will like having Greg around this weekend when he can be.

Drive safe if you are traveling. Emma's not thrilled with all the fire crackers and fire works on this holiday weekend. I slept right through some fire crackers last night and Greg said Emma handled it pretty well. It will increase each night though if it is typical.

Wishing you a good weekend - more to all of you and your mothers (here and in heaven)....and those special people who are like mom's in our life too.

Love Emma and Mary


Emma's first human mother was Judy.