Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday = A Clean House

Did not have a ride so had to skip water exercise.
We did enjoy outside though.
Also the cleaning woman came today and boy does that help me out.
She can't get to everything in the limited time I pay for but much of it.
I am so grateful.

Realized the MN State Fair Starts Next Week already
Aug MS Camp - Majestic Shores Resort is next week
I went in May so can't go again but know some people going
I just can't believe how fast this summer went
All above are signs of summer ending in MN.

My granddaughters will be in school in just two weeks?
Can that be?

I like fall, spring, and summer in MN. Winter is pretty but lasts too long.
Maybe this year wont be so snowy?
Well if you live in MN you have to handle all the seasons..

Glad to have the dog hair gone. Gosh no matter how much I brush i think this has been the most difficult summer with Emma shedding. Some others I know with both dogs and cats say the same thing. But she is adorable and worth it all. She makes every day better for me.

Not much new here at all. hang with us and we will try to get photos or do something interesting one of these days.
Right now my Emma has pleading eyes - she wants to go outside.
Sounds great to me.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day...

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