Monday, March 28, 2011

This is one of my favorite pictures of Emma. It is not new but I could take the same picture today. She lets us know when she wants to eat. At times she even brings the dish to us in bed. Dropping it on our head will wake us up. Most times though she wakes us up more politely.



Book Club is the best Monday of the month for us. We sit in a circle of chairs at a local book seller. Like always Emma was well behaved. The staff typically has a dog bowl of water for her also. They are familiar with her being there. At one time my daughters worked there, and I go there for book club and shopping too.

We had a great mtg discussing the book. We also talk about MS and offer some moral support to one another as need arises. One of the members is going through her first big relapse since her diagnosis. She is kind of scared as it is taking so long to recover even having been on iv steroids for it. We will able to reassure that it takes time and improvement might be more gradual than she is expecting. She and I have a great doctor. She is going back this week i think. There is nothing like the support of others who know what it is like to have MS.

One of the members is seriously thinking about applying or inquiring at least about getting a service dog. We were happy to share some information about my experience. She is going to call me again about it. Then call Helping Paws also. It will be interesting to see if she moves ahead on this.

My grasp is even more off than normal. Emma is picking up papers, and mail I dropped today. She kept giving me one iten and I would drop it again. She wags her tail and tries again to give it to me. She is a dear.

Yesterday I wrote such a long post. I guess this one can be shorter. Wishing you all a good week. Water exercise tomorrow and that wipes me out but is great too. Then a nap. Trying to get some paper work sorted, tossed, and filed this week also as time allows. I hate doing that and get so behind.

Thanks for y our interest and support. Have a great day. Emma is so happy there is still snow around. Hoping for 50's on the weekend. Last year it was int the 70's on this day and we had not had snow for a month!''

Mary and Emma

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures from Ms Majestic Shores Resort held at Camp Courage each year. 7 weeks away and such a great experience for Emma and I.

Sunny Sunday

Hi To All,

It is a sunny March Sunday. Looks can be deceiving though because it is only 31. In Jan that would feel like a hot wave but in March it is a bit disappointing. Especially when last year in MN we had such an early spring. Emma though is happy with this. The about 8 inches of snow we got earlier in the week is still around. The sun does hit her back yard for long so there is plenty of snow for her to play in. She is delighted.

Greg was outside with Emma for over 45 min he said while I napped. She came in feeling cold and a bit wet on her nose to give me kisses. Fun to wake up to her kisses even if she is a bit cold. She snuggles right in beside me and happily napped. She is a great companion.

She went out earlier in the morning too. She really enjoys her fenced back yard. A few dog toys were discovered by my granddaughter a few weeks ago when due to weather in the 50s for several days and some rain- we had lots of melting. She and Emma too loved discovering toys that somehow were hidden under the snow. What fun.

Emma again amazed the audience when she was so quiet and well behaved when Greg an I went to a movie Saturday. Except for seeing "Tangled" with our granddaughter and family - It has been well over a year since Greg and I saw a movie together. We finally saw "The King's Speech" and really enjoyed it. We agreed it was a powerful movie. Wanted to see it after all the awards it received and comments from friends.

Emma and I are doing laundry again. Not tons but seems like we have a lot considering there is just two of us? I suppose it is not really that much - just more of an effort for me. Emma of course is a great helper. It is so funny how excited she gets when she sees the laundry basket.

We are working to get Emma to help more with recycling. She is happy to pick up the item or I mean take it from us (cans, bottles, newspaper) now we are working on "putting it in the container". Now she has always been willing to do this when we walk and show her exactly "where" to "put" it. We often use paper bags and that can be tough for her to put it in on her home...if that makes sense. i am trying another type of container. More like a crate thing. Anyway we both are having fun with it. I would like to be able to give it to her in another room and have her return it to the crate without me being in the room.
It is fun to work with her on this and I think we are making progress!

I have been reviewing again the list of skills she has. Yes Helping Paws staff i still have the manual from team training. I am seeing what skills we use less often and practicing them with her. Due to some changes in my abilities now and they vary from day to day - I think it would be helpful to work on these. So far Emma certainly is doing great.

She can do so much but there are times I haven't wanted her to do everything for me that she could. I need to keep up my abilities too. Now I need a little more help and of course she is eager to do it. Both Greg and I think it is exciting to her to do these things. She seems so happy to work for me.

We meet so many people when out and about. At the movie yesterday we met people who told me they give to Helping Paws, others who want to know what the organization was that we got her from. In our own little way we try to give some publicity to helping Paws. Those who give or are involved really seem to appreciate seeing a dog in action.

I am so attached to her. I had this horrid dream that I was in the hospital after an accident. They kept bringing me dogs vested and all , telling me it was Emma. Though they were identical in appearance i was so upset each time because I knew it was not my Emma. I knew her personality, I knew her eyes and her looks. I was so relieved to wake up and find Emma at my feet. Every once in awhile I have dreams like that. Yuck..

I was thinking though - the day I met her and found out she would be mine my reaction. I cried in the car and was so excited that I stayed in the car a long time. I believe Judy and staff grabbed lunch and came back and I was still there.. such a happy day. When I got home my husband and children kept saying "what does she look like?" "Why didn't you take a picture with your cell phone?"

I remember saying well she looks like all yellow labs. Greg chuckled and said once you have her you will never say that again. Boy was he accurate. She is unique in so many ways and her personality shines through. I would never say now that she is just like all yellow labs. I know her colorings, eyes, expressions, and reactions to things...

I met a person at Rochester when we went to Mayo Clinic. People are friendly there and talk often to you especially when you have a dog. He had worked with police dogs and told me some stories. When he asked Emma's age I told him 8. Well he insisted that she would only live a few more years! It shocked me he would be so blunt. It made me a bit teary. Well we are going to prove him wrong. I am going to continue to take great care of her. We have excellent vet care etc. Thinking about how long she might live really reminds me to appreciate all the moments with her.

The other "new thing" is that she seems to watch the tv sometimes now. She use to just play with me, snooze, and observe things. Now it appears she watches the action on tv. Not all the time but sometimes. it is funny to see her do that.

I am going to take her out again for some play time in the yard. It is nice enough weather that I sit longer and watch her play longer too. After being outside for awhie then I have a chair inside by the patio door. I can watch her play. She often watches to see if I am okay or just to see me. Then plays and then stops to look again. there seems to always be smells and things to keep her entertained.

We are just longing for days when i can sit outside in a lawn chair while she plays. I bring out water for both of us and a book or magazine and we just enjoy it so much. Spring is here by calendar but we are waiting for it to mean no more snow and warmer temps. Well, maybe not Emma.

I am going to try to take more recent pictures and get them up here. One issue is I tremor so much my pictures are often pretty blurry. Maybe if Greg can take some?

This is a picture from camp. We can't wait for May. It is actually now called MS - Majestic Shores Resort. But it seems more like a retreat for us. Mother nature, friends and volunteers all helping us spiritually and warming our souls!! It is in 7 weeks!!

Just 7 weeks!

Wishing you all a good weekend and week. I know some of you have spring flowers already but you don't live in MN ha ha.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back From Mayo Clinic

Hi to All,

I know I don't always write daily but thank you to those who check daily or now and then so I still have some readers. I feel like maybe since I have been writing so many years it might not be as interesting. But I like to write and to talk about Emma so I will keep writing. Wonder if some day I will write and no one will read? Well anyway here goes...

We were at Mayo Clinic. We actually got back a day sooner than I expected. Greg has had reoccuring kidney cancer so needed a check up. We got good news for how he is right now. No cancer seen in the kidney he has left. You might know he only has a portion of one kidney left due to cancer. I think the Dr was as tickled as we were to find both no cancer and that the kidney is working pretty well. That is great news to hear.

It was a bit sobering though to be reminded kidney cancer since it already spread to both an adrenal gland that was removed and to the other kidney will very likely to come back again. We had been told that before but it still stings a bit. This time we were told the other areas of body it could appear at any time and symptoms to watch for. But we are all focusing on the good news that at this time it is just fine. Great news indeed for all. The rechecks and their anticipation are tough on my children, Greg and I and his siblings. Both Gregs parents died young of cancer and one of his sisters. My children were involved with their grandfathers death when they were little but also just a few years ago when his sister died. I realize as i talk to each one of them how heavily it weighed on them this time. Sure glad to share with them good news.

I was so happy I came out of the Dr office just bawling. I was afraid my son who was waiting would worry it was bad news. He quickly texted his siblings. Greg felt sick yesterday and today due to the dye used. It takes a few days to get out of his system due to the kind used and due to having only part of a kidney. It was a long night and he couldn't drive home. My son Dan was there for moral support and to help drive. He is so unique and great to be with. It was great he could arrange his schedule to be with us again this year. All of the kids of course would have come down if he had surgery.

Greg came home and went right to bed but feels better now. I mention this in details because it did all impact Emma. She was awesome. It was very very evident that she was aware when we felt tense, were emotional, and when Greg didn't feel good. It was so comforting to have her with us. She was so cuddly and helpful. I sat in back with her too. I think the ride seems shorter for her (it does for me) when I am in the back seat with her. She sometimes sleeps on my shoulder. I pet her a lot and that is good for both of us.

I was glad when i needed to take her outside or for a walk indoors. The fresh air was nice though brr nasty weather on Wed. It was not as bad as here in the Twin Cities though. Cold, window but more rain than snow. We came home to at least 8 inches in our yard.

Emma helps not just us but others on trips to Mayo. let me explain. There is lots of waiting. especially if we had been there longer. She is like a conversation piece. Many people are around and obviously under a great deal of stress and many look very sickly. Both those ill and there family have a hard time as we do waiting. Emma is something to talk about. How long have you had her? What does she do? She is so cute and so on. Breaks the ice as you wait. Gives you something to talk about while you wait.

Emma is always great in my eyes but I think Judy (her foster mom) will agree she really shines when needed. She is so outstanding. I needed her to do some behaviors a bit more often and she rises to the situation. When in the scooter so much darn there it means we use all those moves I don't use as often when using a cane or walker. She was just great.

She did the first night though surprise my son Danny. She slept on his bed in our room while he was up. We went to bed and moved her to our bed. We thought she would stay there and sleep as she does at home. Yes we all three cuddle up in one bed every day of the year almost. Well Danny said she jumped in with him all night. Not only that but she took up a good portion of the bed instead of just lying at his feet. I had told him to wake me if she wouldn't move for him but he just got her to move a bit and handled it.

The last night she did stay in bed with us. It was a tough night as Greg was very sick due to the dye we think. Emma did not get much sleep at all nor did we till about 5 am. She got fed at 7am and then Greg went back to bed. We all slept unbelivably late till after 10!!! That is so late and a long time for Emma. i bolted out of bed and dressed fast, jumped on the scooter and took her out for a walk. Boy she needed that. The weather wasnt as bad so we went a further distance. I took her for a walk again before we left and then midway home she got to get out.

Boy was she glad to come home. The yard was almost free of snow when we left and now about 8 inches. At Mayo when she would roll in the new snow everyone would comment "at least someone is glad about the snow". Feels like the winter of endless snow. But Emma is so darn happy about that.

We are ready for bed. Greg works tomorrow and has a busy day. We hope he feels good enough for that. Finally tonight he says he feels pretty good. Emma and I have a pretty quiet day tomorrow which is good. Her big assignment will be to help with laundry and she won't mind that at all. Thanks Judy for training her so well. I almost always mention that skill when people ask what she does as they find it so amazing.

Wow this is long. We are doing fine and so glad to have Emma with us home or away. We have wonderful children, friends and relatives and can't imagine life without them. Especially the world's most wonderful children and their spouses and children.

Off to bed with my fantastic dog.

Emma and Mary

Thanks for your prayers and support.

Monday, March 21, 2011

monday - May Your Week Go Well

Hi to All,

We are busy. Dealing with some things in life so haven't written as much for a few days. Also you might find us writing less until Friday or Saturday.

Emma is scamming us. Greg was gone last week for work to Memphis with college youth doing volunteer work. Now he is home. Well with the change of time Emma has been eating later. Well the smarty pants has gotten Greg to feed her early once yesterday and tonight for supper. Then when I awake from a late nap she gets me to feed her. Both times Greg was not in the house so I did not know that he had fed her!! She looks a little full to me or more tired. i suppose she has to digest extra food. Well we figured this out and she will be back to her regular food amounts tomorrow.

The yard is so muddy and not much snow. There really is not much to do outside so I am keeping her visits to the yard a bit shorter. She did go on errands with us today and got some indoor walking in that was not muddy like outside play. She will get more walking in the upcoming days also. My scooter is fixed and ready to go so that is great news for us also.

Greg is off for a few days though we went in with him to work for several hours today. It was the only way to work out our things to do. I take my ipad and read and took Emma outside there also. It wasn't as muddy as at my house. The weather warmer today but we could sure use sun. Rain tomorrow and I guess some snow on Wed.

Sat night we had a welcome home party with some of our family for Greg. My granddaughters were here and we had fun preparing. I was having a good day so we managed to cook lemon bars, bannana bread, and dinner for those who could come. It was great fun. We did sneak in a nap too and I sat outside witht hem while they played. Rested most of Sunday after such a busy day Sat. Today a bit fatigued.

Will go to water exercise tomorrow and that always is good for me.

Hope you have a good week. We have a lot going on so not sure if I will get to blog or not. Depends on my schedule and fatigue level. I guess some weeks are like that.

Wishing you a great week. Thanks for some of the fun emails I have been sent. I love hearing about your dogs!
Praying hard for the people in Japan and Lybya. And of course for the military families and soldiers from our country in so many areas. My great nephew is in the army,

Love to you, Mary

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patrick's Day

We hope you are enjoying St. Patrick's Day!!
We went to water exercise and also to lunch which was fun!
It is warm so we have been outside more often.
Tonight my daughter Becky, is stopping by.
What a great day.

I have received many St. Patrick's Day ecards via the computer.
Also a few in the mail.
My Grandma came from Ireland, she was born there...
I never knew her but my mother loved celebrating on this day.

Thanks for being a blessing in our lives.
Blogging is good for me and fun.

Hope the day goes well.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today the thought for the day is Friends - How wonderful they are part of our lives.

Today I was able to be with two special friends that I don't see often. The temps were 55 and sunny part of the day. What could be better? Emma and I had a great day. Since I don't drive and with the health struggles - I think I am even more aware and appreciative of things like friends. Friends who come over or take me places. Friends that call me and I them for support. I don't have tons of friends but I do have wonderful, generous, inspiring friends who enrich my life in so many friends. A few I have known over 30 or 25 years. How blessed I am.

Emma and I are relaxing tonight. We had a great nap. She enjoyed being outside on a nice day like today. We had a nice day. Got out of the house for awhile and had time at home. A nice balance. Greg is working a lot.

I have a funny story to share about Rosa age 4 - my granddaughter.

Grandma, I love my job!!
Yes my Job is to be a little kid! Yep, that is my job and I love it.
How come?
I get to play and play and play and have fun. It's a great job Grandma!

I hope you have good friends to help you in life's journey. May you have a good evening and day tomorrow. I guess I can't think of a lot to say. We are doing okay.

Mary and Emma

I don't know where she heard that being a little kid was her "job" but it amused us. She is such a sweetie. Seeing her last night was so enjoyable. Friday she is sleeping over and I will take care of her much of Saturday also. I love being with her. She is also very good with Emma.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday = Water Exercise

Hurray we made it to water exercise today. I was so tired as I did not sleep well but still so glad I went. Funny everyone there was tired and said it was tough to adjust to day light savings time. We did not have class till 11 am but we were all dragging. Remember we all have MS. No wonder none of us work at the current time. With our disabilities, fatigue issues, cognitive issues and other things just making it to class is a lot of effort.

Once we get there the socialization is fun and the exercise so good for us. Emma doesn't seem to mind at all. She is on her towel laying so nicely by the pool. No problem at all. The little children who swim in the class before us love to see her and wave and talk to her. I don't let them pet but remind her she likes when they wave at her. They like that and Emma honestly seems to also.

I am hoping to read this afternoon. I am trying to sleep less today during the day to see if I can sleep better at night tonight.
We are very excited because Mike and his family are coming over to see us tonight. That will be fun for all. I haven't seen Rosa for a few weeks. I always enjoy seeing her. Sophia can't come but I will see her next time.

Our thoughts for today are with the people in Japan!! Oh my gosh how do you survive physically and emotionally such a horrible ordeal. The news videos are so shocking and I am sure don't capture what it truly is like for those who live there. I can't imagine searching for your family, loosing your home and the natural disaster. I worry for them about the nuclear threat also. It makes my problems pretty small in comparison. It is just unbelievable what has happened there. Prayers don't seem like enough, donations to the Red Cross help - but I wish I could do more to ease their suffering and pain.

So today I am hugging Emma, appreciating my home and neighborhood and that my family is healthy and doing well. I am blessed to have a great family and friends. Let me not sweat the small stuff when people in Japan are being challenged to face such horrid circumstances.

It is raining here and getting warmer. Snow is melting. When Emma plays outside she comes in pretty wet today - both from the rain and from the wet wet snow she is still enjoying rolling in.

May the day treat you well - love Emma and Mary

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday - May Your Week Go Well

Warmer weather this week is good and daylight savings times gives us more light in the evening. Yeah for both of these. Emma and I were home all day but we also got outside. I had to rest a lot but Emma doesn't mind that...especially when we mix it up with times to play outside and inside. I appreciate her so much.

My scooter is going to get new batteries and then she and I will be ready for spring walks and outings. In May we will have camp if all goes as planned. That is such fun. I hope all my MS friends (Kathy you know this includes you) will be in good health and able to enjoy that experience with us.

I have several friends battling MS flare ups. I am glad to hear we are all experiencing some improvement. I am off the steroids, and on less eye drops per day. I feel like things are improving and are very glad for that. It will be good for Emma and I to have me feeling better and exercising a bit more. I will get to the pool both days this week and am so pleased about that.

Emma will be helping me with laundry tomorrow. Tonight she helped me pick up some things. I dropped some newpapers and she picked them all up. I just can't grip things well and if I bend down I get so dizzy I fall. So picking things up, retrieving, are all skills I bet we use every hour I am awake in a day. She is eager to help and her tail wags when asked to do this or other things. I think she really thinks it is like play to interact with me while doing chores. Helping Dogs are amzaing!!

We did get out on the weekend though I didn't write about it all. When we went to breakfast the place was crowded. The staff helped us find a table that had plenty of room for Emma. I let a young boy near us come over and pet her since his parents asked so nicely. I do this once in awhile to reinforce her skills in being great with others - especially children. Emma stayed in her drop position so well as he petted her. The young boy was very gentle with her. I am so proud of Emma.

I think about the Helping Paws staff and volunteers nearly daily. They can't imagine what a huge difference Emma makes in my life. It enriches every minute of my day. i love caring for her and appreciate she takes good care of me. I know I write a lot about it but gosh I still don't know if I capture how priceless and precious she is...thanks so much to all of you involved their or contribute to them.

May your week go well. Love Emma and Mary

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday - fatigue

The visit to the lung doctor went well. Set up a plan to watch how things go and a bit of testing in April. I have the nicest medical team to work with.

MORE SNOW - Just an inch or so but fresh snow is fresh snow. Emma is happy. We will be home most the day today so I will make sure she gets out a lot.

Emma seems to snooze a bit more. I think maybe due to being 8? She still is very active when playing outdoors or exploring the yard. She is eager to go anytime we get to go some place. She is just so wonderful. I would be so lonely without her. She helps me be more independent. None of that is new news to you. I just continue to marvel at her abilities.

METRO MOBILITY - We got to ride on a new bus on the way to the dr. The ride was so much smooter for Emma who lays on the floor. Sometimes it is just too bouncy though to lay. On the way home she got a rare treat - the driver told me she could sit in the seat. Darn no camera with me. She looks so cure on the seat next to me peering out the window. I wonder what it looks like to the cars going by to see her head peering through the glass. She definitely likes it more than the floor.

Home Sweet Home - The drivers can tell when Emma is near home...especially when on the seat. Her tail starts a wagging as we turn down the street. Floor or seat she is so excited when that door opens and she knows it is for "us". I do sometimes have to remind her to go "slowly" down the steps if she gets too enthusiastic. Yep we both enjoy home sweet home.

We are going out for a late breakfast and that will be fun. We have a to do list of quiet, easy chores for the week and I think we will need a nap too. I think the day will fly by.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - Focus on your abilities. I am hearing so many people are ill with colds, flu, chronic conditions, and diseases. I think we need to appreciate our health even if there are problem areas. I know I am working hard to be more positive in attitude. I want to focus on what I "can" do and not the limitations.

Just got a call that my friend is almost here to pick us up. One more trip outdoors for Emma to play. We are going to make this a good day...even with my sunglasses on ha ha. Still a lot of photo sensitivity in my eyes. I might need cuter sun glasses if I am going to wear them so often ha ha.

Wishing you a great day and weekend. More later or tomorrow. i found a quote I want to share but no time at the moment.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Another Trip to the Dr.

Emma was so good on the Metro Mobility buses today. We went to the diabetic specialist using this special bus system both ways. I am fortunate I qualify for this assistance. The rides can sometimes be long but it works so well...especially when using my walker or my scooter. Today went well. The other riders in the small bus also asked about we do some education on our outings. We also answered questions in the doctors waiting room. At least this part of my health is under control so that is very good to know.

Emma did great after a long nap, time outside, making dinner we went to the CUB grocery store. She does a great job while I am in a scooter to handle that place. Again she shows such great behavior. I am so proud to have her. People always ask about the organization who trained her so we are more than pleased to help promote Helping Paws in our little outings.

I think since I have a scooter I also go from end to end in the store. Because I am not walking I think i will venture to the clear other side of the store to get things..go back and meet up with my husband and continue in this manner. Emma gets more walking in I think than if I myself could walk down one aisle and then another in a methodical way. I don't think she minded at all.

Tomorrow we have another Dr appointment to check up on my lung function. Another trip on Meto Mobility. Emma will handle it all fine I am sure. I think the medications have helped so we will see what Dr. Amy thinks when I talk with her. It is however a good thing I don't drive. Gosh my vision is so crazy tonight. It was very hard at Cub to read the signs by the aisles, the names on products and peoples faces seemed fuzzy. This is all likely due to the MS stuff I am dealing with in the eyes. I just hope it gets better sooner rather than later but I can cope with this. Just seems weird. Like your brain isn't right.

I use to work in church work also, so tonight am glad to help Greg type on some things for his mission trip to Memphis with College Youth. He has it in a form I can read good enough and I know most the keyboard by heart so he will check how my typing is. I use big font on a big screen and then he will reduce it to what he needs. I don't know if that makes sense. It is at least something meaningful that I can help him with.

Hope your health is okay as you read this. In MN around us there are so many people with colds, flu or other major problems. I have so many friends with MS problems, or other big illnesses to deal with also. So I guess you go one day at a time and count your blessings.

Hope your Friday goes well for you. Emma and I will have a lot of time alone during the day this weekend. I should pull out the camera. Thanks for following our blog. Thanks again to Judy and all the Helping Paws folk for giving me Emma to share my life with.

Love, Mary and Emma

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We received a little snow and yes each inch Emma loves. Due to temps in the high 30's it is already melting off the driveway etc.
Emma has had fun outside today. The weather seems mild for MN at this time of year. We are anxious for spring or at least I am.

Emma has a certain facial expression when she wants to go outdoors. It is so cute. I just love having her in my daily life. She showed off her skills at the YMCA for water exercise again today. She gets so many compliments for being pretty darn cute and well behaved and helpful.

We need a big nap. Not sure if I will write more later. Thanks for reading this. Let me know if there are topics you want covered.

Wishing you a good day, Mary and Emma

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hanging in There

Hi to All,

We had a quiet day. Emma and I did go with Greg on a simple errand to get out of the house and get some prescriptions. We took it easy. Emma is enjoying a light snow. We have at least an inch and it is still snowing. I am not sure how much they expect. There might be a snowstorm Tuesday night. Emma would be thrilled. Safe to say some of us Minnesotans are ready for the snow to melt and spring to come.

I am glad to feel better. I do not mean to complain and worry I give too much information about my health? I have heard that two of my MS friends are having problems with their MS. Another friend of mine with MS has a son that needs heart surgery again. I know others with other health problems too. I just want to brag and inform you of how great Emma is in helping me. I do know many people have health problems, especially as they age.

I don't know if I shared this. One day I was working on laundry from a basket. I was folding white socks and underwear. This time for some reason I started without the help of Emma. Gosh she got her nose right in there and let me know that was "her job".
She was not happy with me doing it alone. Once she could grab the laundry items out and hand them to me she was so excited. Her tail wagging away as she did her job.

She has been equally enthusiastic about picking up objects and doing other jobs for me. She is alway eager to do what is needed. I just think when I slow down, I need her more and notice more carefully her reaction to her jobs. She is just great. Helping paws and Judy and family did a great job of trainning her.

Thanks for the supportive email I have received. I enjoy comments about the blog also. I know I have been writing a long time over five years. Some of you have been reading all these years.

When I was in ER the nurse was telling me she had a lab and 18 month old triplets. The lab was young but I am not sure what age. She told me how helpful the lab was learning to be and about Emma's skills. Everyone I meet who has a lab agrees they are wonderful family dogs and also enjoy helping. It is fun to be out with Emma and hear stories from others about their dogs. That is when I have the time to visit with them.

My best to all of my readers and the struggles that they run into in life. I know health issues are one that many people battle.
I hope you find support from family and friends and your pets to make it through the bumps in the journey of life.

Hope your weekend went well. Let's hope this is a good week for all.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Read my last blog. Both Karen and my Emma were with me most of the hours in ER.

We finally got some sleep and rest from the pain. Greg home all day which is helpful to me and then got Emma outside more often.

Have a good day

Mary and Emma

Friday, March 4, 2011

An ER Visit

Emma did super at an ER hospital visit Friday. She was so good that one nurse honestly didn't realize she was there sleeping in the corner when I was ready to go home. they had to move me out of that room to do some tests and she stayed their patiently with my friend Karen who was so kind as to bring me in. She waited there with me for over five hours!

My problems were/are related to both MS and asthma today. I was sent home with medicine to take but if things get worse they plan to admit me for IV steroids and other things. I was sent home on a dose of steroids that is lower than when they give iv steroids and other meds to help bot MS symptoms to settle down, the asthma problems to calm down. I also received a different dose of the medication for my eyes to take for two weeks. I am having a lot of severe pain from it all. They tested me for blood clot in my lung and leg but happily both were negative. They were very thorough.

I am up due to severe pain that the medication is not relieving. I had little sleep last night and no nap today due to this problem. I keep thinking I will get that I will sleep no matter what. We will see. I live close to the hospital and I am to return if things get worse. i can also call my neuroligist or the asthma specialist if I need more help from them this weekend. I am told and believe I handle pain pretty well but gosh this is intense. It keeps waking me up.

My point in writing this is to mention how helpful Emma is. Boy she is tired too from getting up with me. She gets up anytime I do and lays by my side. Then goes back to bed with me as I try to sleep. She is at my side as I do leg stretching to see if that helps at all. She is incredible and I love her so much. You can never really understand how many ways Emma helps me in my life. She is my sweetheart and angel.

She was so calm and great at the hospital. We got lots of compliments from the various staff and doctors who helped me. I am glad for both are sake that we are home tonight.''

thanks for reading this. have a good weekend - love Emma and Mary

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Emma has been doing great. She enjoys the snow, helping me, and snoozing when it is time to nap. No problem she is great.

We had book club monday, and water exercise Tuesday. I am having trouble with my eyes again. The pain and photo sensitivity lessened but as the amount of medicine to take decreases they are getting much worse. Or seem that way. Light is very painful. Bummer we have had some sunny days and I have to keep the blinds down and wear sunglasses. The Dr. office will call back tomorrow with info on what to do as our next step. I hope I can handle water exercise if I wear dark glasses. If this becomes chronic I need darker sunglasses I think.

Some of the time I have to lay in the dark with a cloth over my eyes to cope with the pain and headache. Emma is so good to cudddle up next to me. She is also good to wake me after just so long which is good. We tend to her bathroom needs, I check the blood sugar, or feed her depending on what is needed. How I treasure having her with me.

Sorry if this is complaining. It explains why I am not writing more. Getting out for book club was very nice. We read "Still Alice" and all liked it. The upcoming book is "Look Again" and captivating in a different way. I am glad I did a bunch of reading while my eyes were not so sore. I know they will be better soon. Water exercise feels so good though the water is cool. The exercise to help our muscles is so good for us. It is a gentle but steady one hour work out and so good for us with MS. That means it relaxes body and muscles and we sleep with less pain.

We are going to see my son Mike and his daughter Rosa tonight. That will be fun. I will lay down if my eyes get to painful or the headache too strong. I should have fun with them though.

Thanks for thinking of me. I like the emails I get. Take good care.

Emma and Mary