Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back From Mayo Clinic

Hi to All,

I know I don't always write daily but thank you to those who check daily or now and then so I still have some readers. I feel like maybe since I have been writing so many years it might not be as interesting. But I like to write and to talk about Emma so I will keep writing. Wonder if some day I will write and no one will read? Well anyway here goes...

We were at Mayo Clinic. We actually got back a day sooner than I expected. Greg has had reoccuring kidney cancer so needed a check up. We got good news for how he is right now. No cancer seen in the kidney he has left. You might know he only has a portion of one kidney left due to cancer. I think the Dr was as tickled as we were to find both no cancer and that the kidney is working pretty well. That is great news to hear.

It was a bit sobering though to be reminded kidney cancer since it already spread to both an adrenal gland that was removed and to the other kidney will very likely to come back again. We had been told that before but it still stings a bit. This time we were told the other areas of body it could appear at any time and symptoms to watch for. But we are all focusing on the good news that at this time it is just fine. Great news indeed for all. The rechecks and their anticipation are tough on my children, Greg and I and his siblings. Both Gregs parents died young of cancer and one of his sisters. My children were involved with their grandfathers death when they were little but also just a few years ago when his sister died. I realize as i talk to each one of them how heavily it weighed on them this time. Sure glad to share with them good news.

I was so happy I came out of the Dr office just bawling. I was afraid my son who was waiting would worry it was bad news. He quickly texted his siblings. Greg felt sick yesterday and today due to the dye used. It takes a few days to get out of his system due to the kind used and due to having only part of a kidney. It was a long night and he couldn't drive home. My son Dan was there for moral support and to help drive. He is so unique and great to be with. It was great he could arrange his schedule to be with us again this year. All of the kids of course would have come down if he had surgery.

Greg came home and went right to bed but feels better now. I mention this in details because it did all impact Emma. She was awesome. It was very very evident that she was aware when we felt tense, were emotional, and when Greg didn't feel good. It was so comforting to have her with us. She was so cuddly and helpful. I sat in back with her too. I think the ride seems shorter for her (it does for me) when I am in the back seat with her. She sometimes sleeps on my shoulder. I pet her a lot and that is good for both of us.

I was glad when i needed to take her outside or for a walk indoors. The fresh air was nice though brr nasty weather on Wed. It was not as bad as here in the Twin Cities though. Cold, window but more rain than snow. We came home to at least 8 inches in our yard.

Emma helps not just us but others on trips to Mayo. let me explain. There is lots of waiting. especially if we had been there longer. She is like a conversation piece. Many people are around and obviously under a great deal of stress and many look very sickly. Both those ill and there family have a hard time as we do waiting. Emma is something to talk about. How long have you had her? What does she do? She is so cute and so on. Breaks the ice as you wait. Gives you something to talk about while you wait.

Emma is always great in my eyes but I think Judy (her foster mom) will agree she really shines when needed. She is so outstanding. I needed her to do some behaviors a bit more often and she rises to the situation. When in the scooter so much darn there it means we use all those moves I don't use as often when using a cane or walker. She was just great.

She did the first night though surprise my son Danny. She slept on his bed in our room while he was up. We went to bed and moved her to our bed. We thought she would stay there and sleep as she does at home. Yes we all three cuddle up in one bed every day of the year almost. Well Danny said she jumped in with him all night. Not only that but she took up a good portion of the bed instead of just lying at his feet. I had told him to wake me if she wouldn't move for him but he just got her to move a bit and handled it.

The last night she did stay in bed with us. It was a tough night as Greg was very sick due to the dye we think. Emma did not get much sleep at all nor did we till about 5 am. She got fed at 7am and then Greg went back to bed. We all slept unbelivably late till after 10!!! That is so late and a long time for Emma. i bolted out of bed and dressed fast, jumped on the scooter and took her out for a walk. Boy she needed that. The weather wasnt as bad so we went a further distance. I took her for a walk again before we left and then midway home she got to get out.

Boy was she glad to come home. The yard was almost free of snow when we left and now about 8 inches. At Mayo when she would roll in the new snow everyone would comment "at least someone is glad about the snow". Feels like the winter of endless snow. But Emma is so darn happy about that.

We are ready for bed. Greg works tomorrow and has a busy day. We hope he feels good enough for that. Finally tonight he says he feels pretty good. Emma and I have a pretty quiet day tomorrow which is good. Her big assignment will be to help with laundry and she won't mind that at all. Thanks Judy for training her so well. I almost always mention that skill when people ask what she does as they find it so amazing.

Wow this is long. We are doing fine and so glad to have Emma with us home or away. We have wonderful children, friends and relatives and can't imagine life without them. Especially the world's most wonderful children and their spouses and children.

Off to bed with my fantastic dog.

Emma and Mary

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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