Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Out and About

Emma and I are getting out more which is good.
She then gets more exercise too. Also nice for me that I feel better.
Today a bit of shopping and other errand tonight.
Today a dr appointment and all is fine.
Tomorrow tending to things for my Aunt.
Going through paper work and files to see what we need for records.
Will meet my sister there and visit my Aunt too.
They want a few peices of furniture moved to her private room
and wall photos too.
Not sure we will get that done tomorrow due to needing to plan to move it to a building in the complex that is like 4 blocks away.
Will need some muscle help to do that.
Very pleased with the staff caring for her in a new long term unit.

Keep those prayers coming please.
She actually still supports two churches (long story) church and choir participation very important to her since high school.
Contacted them and they are going to each send a regular visitor for her. Also let some of her friends know she is there.
Yeah for that. She is still declining and we want to cheer her with visitors. She is in no pain though.

She loves when I bring Emma as do any of the people we see. Emma is so great we visit the people sitting outside by the door there is a patio type thing on our way in. Just short but they love it. Also the people she lives by or we greet in the halls. She is great at it - was for my mom too. Even when my Aunt is confused or frustrated stroking Emma is good for her. Then she tells me all about a dog she had when she was a child. she loves to talk about the old days.

Hope I write more but days have been busy. Friday eye doctor appointmen and not sure what else. Home for the holiday weekend unless we go pack things for my Aunt. Just not sure yet.

Thanks for checking this blog. I just can't get to it daily right now. Emma is camera shy. Tried to get some great photos and then she moves to fast or i tremor and ruin the picture.

Realize it was 6 years ago in late Sept that I met Emma.
Everyone asked me what she looked like after I met her and found we would be matched.
I said just like any yellow lab.
Well now I would never say that.
I have bad dreams lately - my nightmare is we get parted.
Then people bring me yellow labs and insist it is her.
I know by looking at it that it indeed is NOT my Emma.
Then i wake up so glad it was a dream.
She is so unique to me - body language, eyes, everything and her reaction to me.
No she is not just like any yellow lab.

Emma thanks for helping me and comforting me. She makes every minute of every darn day and night better.
Thanks Judy, Helping Paws Staff, Volunteers and Supporters,

Have a good week and weekend.. Mary and Emma

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sleepy Sunday

Boy were we tired today. Did enjoy time outside and rested a lot.

Saturday Emma was super we went to a wedding and reception.
A super time with old college friends. Very very fun but went so late.
We weren't home till midnight (it was an hour drive)

Hope you had a good weekend.
More soon.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Emma and I were back at MS Water Exercise class today. That was so good for my body and my spirit. Emma didn't mind at all. Great to get out of the house, exercise and see friends. Great weather today so we were outdoors when home. Emma is tired tonight.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, we (Emma and I) babysat my granddaughters. Fun to be with Sophia 11 already and Rosa age 4. Rosa has so much pep. We had a great time. Emma seems to like their dog Lily. She cries when we pull up to their house and can't wait to get out of the car. She was very good there.

Not a lot new to report. Sorry I am not blogging as much anymore. Need to take some photos to jazz this blog up. Also now that I am feeling better we will hopefully do more and have more to talk about. Hope so.

These are old pictures but maybe you didn't all see them. I found them fun to look at again.

Have a great day Friday and Awesome weekend.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Where Did Summer Go?

This week flew by...Sunday? Already?

Book club Monday but didn't get the book "The Beet Queen Read". Misplaced paperbook, then found it and I guess I am hooked on the ipad ebooks and being able to enlarge to font I want. Just too much came up between my health, visits regarding my Aunt, and just life this month. I will still go to book club and see what they thought. Probably won't finish the book anyway...not this time.

Nice weather so Emma is loving getting outside. Also trips to Target, Sam's Club, the Nursing Home, Church, and Dr visits over past days. Good for us both to get out and about. I was tired today though after we got home at 4 and needed a long nap. Emma loves nap time. Still rushes into bed with me. Adusts "her" pillow just right and snuggles in with me. She is such a joy.

At church today a two year old we know had such fun laying on the floor and petting Emma. Her folks are friends and have a new born also. So nice to see them. Greg has a new boss and then the church a new pastor. He seems very nice and hospitable. Like his sermons. Busy time of year (isn't all year) for Greg as they prepare for the students coming back to the University for classes. He is a campus minister among other duties at the St. Lawrence Neuman Parish. Not my local parish but we go both places to church depending on his work schedule. Emma is welcome and known at both places. A kid magnet but also people are very respectful. Today most people were gone when we let Treva play by Emma.

Life is fragile. My Aunt is declining so. Not sure if she will plateau, improve or decline or what. Also have heard of so many deaths of people we know or friends of ours parents etc. Sure have to appreciate each day. I feel like we keep having to purchase sympathy cards the past few months.

Emma is doing good. Everyone is surprised if they ask her age and I say 8. She seems to be doing well. I think she sleeps a bit more but maybe because I have this summer ha ha. She still plays, has her favorite toys, and we love our fenced in yard. She is outside with Greg right now, playing while he grills a late dinner.

The second MS camp - Majestic Shores Resort is this week at Camp Courage. You can't go twice a year or we so would be there. Thinking of friends I know who are there and hoping they have a great time. I think nice weather for them. Hope it doesn't get too warm.

Amazed the MN State Fair starts this week. Don't think we will go due to Greg's work schedule and my stamina right now. We will see. Saving money also for a wedding in Duluth in Sept. A big Weinand destination weekend. Most of us hope to be there Fri - Sun or longer. Should be awesome.

Hope you are doing okay. Thanks for following us even when I miss some days. Will try to get some photos ready to add to blog. I received a dvd of photos from MS camp in May that were awesome to look at. i cried thinking how fun it is and of my friends battling this crazy disease of MS. We share a special bond. but couldn't figure out how to download single photos on my computer to share darn it.

Have a good week - Mary and Emma

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday = A Clean House

Did not have a ride so had to skip water exercise.
We did enjoy outside though.
Also the cleaning woman came today and boy does that help me out.
She can't get to everything in the limited time I pay for but much of it.
I am so grateful.

Realized the MN State Fair Starts Next Week already
Aug MS Camp - Majestic Shores Resort is next week
I went in May so can't go again but know some people going
I just can't believe how fast this summer went
All above are signs of summer ending in MN.

My granddaughters will be in school in just two weeks?
Can that be?

I like fall, spring, and summer in MN. Winter is pretty but lasts too long.
Maybe this year wont be so snowy?
Well if you live in MN you have to handle all the seasons..

Glad to have the dog hair gone. Gosh no matter how much I brush i think this has been the most difficult summer with Emma shedding. Some others I know with both dogs and cats say the same thing. But she is adorable and worth it all. She makes every day better for me.

Not much new here at all. hang with us and we will try to get photos or do something interesting one of these days.
Right now my Emma has pleading eyes - she wants to go outside.
Sounds great to me.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Another quiet Day

Hi to All,

Pleasant weather so Emma and I enjoyed that today.
There are so many people taking walks past our home you would think it was a pathway around one of the city lakes.
Lots of dogs, strollers, and people enjoying the day and now evening. Nice.

Not a lot new with us. Emma helped do some laundry and picking up.
She enjoyed outside time with me - now she is more interested in fetching and toys...when it is too hot that doesn't last long.
We just had a good day.

Hope your week goes well. Mary and Emma

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Emma's Surprise

We have been home and boring days.

Today desperate, rode along to Greg's work. He was doing some work during a wedding. With my cough we stayed clear of the celebration in the church and Emma and I were in his office. She loves it there and rested quietly. So quietly I never noticed she left the room.

She joined the wedding reception line down the hall in the gathering space. She blended right it. At the brides side!! Greg didn't even know she was there at first. The bride took it in stride and yeah loved dogs. No we did not know the bridal couple at all. It all turned out well.

I still am so surprised this happened. No idea why she wandered away instead of being glued to me like usual.

the excitement of the day. I did some computer work the few hours he was there. Still coughing up a storm off and on due to this sinus crap. Nice weather though so we did get outside. Otherwise, resting.

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend.

Wonder if Emma got in any wedding pictures? usually when she is an invited guest to weddings we find we are in the photos

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A Quiet Sunday

Today is Sunday,

A quiet day for Emma and I. Greg worked a lot of hours. I didn't feel very good so just rested and that helped. Just one of those MS days when I am moving slowly.

Not a lot new today. Emma just as good as gold of course. I did not get down to see my Aunt but heard her day went okay so that is good. Otherwise just a quiet day.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, August 6, 2011

For Sale: Food Dish

Dear Emma

This has been one of my favorite pictures
Regular readers have seen it before
There is a reason I selected it to use tonight.

You are making me NUTS tonight
It is about that food dish
Seriously, you have an issue here.

This is the dish that we used when you came from Helping Paws
Even then you loved to carry it around after eating.
Over the years the issue has increased
You just can't handle using this dish!!!!!!!!

When we use this dish
(Just recently found again under my bed?)
You just look at it and want to eat
Eat and Eat
You won't leave it alone
If I put it in sight like on a counter
You seem to know it is there

Greg must have used it to feed you tonight
I had a late nap while he took the the granddaughters home
Well waking up to the dish being dumped on my face
Not fun

We use other dishes and you are fine.
We gave up years ago using an identical one for water
You would pick that up and spill water if you couldn't fine
the food dish.

You are so silly.
Greg prefers you use this dish and I don't know why
I think you like it too
But every time it happens

Clearly it is a good way for you to show me you are hunger
You can throw it down the steps to make it clash bang and then go get it
You can bring it to me non stop
Throw it on my lap gently or quickly
Clearly this is not the dish we can use.

On the other hand you are lucky
Wish there was simply one dish I could move out of sight
To stop me from eating too much
Actually I am trying hard to eat less and healthy
But loosing weight not easy for me
Wish I could run around the yard like you.
Wish I could eat just one kind of food
Have you measure it for me
And stay trim like you do.

I am not complaining Emma
I'm just saying
You and Greg and I have to talk
I think the dish can't be use
Unless clearly hidden between meals.

But if that is the biggest problem of this day
Well my goodness what a great day it has been.

You were wonderful at the Smurf movie Emma - you like movies
You are terrific with the granddaughters

Most of all when we are alone
Like we are at t his moment
you give me support, help, cuddles, sloppy kisses

Okay but the food dish thing...not so fun.

Love you Emma, can't imagien how I coped without you


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hugs Are the Best

Rosa hugs are wonderful. This is with her Uncle Danny. The photo captures well how wonderful a hug is...we all need them. Emma hugs me back i think when I hug her. Need to see if somehow we can capture a picture of that?

My birthday was yesterday. My day included doctor appointments, the end of a agile pill latency test, and me feeling a bit tired and not up to par. Yet, I had a wonderful day all things considered. Emma was with me all day and Greg too. He took the day off long ago to do fun things with me. Well turned out to be a medical type day ha ha but he was supportive, always fun to be with, and it all went very well all things considered.

I am blessed by the love I get in life. Emma was there every moment of course. So cute she lays differently when I really feel crappy. Like she wants me to know she cares. She cuddles differently. Usually making sure her body touches mine whether in bed or on the love seat (well even if I feel great she does that). Just by her behavior, her eye contact, and body language you can tell she is very in tune with me. My doctors and nurses comment on this. Very obvious to Greg too and me too.

Greg is super supportive. We had planned to maybe have lunch with my son Mike, his wife Tia, and Sophia and Rosa. How fun that would have been. But turned out I felt like crap and didn't want to even eat much. Everyone willing to take a rain check on that. Only Greg could make coming home too chicken noodle soup, crackers seem like a special meal. Not because of the food eaten but because of his presence. He is the gentle and kindest person I have ever met. Also very able to go with the flow which is needed these days.

After the last Dr office appointment we took Emma to get nails clipped and get treats for her. Picked up medications from the pharmacy and yes I was pretty shot. I was so delighted he and my son made these plans. After a late nap I woke up to Rosa kisses. Yep indeed. They came to eat dinner. Dinner was just macaroni and cheese as Rosa and I loved it. Greg and Mike had leftovers.

Greg wished later I had a special meal. Guess what? I did. A most special meal. Catered to what I could handle. A cuddly fun Rosa, I could eat only a bit so glad there weren't lots of dishes or prep for Greg. I will celebrate with the other children another time. Emma was there all day. Okay as a birthday treat from me we even did a naughty thing. We gave her a litte mac and cheese. Boy she loved it.

Cute Rosa bought me a tiny owl stuffed animal from the zoo trip they made that day. For me to hug and think of her when I go to bed she said. We had fun playing with it and she got one for her too. Both live here she said so they don't get lonesome.

I am blessed. Today, home all day with Emma. We watched some movies, went outside, she helped with laundry, and I am on a mission to go through closets for items to donate to charity. Emma helped with that too - must I drop everything.

Tomorrow, Friday, I actually swallow a pill that has a camera in it for a camera endoscopy. One last test. I am amazed as it will take 56,000 pictures over 8 hours or my esophagus, and small intestines. Hope it uncovers something. IF not, not sure if my next move is a pain clinic or what. Can't imagine what other tests can be done. Thank God I have good insurance. A bit pricey but I am getting my money's worth out of it this year.

Not sure if I will write again before SAt. I like writing but wonder if sometime I will find there is no one reading anymore? Well in any case...have a great day from Emma and Mary

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hi On Tuesday

Hi All,

My Aunt was in the hospital and I am having medical tests. Will get back to blogging soon. Emma is use to hospitals, Emergency rooms, and Dr visits. Also so comforting to me.

Don't forget us... i will be back writing more soon.

Mary and Emma