Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dear Emma,

It has been so quiet around here due to my cold virus or whatever this is.
Ha ha I barely have any voice but you know what I need ha ha.
Tried to load a picture not sure why it wouldn't work.
Very warm here so Greg is taking you out for only short periods in the day.
You don't seem to mind our naps and great air conditioning in our home.

Our home seems more homey when Greg is here all day with us!  i think you would agree.
He even bought you your favorite treats but photo wouldn't work.
We are listening to an Audiobooks and so funny how nice that is when I rest
but also that you seem to be alert to the voices before you dose off next to me too.

Happy 4th of July Week to All...

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Trying to do photos almost every day...will add later

Dear Emma,
Gosh is it hot!  Even you did not end up outside long with me.  We both came in panting like we had exercised.  Oh my goodness.  I think hot tomorrow also.
Thank you for how well you are handling the visitors that come in for home healthcare.  Funny in just a few visits you seem to remember the people who enter.  Will be a few more weeks I think.
One issue is to see if you can help me a bit more with dressing.
Helping Paws will get a call to remind me how to do this on my bad days.  Still when I can will have Greg help too.

You are fun Emma.
I found some toys we haven't used for awhile and that was fun for both of us.
Throwing a toy for you to fetch, petting you,  is again a form of therapy for my arm use.  They are weaker again.
What a great way to exercise my arms and it is fun for both of us.  what a jewel you are.

My niece Joni lost her dog Annie who was only age 7 and looks almost identical to you.
I cried for her when she told me via the internet about how hard that was for her family.
She reminded me to give you extra TLC and of course I did.
How fragile life can be I am learning again this year for people and for pets dog.
Of course you are more than a pet - you are truly a beloved friends,  partner,  who loves me unconditionally.
Thanks for how you enrich my life.

Tomorrow we head out to a Dr appt that has to be out of house though it will be hot.
Metromobility will take us.  So we will get out of the house though boy it will be hot again.

YOu have never been much to want to use a pool I have for you.
Sometime soon a friend of mine and her dog Molly will come over.
Molly is a Golden and loves the pool.   We are wondering if with her example you will like it or not?
You do like lakes but I don't get there often and not this summer at all I think.

Thankyou Emma for all you do for me.
I bet you can help more with dressing but I never needed it.
We will see though often Greg can help me...still fun to see things you show me you can do.
Even now you amaze me as you are doing things you knew and yet I didn't need.
I think saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks is incorrect.

You never forgot all you knew.  Just I have ha ha.
Cognitive therapy helping me also.
Love you Emma.   Mary

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Dear Emma,
Isn't it fun to have Rosa over Emma.  It was fun to sleep with her and you overnight.  I am glad Greg was here though.  We just went outside.  You keep moving so we don't have a great picture of the two of you.   I will be down for nap by noon.  Grandpa will play with Rosa.  Emma will you need a nap with me?  Or time with them?  Or a bit of both.  Hope this video works and I save it.  We all love Rosa so much.  She made this all by herself at age 5 with my iPhone!  Amazing.  She said to save it for when I am not feeling good and miss her.  Emma it was so cute how you cuddled up with her and with me too.

It is warm out and Emma you didn't want to be outside long in the fenced yard.  I think too sunny.  Thanks for helping me pick up a few things.  Mostly you can relax a bit with Rosa here to help also and Greg.  A big nap for me (us?) this afternoon.

See if this works.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Emma,

It is Friday - yeah.  So funny even though I haven't worked for 12 years I like the weekend also.  I guess because others are off or more available.   Thanks for being so great today.  Wasn't it fun to watch Charlie who was one years old to play today.  You like children.  We both slept better so being outside was easier too.  Thanks Emma for being attentive. You are so cute.  Greg was going to take you with on an errand so you would get some exercise in an air-conditioned store.  But I was with someone unfamiliar to you,  a physical therapist here and you would not go.  Not at all.  Secretly I am glad you stayed anyway.  Love cuddling with you when we are alone.  Thanks Emma for being there night and day.  Let's hope we both sleep tonight also.   Love you Mary

Photo is of your great bed.  Boy are you fortunate.  We want you comfortable.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dear Emma,
 The graduation pictures from October 2005

We both had darker hair,
I was skinnier,  both of us younger.
Now you and I are wiser,  calmer
more in a rhythm with 
each other.

Thanks for this gentle day.
You were awesome as they came for home health care
You greet those at the door with a toy
To show off how well you retrieve.
Only dog lovers allowed to care for me.
For us.

You then so nicely wait and watch
You know just the spot where you don't loose track of me
Right there almost dozing if you get comfortable
But eyes read to open in an instant
in case I need anything.

I assure you with the professionals
and a wonderful friend from Church
that now is familiar to you,
that all is okay as they enter.

Yet even as they care for me
Or visit with me
You are right there ready and able to help.
They all admire you.

Oops and today yes we educated one more
nurse about what a service dog can do.

They leave and you are eager to be alone with me
We had some relaxing times outside
But also indoors.
Both tired since I didn't sleep well last night.

Time for bed my angel,   time to cuddle up again with me
Sometimes I get lonely but then often I am not.
I have you
Somehow in all you taught me
You have also taught me to be more at peace 
with myself,  
with my limitations and abilities.

I am blessed as you make just every day easier.
I promise tomorrow you will likely have more time outdoors.
Greg might be home early.
Physical therapist coming.

A young friend and her one year old.
And like every day you will make it awesome.
Thank you God for Emma

A special Birthday wish to Katie Michurski
She is 19 and cared for you in your first home.
I think of the cuddles she gave you
the play time and love of that home.
There love touched you and now through you touches me.
Isn't it wonderful how life works out...

I love you Emma,   Mary

Dear Emma,

What an awesome gift you are to me.
Today we went to the dr about my diabetes.
I was recalling how afraid she was of you at first.  She had not grown up with dogs.
Well at first she just couldn't get over her fear even though she had known me a few years or more.
So her nurse happily kept you with her.  As my husband and I go together.
i need that extra set of ears.
then she saw how calm you were and invited you in.
I would have you lay so peacefully on your blanket in the room.
you know those rooms are not big though.

Over time she was more at ease.
Also she is delightful and besides being a skilled specialist,  we would talk of out families also
This occurred before I had you and was still teaching.

Here we are Emma and I have had you,  am I counting correct?
Over 7.5 years?????  And now the Dr.  asks if she can pet you.
I agree and then you lay down in the same spot you have for all those years.
And you are so calm.  You help me stay calm.  You help me in so many ways.

Nope we didn't convince her to let her children get a pet dog she says.
The neighbors dog has also become her friend and she greets him she says.
Amazing the difference you make...

Today a kind woman had to push me in the wheelchair to the elevator and main door.
She had an Aunt with MS so even there in my need
You were an ambassador for Helping Paws and we educated about service dogs.
Perhaps her Aunt will inquire about getting a service dog she thought.
Again you were a star.
You showed how you answer what I say and no just how to move
So we don't get tangled leash and wheel chair
Plus now we have oxygen to deal with.
You never cease to amaze me.

I don't think i take for granted your skills in public
At home I am so use to what you do that when people ask I have to think of what to mention.
We can talk about those skills later.

What I do want to thank you for is the unexpected way you help more and more each day
As I am lossing abilities due to MS and other problems health related
Your comfort,  your presence since we are home more mean so much
Your wonderful morning hellos
Your my reason to remember to peak outside and enjoy the weather
You amuse me as I watch you play in the yard.
You comfort me and calm me as you snore as you snuggle close to me for naps.

We have a link and bond Emma
You snuggle so much closer just when I need it most
Greg,  my husband says he can tell how I am feeling by how close you are laying next to me.
There is no human person who can be with me 24/7
Yet you are my angel that is there,  guarding me with love and embracing me with your calm presence
You give me energy to be hopefully after all you need me as much as I need you.
I love caring for you,  feeding you, petting you,  and
let's keep it between you and me how much I talk to you.
I love how your facial reactions to my words and life situations.

And like all nights you are at my side now
An odd timed long long nap due to that Dr appointment
And struggles with pain have me up as the house here slumbers.
Yet you get up with me,  you tuck your body over my feet to keep me warm.
Not sure why the chills tonight with no fever

Home care comes tomorrow.  A nurse will visit.
You will be at my side.
Let's go my dear Emma and snuggle into bed again.
You will be at my feet since at night time we share that bed with Greg.
He loves you dearly too.
I will feel your breathing in and out gently.
I may hear you dream or snore.
I will feel the warmth of your physical presence in the bed
And be warmed by the love I have for you tucked in a special place in my heart.

God bless you Emma and give you a long dear dear angel.
God bless Judy, Eileen, Sue,  the Michurski family,  Rosie and so many more
Who helped bring you into my life.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Life With Emma continues to bring JOY

I am back.  I mean WE are back. I am going to attempt to blog more about Emma and our life together.  It has been a tough year but on to positive steps.  Blogging here again is one joy I am adding to my life.  Please pass the word.  Or maybe I will write to no one.  Writing is good for me.  Emma brings me topics about watch.  I intend to take some pictures today today.  Oops I better get outside quick before it gets too hot and humid.  Well I don't do anything quick - but you know what I mean.

They changed how to post etc so you may find it takes me a bit to learn how to use the bells and whistles.  Yes you have permission to link my blog to yours.

Mary and Emma