Monday, May 31, 2010

Felt better today. Most of our family was here. Sophia, Anna, and Brian were missed. Still thanks to Greg's hard work we had a great meal with great company.

More tomorrow. emma had a good day... Mary & Emma

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Emma has been a superb nurse and helper today.
Problems with the asthma and feel a little better tonight.

Tomorrow the kids come over - hope I feel better. have things I need to get done if I can before they come over...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Peaceful and Happy Day for Us

today we got up early to be outside. Emma was so good. i helped weed a bit and deadhead roses. We have lots of roses. It got up to 90 which is too hot for anyone with MS. So getting outside early was imperative. My neighbors are much early risers though and beat us outside.

Later we shopped for flowers. Emma and I had to come home after to cool off and nap. Greg did more errands and also grocery shopped for Monday. Hurray the kids are coming over.

It was nicer outside this evening again so Emma and I went outside and enjoyed the yard. We have flowers to help plant or watch Greg plant tomorrow. He is off this weekend (so far) and we hope nothing changes that fact. Fun to spend time together.

When we were outside I reminded Emma - Greg is home and she flew to the door and raced to see him once we got upstairs. I am glad she likes being with him too. But it is clear she is "my dog". She is sleeping at my feet. After I shower she will be ready to sleep with me . She hogs greg space in the bed till he comes to bed which is usually at least an hour later.

The heavy weather is tough on my asthma too though at least it was not at humid as last weekend. I still like summer even if I have to be out less, cool off and try again. In the humidity I am stuck indoors for longer periods.

I have the best husband in the world. I sure treasure time with him. We had such a nice day and evening. It isn't even 8 pm yet. I am not sure if we are going to watch a movie or if i will fall asleep? Emma already is asleep . We will take her out at least one more time.

One good thing is she drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated. We took water with us in the car for her too. She has her own water bottle (with ice) and dish. Good thing we needed it today. She is my sweetheart for sure.

We met someone while out and about who could not believe how helpful she was...she amazes me too.

More tomorrow. Maybe even pictures of our gardens and Emma.

Love and please pray for those who battle cancer or other illnesses.

Have a good weekend. Twins won - yeah.

Mary and Emma

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our days at Majestic Shores Resort (MS) were fun filled.
Emma and I are good at sleeping both home and away.
After a few busy days I put her to bed while I visited with friends.
Later she did let me use my bed.
Most nights we shared it.
Like at home,
she sleeps snuggled by my feet.

She is pictured with her favorite blanket
on her - it was cool.

Sweet dreams Emma

MS Resort Photos

Friday of the holiday weekend. Been having some internet problems - don't give up on me I plan to keep blogging.

Tired tonight. Beautiful weather and some of the neighbors had the day off. Fun to visit with them. They missed seeing Emma and I out in the yard during MS Resort. Last week when it was so hot and humid we weren't out much then. Today outside a great deal which was fun.

Insurance finally approved a medication I need so that is good. The cheaper type unfortunately does not work for me. So glad I have insurance.

I hope to load some pictures from camp on my next post.

If it doesn't work I will keep trying. Emma is doing just great......Have a safe and fun weekend Mary and Emma

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glad to Be Home

Tuesday - We went to water exercise and at early evening a support/education group for Women's Heart Health. Emma is so glad to be home. She raced outside in the rain to do her duty. Came in and got a treat. Than ran around like a puppy - so glad to be home and off duty.

The scenary at The MS - Majestic Shores Resort was beautiful. The weather too. Top that off with days and evenings with special friends both new and old. Very good for us. Also was helpful to be all week with people who understand the ups and downs of MS. Lots of time sharing how we cope, talking about other topics, laughing, and doing activities.

Will share some photos next posting.

Mary and Emma - feels good to be back in our routine at home though. We missed Greg a lot and he missed us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A week ago we went to Majestic Shores Resort formerly called MS Camp at Camp Courage. Our first round of business after unpacking was to check out the nature paths. Emma seemed happy to do so. Due to our early spring nature's wild flowers and beautiful trees surrounded us. Cabins are on the lake. It was wonderful.

Today we were home all day. Took both morning and afternoon nap. It is very hot and humid outside.

More later or tomorrow. Time for dinner. Just wanted to share the photos of my beautiful dog.

Hope you had a good weekend, Mary and Emma

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday - fatigue

Fatigued from the MS Resort Majestic Shores. Gosh it was fun. Having fun is tiring. Have been in bed for many hours but my blood sugar is low. had to wake up to tell you we are okay and eat a snack.

Hopefully some pictures tomorrow.

The Day After

The day after camp we slept and rested. We slept and rested.

Late afternoon we headed to my son's. Enjoyed dinner with them after Greg helped them move some things with the van.

The girls loved their MS caps that had lights on them. I hope to have pictures up Sat and in upcoming days from camp and other things.

Thanks to Kathy who called to check on me. I am sure I was not the only camper who was tired.

I mean "we" - Emma and I were both pooped. Did I telll you there were other service dogs there too?

More storeis later today....Mary and Emma

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bqck from Majestic Shores Resort

The setting was Camp Courage near Maple Lake Mn. The event was the gathering on 85 MS individuals and many many volunteers. It was such fun to be at the camp. The experience is now called a "resort" because of changes both in philosophy and in the operation of what was formerly called MS Camp. It was fun with a mood that you should be pampered and relaxed while enjoying a wide variety og activities both structured and unstructured. It was lots of fun for Emma an

Emma is tired from being outdoors and having extra walks and activities. I made sure she and I had some nap time daily but she walked a great deal. She is resting at my feet, under the desk at this time. How peaceful she it.

One of the problems at camp was Emma got so itchy. She was red on her tummy. I called the vets office and got instruction on washing it well. If that doe snot make it better by Friday, then I am going to have to take her to the vet office. I wish I could put cortaid or something on it - but she would lick it off anyway. I don't think that is good for her. Glad she seems calmer today.

We are tired and I need a nap also. More later. Emma was a great camper and added a lot of joy to my days. Max and Nani (spelling) were other helping paws dogs at this event.

Therapy dogs also came out to visit. It was awesome... Mary and Emma

Friday, May 14, 2010

EMMA TOOK ME TO THE MOVIE we saw Robin Hood. She slept some and watched part too.

tonight we have the granddaughters tonight and overnight!! Fun times but I am getting tired before they are sleepy.
A fun night for all. More tomorrow.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 days till we go to Majestic Shores Resort/ MS Camp

We have had many gray rainy days. Tomorrow we hope for sunshine. Camp is around the corner so we hope for good weather. It is predicted to be in the 70's and sunny.

these are pictures of the tree in blossom in my yard. Taken before rain and wind took the fragile blossoms. Spring in MN can be so colorful with lilacs, bloosoming trees and early flowers. I guess that anticipation helps us through the long winter. Thought it would be fun to share the pictures.

I have made my list of what to bring and started packing. I will do more tomorrow. I think we will be home all day. My granddaughters will likely be here for a few hours or longer in the early evening, late afternoon. There are a variety of things to do Saturday.

We went to water exercise today and then to visit a friend in the nursing home. She is in hospice and it is tough to watch her slowly go down hill while they struggle with pain issues due to cancer. She has lived a long full night and they are trying hard to ease the suffering. She really enjoyed that Emma came with us. Emma placed her head on the bed so Jeanne could pet it a bit and then dropped to the floor to rest while we visited. It was really good that we visited though she mostly listened. I wish I drove and got there more often. We hope to go back in a week or so after we get back. A friend took us over.

Emma brought so many smiles to the workers and patients at the nursing home. She let one woman gently pet her. Most understood she was a working dog. One little woman just couldn't resist I guess.

I wish you all health and a good day on Friday. We apologize for days we forget to write or are so fatigued. May your weekend also be good.

Emma and Mary

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monday we babysat Rosa. She was snuggly and fun to be with. Went to bed early so I didn't write.

Emma is good with Rosa. Rosa hugs her and tells me she is adorable. i agree. More later

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dear Sophia and Rosa,

You can't possible comprehend how much you mean to me.
I love being your grandmother.
I love time with you.
I love reading to you.
I enjoy listening to your stories.
Every moment I spend with you - I cherish

Time flies by and you are growing
Don't grow too fast ha ha
And hopefully the time won't pass too quickly
I want to enjoy every precious second with you.

Schedules are such that I can't always see you
As much as I would like.
Well you see, I would like to see you every day.
I know you are busy at school, with friends
and most of all with your wonderful Mother,
Father, and Mikey
That's how it should be.
You are a family.

Thank you both for your affection
For your love
For your enthusiasm for life.
All of those things brighten my world in so many ways.

You are good to Emma too.

I love you two so much
I hope someday you get to be a mother and grandmother
Then you might get a glimpse of why I love you so much.

This mothers day bless you.
May God Bless your wonderful mother
Who has taken time to raise such
special in so many ways girls.

On this Mother's Day I am filled with gratitude.
To have you two in my life.
For your kind mother.
And for my children.

My heart is very full and I am blessed.

Grandma Mary

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Reflection on Being A Mother

8 days till we leave for MS Majestic Shores Resort. Hope the weather is nicer than today. It is cooler and even snowed a bit last night. Rain and snow today but things should get warmer - I think anyway.

We are at Greg's work as I write this. He had to stop in to do some things in preparation for tomorrow's Masses and social times after Masses. He is such a hard worker. Very dependable and conscientious. After he finishes we will be having dinner with some of my children to celebrate Mother's Day since he works all day tomorrow. I am very happy we will get together. Mike and Tia and the girls had a birthday party to go to so need to celebrate with them another day. They will be missed. But we are trying to get use to the idea that as the family grows we can't always get everyone together at the same time. We are grateful they are all in the Metro area at least.

I love being a mom. I wanted to be a mother from the days when I played with dolls. Then I got older and did a lot of babysitting for my nieces, nephews, and the neighbors also. I just loved working with children. I even studied child psychology for a few years in college. I wanted to be a mom and a good mother to my children of course. I always hoped they could describe me as a caring mom, who also knew how to have fun.

I am curious now and wonder what type of mom they think I am. Sometimes I have a tough time accepting that they are all grown up and worry I am too pushy or interfering. Other times I worry that due to my many imperfections and flaws that I should have done this or that different as I raised them.

Truth is I did the very best I could at the time based on what I knew. I loved them to pieces (that is a weird phraise but what I tell them) and really enjoyed my time with them. I treasured every moment. I have so many memories of those days and nights taking care of them, sharing fun discoveries with them, going to the zoo, museum, swimming and so many other things.

I also treasured the times just at home spending time together. Watching them pretend, dress up, reading to them...the endless wonderful moments you get to share when you are a mother.

I feel blessed, humbled and grateful for my children. Now I am a mother-in-law and our family has expanded to include Tia, and Justin. That is also rewarding to see my adult children venture off to have families of their own. So happy to have Tia and Justin in the family.

Of course there is also my granddaughters Sophia and Rosa. See all the blessing in my life? I won't see them today but just hold close to my heart the times when we do get together. They are such bundles of enthusiasm and insight. Being their grandmother is another joy.

So how can I help but feel really grateful for my children. Thank goodness I have Emma now to help share time with me. Physically I could not handle those busy years where I parented 4 and did day care and worked on my masters degree...but I do miss the sports events, parades, school plays, library nights, trips to the zoo, girl scouts, 4 H ,,,,well you get the idea.

Now getting use to quieter days and less energy and MS problems can be a challenge. Emma helps me fill my time, snuggles with me, goes outdoors with me and assists me in so many ways.

The support of my busy husband and children, all those things help. But it also helps to have so many memories that I hold dear.

Gosh I am all teary now. I feel so fortunate to be a mother. I have always told my children though I love being a wife, daughter, aunt, teacher and the many roles in my life. Being a mom was the greatest.

We celebrate Mother's Day tonight. On Sunday I will be remembering fondly my times with my children. Maybe it is time to pull out some of the old photos. The memories fill my heart with joy. Now being a Grandmother is a new adventure.

Hope you have a great weekend. I don't have a mother living anymore but will also thank God for her sense of humor, kindness and the things I learned from her.

Happy Mother's Day to all.

Mary and Emma

Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday - Two weeks from today we will be returning from the Majestic Shores Resort (MS Resort). I hope we get good weather.
Today, it is raining. How can a person misplace a rain jacket? I just can't find mine. It is not a coat but a jacket. I have looked and looked. I will need something in case in rains like this!

I am listening to music as I fold and putaway laundry. Emma is helpful handing me clothing with her mouth. She also seems relaxed when I play music. She is snoozing by me as I write this. She is such good company. She is so special to me.

We are venturing out for a quick lunch out with a friend. That will be fun. It is cozy in my house in the rain. I know the lawn, trees, and plants needed this. I will also take time to read from our next book club book - it is "Those That Save Us". I like our book club so much. We meet monthly and have met for many years.

I better go do a bit more. Thanks so much for the support I get from friends. your emails mean a lot. Kathy you know how cool it is that you send ecards to me. I will see you and others at camp. Can't wait to have that time together.

More later....Emma and Mary

Hope to have some pictures soon.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

10 Days Til MS Resort

Emma and I had a nice day. We went to water exercise and got outside too. It is cooler and very windy these days. I am waiting or a warm up or at least less wind. We are hoping the weather gets back up to normal or above normal (like March and April) for our resort experience.

I am off to bed so this is a short one. More tomorrow.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

11 days till

Eleven days until 2010 Majestic Shores Resort!!
Brr today is 50 and windy. Okay it is MN and we have been spoiled in March and April by terrific weather.
Now it is May. I just want nice weather (65 and above) at camp. Oh please...but we will have fun no matter what the weather. Having a bit of trouble locating my rain jacket though - did I leave it somewhere??? Less than two weeks to get ready.

We are looking at the packing list, activity schedule, and info packet sent to us. The schedule includes a more relaxed schedule than in the past. There will be crafts, a chance to tie dye hats, swimming, (in a pool), fishing, pontoon rides, a cooking clsss, miniature golf. spa morning, and more. Think of us at the campfire, or in case of rain a movie, playing games like scrabble, or maybe playing croquet. It should be a blast. There is even a Toga Dance. Now I will likely be the one NOT in a toga but plain clothes.

It is a special time with MS friends but all with Emma. She sleeps with me on a "single" yep "single bed". Cozy but we manage just fine. In addition to the other activities I take her for a nature walk in the morning, mid day and evening. Time to get away from people and enjoy the sights and smells (for her) of a walk in the woods. Paved for my scooter but teaming with beautiful birds, trees, wild flowers, and little critters.

Doesn't it sound wonder filled? It is just a great time and fun for all. You have to be willing to sleep in a room with 3-4 others and share bathrooms. But the cabins are clean and nice and warm enough if it rains or is cold. There is a gas fire place also.

Gosh writing this makes me even more excited if that is possible.

Okay MS friends who are also attending, are you packed yet? I have planned what to take but not packed yet.

It should be darn fun and one of my favorite times of the summer.

Hope you are making some summer fun plans.

Emma and Mary

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Gift of Animals - Shared Stories. it is windy and now rain may come overnight but not sure where. Emma is not happy with the wind. I took her outside and she did not want to stay out long. I have just a few windows open and that is all she can handle. It will be getting much cooler so I am closing up a little bit. She sure lets me know how she feels...her behavior and facial expressions show me what she is thinking...or so I think. i watch her tail too.

I remember in training Eileen asking me what the dog was feeling/thinking. It was one of our first trips outdoors in downtown Hopkins. I felt baffled and confused and scared. I had not a clue. Now I would know for sure. Sometimes I feel like we can read each others minds.

At the YMCA we go to the MS Water Exercise Class. The Mn Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society sponsors it. We pay a fee but it is much less than to join as a member. Well my driver is the woman who teaches the class. She also sets up and takes down the equipment we use. Well I was done changing to go home long before she was today. Due to my back I could not handle the full class. i really had to take it easy though what I did felt just great.

So while waiting in the Lobby area we met such interesting people. Often there are older people who participate in a program there for seniors. They love to tell me (and Emma) about their dogs past and present and other stories. We met a new gentlemen today that I had not seen before. I delighted in hearing his stories. His kind eyes twinkled as he told me about his past dogs.
Many we meet are in positions where they don't have pets due to living situations.

He told us of his pet dogs. Of a cat who came in and jumped on his owners in the night and would not go away. It was a friend of his - turns out the house was on fire and the cat saved their lives. My father-in-laws dog alerted him to a kitchen fire when he was alone and very ill due to cancer. He got out and it saved him from smoke inhalation problems. He also told us of a horse that came on the farm when he was young - it pestered them till they followed him and found another horse in medical need and laying on the ground. It saved the horse's life.

Thank you Emma - for the interesting people we meet. They are curious about Emma but then like to share there stories. Normally at the YMCA we have time to listen. What special people and animals there are in this world.

Emma also alerted me again to low blood sugar...way to go Emma.

Have a good evening/day Mary and Emma

12 more days

Let's hope for Great Weather!!! when we go to MS Resort. I can't wait to go. Emma enjoys it too. Things we enjoy:

!. Nature walks on the paths
2. The smells and sights on those walks - especially the smells (Emma)
3. The greeting of new and old friends
4. The attention i get from Tanya (Emma knows her well)
5. Tanya helps out if I need it with Emma. (ie. if I go on a boat ride due to space the dogs aren't allowed)
6. The fun activities with friends.
7. The chatting and catching up with campers on what has happened over past months or year.
8. The camp fire -
9. The lake
10. Swimming in the pooll (not Emma)
11. The birds, the sun, the beauty of camp courage.
12. The time away from the daily routine.

That is such a special time with Emma. No housework to worry about. I try to leave my anxieties and worries at home.

Off to water exercise - Mary and Emma
Have a great day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

14 days and we will be at the MS Resort.

Emma stayed home alone several hours yesterday (SAT). We went to birthday party for my Aunt and there just wasn't room for a dog too. The results - Emma did fine. I missed. However when we got home she was so full of energy. She had slept I suppose and was raring to go. We however were ready for bed. I played with her and took her outside and eventually we went to bed.

Today we were together all day. My back is still sore but not as bad. I was so tired and might be getting a cold I think. It was a very windy but nice day. Today was the MS walk. My scooter does not offer enough support for me to ride it with a bad back issue. I hope it went well. Greg also worked today so there was no one available for me to take my scooter. Maybe it will work out better next year. Glad it didn't rain on them.

The MS Majestic Shores Resort (I think that is the right name) former called MS Camp is in Two weeks. I plan to go with Emma. It is such a good time to meet up with old friends and make new friends. Emma and I love it but it tires us out. I love this picture from camp last year. They do plan in times for relaxation of course, you are free to "nap" as needed. This year it will be less scheduled with free time options. I will let you know how we like it. It continues to be held at Camp courage. The new name reflects a more relaxed schedule etc. We will see how different it feels when we get there.

I have a dog waiting to go outside. Have a good day.

Mary and Emma
Emma's favorite treat "Sister Joan's peanut butter nutri-bits. She loves them. She even took them off the counter and brought them to me because she wanted one. Well she probably wanted the bag but she politely brought it rather than rip the bag apart. It is very very very rare to have her take something off the counter at all. She is doing everything she can to earn another from me. Greg get's them at a religious store. I think St. Patrick's Guild. She likes them like I like chocolate I think!!!

It is two weeks till camp. I am excited. My back is not as sore though sore enough to not forget to take it easy. Yesterday I was too tired to write after going to my Aunt's birthday party. My granddaughters went with and had a blast playing with two other little children there. They honored us with a dress up fashion show and so on. It was just so darn cute.

Today I am tired but Emma and I are enjoying the weather. She loves to be outside. I need a light sweatshirt but that is fine. MS Majestic Shores Resort is in two weeks. It is held at Camp Courage a fully accessible camp. We will have so much fun. A great time to see old friends and make new ones also.