Friday, May 7, 2010

Thursday - Two weeks from today we will be returning from the Majestic Shores Resort (MS Resort). I hope we get good weather.
Today, it is raining. How can a person misplace a rain jacket? I just can't find mine. It is not a coat but a jacket. I have looked and looked. I will need something in case in rains like this!

I am listening to music as I fold and putaway laundry. Emma is helpful handing me clothing with her mouth. She also seems relaxed when I play music. She is snoozing by me as I write this. She is such good company. She is so special to me.

We are venturing out for a quick lunch out with a friend. That will be fun. It is cozy in my house in the rain. I know the lawn, trees, and plants needed this. I will also take time to read from our next book club book - it is "Those That Save Us". I like our book club so much. We meet monthly and have met for many years.

I better go do a bit more. Thanks so much for the support I get from friends. your emails mean a lot. Kathy you know how cool it is that you send ecards to me. I will see you and others at camp. Can't wait to have that time together.

More later....Emma and Mary

Hope to have some pictures soon.

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