Friday, December 31, 2010

Okay after a car accident

We ended the New Year with a bang...a crash that is. Our car was broadsided as we went through an intersection. It was not our fault but our car ended up with the most damage. Luckily no one was hurt. I was grateful for that. It happened Thursday.

Today we will celebrate NEW YEARS EVE with the granddaughter. They will soon be here for supper and a sleep over. I have games ready, colors, things to make cookies, healthy snacks (they wanted fruit) and so on. Greg and I just worked around the house today. Got things done since we didn't think we should drive the car.

Our mechanic is so kind he made a house call and talked with Greg about the damage. Wasn't that nice of him?

I was sore but think I am okay from it all. It was a big SUV that hit our mini van so ours crumpled on the passenger side. The big car had little damage except (picture this) her license plate was wedged into our car. Came off her car and got mangled between our wheel and the door. Hard to explain but took awhile to get it out.

We were intending to be home tonight anyway. It is a bit icy here so I hope everyone drives careful who is going out.

2010 was a year to remember. Greg had cancer again, I had some hospitalizations due to asthma/pneumonia but there were many good things also. Our family is doing pretty well (normal struggles) and everyone is healthy. My children all live in town soI am blessed to see them often. We remain a close family. I have a great family and awesome friends for support.

2011 - A friend of mine is already composing her resolutions. I need to think on that. I tend to make the list too long and can't keep up with it. I need to be realistic.

We even got Emma some special treats for tonight. Healthy of course.

I hope to journal about the blessings of this year. Maybe i can share more tomorrow. One thing Emma is a blessing in my life and that enriches my life immensely.

As you end the year and we venture into 2011 - I wish you many blessings and happiness. Know that family, friends and yes pets are super support as you face life with its up and downs.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wed Smiles for You

Emma and I enjoyed having Rosa overnight last night - Grandpa Greg too. But Emma kind of likes it alone too. She gets even more cuddly after Rosa leaves. We took her home this am. If all goes as planned she will come to celebrate New Years Eve with us also!!!!!

Remember playdough??? Emma watched as Rosa and I played with it for almost two hours. She got for Christmas two sets of gadgets to use with it. One was a make theater snacks so we made playdough popcorn and treats for grandpa watching the Vikings Game. We played yahtzee (our own version) and just had a blast. I felt better than normal so had more energy yesterday afternoon and night. In the afternoon we took her to the movie "Tangled" that was fun.

Today we are resting, picking up a bit, and going to do some returning of Christmas items. Gifts I got Greg that didn't fit and a few things I got from Amazon. com for kids that didn't fit the bill or were duplicates of what they got from someone else.

Then out to dinner tonight. We have a very generous gift certificate from one of our children to use. What a treat!! Fancier place than we normally go to. The Craftsman for those of you who know South Mpls area. Should be a great time.

I have read more in two days than in the past month, due to my ipad where I can enlarge the print etc. So having fun with my Christmas gifts. I was so spoiled this year.

Emma got some new treats. I will let her pick out a new toy too.

I AM THINKING TODAY OF FUN - I can be way to serious and worry my way through life. My therapists taught me that ha ha. While there are worries, concerns, things to "do" and so is good for my spirit to have time to play. Rosa and Sophia always remind me of that when I am with them. Light hearted times with my children and Greg also are good for my heart.

MS CAMP is one of the big fun things in my life = a whole week to play. Vacation is great too. But in the MN winter when doing the outdoor sports does not work for my abilities - I have to find times to relax indoors. The ipad has been fun, reading gets my mind off things, talking with friends is also fun.

WE ARE WISHING YOU time to "play". Go to a movie, do sports, spend time alone or with friends and family in a way you enjoy and find relaxing. Maybe a hobby helps with that? Try playdough with a child - it is always fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading...Mary

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spa Time for Emma

Emma was groomed today. They take good care of her and said she was excellent. She of course hates her nails clipped. Teeth brushed, washed, dried, trimmed up a bit, and brushed some more...she looks like she has lost weight and is so pretty.

We have had Rosa this afternoon and overnight. She is good to Emma. We went to the movie Tangled and Emma was perfect. The many children in the theater were amazed to see a dog present. The staff there see us once in awhile so always greet us warmly. I was proud of Emma.

Rosa liked the movie a great deal. She climbed in my lap or Grandpa's in the scary parts. The movie was pretty, music joyful, entertaining and well received by the audience. One child (not Rosa) cried when it was over because she didn't want it to stop.
she calmed down though when everyone was leaving.

We have such fun when the granddaughters come over or our kids. We appreciate playing with Rosa so much. Time with her is truly a gift for us. I love hearing her play and also playing with her. We were playing vet with a gift I got her for Christmas. Her favorite stuffed animal needed a check up as he hasn't been feeling well. It is so interesting to hear how she interprets what a animal doctor would say and do. I enjoy being with children and always

Wishing you sweet dreams!! Even Rosa noticed how fresh and great Emma looked today.

Mary and Emma

Monday, December 27, 2010

A Relaxing Day

We had a relaxing day at home monday. Greg is off and enjoyed being home the entire day!! Rare for him to be able to do that. Emma had fun outdoors in the snow, playing with us indoors, napping with us, and just hanging out with us.

We watched a netflix movie - Old Dogs. My son generously putchased us an apple tv so we can do various things like connect to the internet through our tv, to radio, and more. We are learning what we can do with it. It is a surprising fun thing to have.
My husband and children also surprised me with gift cards so that I could purchase an ipad and also applications for it. I will use it for reading books alot and there can adjust the font to what I want. I have had fun today and last night learning how to use it. They spoiled me this Christmas and really really really surprised me also. My husband has been saving for months.

He saved by skipping lunches out and saving this and that in cash in a jar in the garage so I wouldn't see it. He also lost weight not eating out...truly. Long story but I was so pleased. The gifts aren't the issue as much as the depth of my family's generosity and hard work to make them possible this year. They were so excited about it all.

There Presence would always be present enough. Last year we surprised Greg with a new tv. Both the tv and the ipad will be used by both of us.

Heard a friend I am meeting for breakfast tomorrow, with my sister too just lost her dog to death. She died at home on Christmas Day. I feel so bad for her....can't think of what to do to express my sympathy.

I had a long nap today as I woke up in the night so started reading on the ipad. You can download books on it. Now off to bed. Sure was great to have Greg home today.

Emma is doing just great. She is looking at me like she knows it must be bedtime due to our routine.

Hope you get some relaxing time this week....Mary and Emma

Sunday, December 26, 2010



Today at church they talked about family.
Emma of course is part of my family.
I have four children and their two spouses
My two lovely granddaughters (sisters)

We had a lovely Christmas Day

Every day though, not just holidays
I am so grateful to God for my family
My close friends and extended family as well

those friend with MS who support me and help me feel less crazy
those friends from Helping Paws who clearly understand my love for Emma

Today I am taking the day off
from needed chores, hopefully from worries
I am going to capture this day with joy
I am going to dwell on gratitude

I am going to enjoy time with Greg and Emma...

Thanks for your role in my life,
You help me every day reflect on goodness
On the blessing of my Angel Emma

May you have a day full of gratitude,

Mary and Emma

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Week

From Emma

Merry Christmas

Our house is full which is fun
But Lily and I don't always know where to lay
(Lily is Mary's Granddog)
They are playing Wii now
Wow that is loud
Mary and I aren't playing

Opening presents
A Good dinner
A board type game (Wits and Wagers)
And good conversation
And lots of laughter

What a good day we are having!

Hope you are having a wonderful day....


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

Enjoy time with family and friends.................Mary and Emma

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Holidays

Today Emma was so happy. We went to lunch and a store in Maple Grove. She got to smell new things in the Good Things store. She was very well behaved. She walked outside in the snow bank as her reward. Those who walked by chuckled at the dog diving in the snow.

At home is fun too but I think new places and smells are fun for Emma.

I am going to wrap presents tonight. That should be enjoyable as I did part already. Greg is my elf picking up some gift items as he comes home from work. Our well loved "Christmas Eve Hotdish" is in the oven. We decided not to opt for it on Christmas Eve but it is a dish my mom use to make so we like having it this time of year. Smells good while cooking.

I Think we will see Rosa for a few hours tomorrow. Sophia is with her dad. There is no school or pre-school for them this week or next. Seeing her and playing would be fun. If we have to shop it won't be much and we would take her along.

I have breathing problems at times when I am in the cold and when I walk. So gettinng out was good but also a bit challenging.
I am so glad to have a wonderful friend to share lunch with. I found one item I might go back for - I am not sure yet (or send Greg).

Well off to wrap or use gift bags on some items. I never seem to have enough mid to bigger size bags.
The best present of course being with friends and family. All lmy children and granddaughters will be here on Christmas day so I am very very pleased.

Merry Christmas

Emma and Mary

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

BAby God

Rosa slept over on the weekend. She loves looking at photos of her on the computer. This is one of the precious early photos. She liked this one.

Looking at it in this season reminds me not only of the wonder of her birth but also of Jesus' birth and what it meant to our world and my faith.

We also have the fischer price nativity set. Rosa loves to play and arrange the animals, shepherds, Jesus and the mommy and daddy. She know his name is Jesus but calls him baby God at Christmas. It was heart warming as she used her voice as she played out the birth of Christ as she knew it in her words.

When she left she said "now take good care of baby God" while I am gone.

So I am going to remember my Faith and in her words "Baby God" who lived a life that taught us how to love and care about is a good thing for my mood.

My second post today.

Making It a Good Day

Home today - too much to do but pacing myself. YES it did snow last night.
Emma is like a child it is so much fun to see her in the fresh snow. It is awesome to watch her play and she makes her little paths to run in. At first she gets out there and looks like she is smelling the fresh air, then thinking of where to run to in the yard. What a cutie she is...for sure.

Emma is doing great on all skills. A bit sharper in everything, quicker for sure as we have increased deliberate review times with various cues and the food reward (just kibbles from her dog food) and/or verbal reinforcement. She really can be so good I don't always have treats with me. I guess like people a bit of extra reward/incentive/acknowledgement causes her to be even more excited about working. She is just so smart.

She likes our cleaning woman and she is be obedient to stay out of the way. Normally when she comes we go to swimming and see her only at the end and she loves being petted. Having help for a few hours twice a month is wonderful. Cleans my kitchen, bathroom, does floors...dusts as time allows. I could use help weekly and add other rooms of service but can't afford that. But I am so darn grateful she does what she does. She makes good use of her time.

Emma is being great at hanging with me as she cleans so we are not hindering her work. We just came in from outside. Greg had to shovel a place for me to stand (patio) to be out with Emma. I sure can't be in the drifted yard like she can. She tires from her prancing/jumping/running through deep snow. She is such fun. I am so grateful for the fenced yard.

This is going to be a good day. I am getting some things done which is really good. Tomorrow if time allows we will see my friend. She is picking me up from a medical appt and then we will go to lunch. If time and my health allows we might shop at one store also.

Wishing you a great day.
Mary and Emma

Monday, December 20, 2010

It Looks Like Christmas - snowy day today

Yes Emma there is a Dog Santa and he brought you more snow today and another snowfall is due thursday your snowy dreams are coming through. It is getting deep for her but we shovel a bit (Greg does) and she makes her own trails and uses them like her little doggy freeway through and around the yard. I never tire of watching her play and run and explore. Last time she tried to fetch a toy she didn't find it!! Surprising. But the snow in that part of the yard was too deep for me to venture into so it will just wait....

How are you doing for Christmas? I had hoped to have more organizing done as I thought I was having more of my kids staying overnight. That bedroom tends to be a catch all room. But anyway I have had a few melt downs in tears. I LOVE this season of the year, the Christmas Music, Christmas Music, Christmas Gatherings and yes the snow since I don't have to drive in it or shovel it. But everything takes energy and that is tough on me. I anticipate/expect I can do more than I can around the house, preparation, wrapping all the things that make the holiday special. Christmas baking except for my pumpkin cake is all I am doing.

I get way to stressed and part a big part is just me. The Gundersen family gathering Sat was enjoyable and Weinand Christmas brunch Sunday Fun. But of course they tire me out. I forget to allow nap time when things get hectic which is not good for me...or rest time works.

Even as a child I would try to do too many crafts and things for long as I can remember (and my husband agrees) I plan more than I can accomplish which is truly my mistake. So I am trying to calm down and know it will be fine.

Believe it or not, even with things to do, i took time for a movie with my friend. HOW do YOU KNOW was cute and funny. Emma was great. I had not seen this friend for several weeks as she has been at Mayo Clinic for health concerns. It was a matter of priorities and I am certain spending time with her was the right choice.

We will rest a bit and then do chores. I have a few things I really want done today - others I can spread out through the week. Greg does not work tonight, the Vikings play outside due to the Metrodome collapse in a snowstorm. Hope no one gets hurt. i can't believe all seats are general admission due to the venue now being U of M Gopher Stadium and people outdoors for hours waiting to get a ticket. More ticket holders than seats due to the change of place.

We will be warm and cozy at home and for that I am truly grateful.

May your last days before Christmas be calm as they possibly can be....Mary and Emma

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Emma's Skills

Emma and i are reviewing some of the cues that I don't use so much. Practicing "look" was a suggestion from Wendi at Helping Paws that I am finding is keeping her sharp on whatever I want her to do next. We practiced "put" also and she was awesome - I just so often have her "give" things to me instead of using "put" it on a specific place

She does great on helping me take off my socks, so "pull", "bring" and "give" all work well in any situation. She does well at the cues when in a scooter or walker or with my cane. Those position cues of "side, heel, around, back, all go well. We should review the M & M sequence (I think they called it that( which helps review all those and the in front cues. She knows how to go ahead of me too but rare I need that.

In any case we are reviewing the list we have from training to be sure we are practicing them. Wendi was helpful as when I go out with Jan on Fridays - Emma won't stay under the table in a drop. She stands, she paces, and sometimes goes out to the aisle. This is NEW behavior and only there or just maybe once or twice in another situation. Normally and I mean 99% of all locations she lays down great till the meal is over or mtg. She does know when i get my purse it is probably time to go and might stand then without being told (working on that too). I don't know why this situation is tough on her.

Well I won't explain what all we talked about in our longer conversation. What I am going to do is be sure she has her blankie to lay on (this helps) and see if sitting elsewhere there is better (bigger booth or table). Also IF it happens elsewhere see if there atre any similarities or differences when she does great. She will have the chance to test out that behavior at two events this weekend.

At home we have been working on her drop and stays too. We have had fun with her toys practicing all her skills. She is a wonderful companion. When things don't work I try to sort out is it human (me) error or her error. She knows us so well and visa versa that sometimes we use our normal language and she get's confused. Once in awhile I catch myself and stop to use doggy language cues if needed to redefine the behavior I am looking for her to show me.

I am so tired today that we napped and I hope to go to bed early. She was curious as i wrapped presents for the family tonight. I did not get hers yet. She seems to enjoy cuddling up as we watch Christmas Shows or listen to Christmas Music.

Take good care,

Love Mary and Emma

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wed and wishing you a good night

It is late. I will post tomorrow. We are doing well.

Have a good night or day...Mary and Emma

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I was actually out of the house to go to a store and a yummy dinner today. Gosh the snow is deep. We have a lot but I hear Mpls got even more

I am tired and will write more tomorrow. Emma is leaping over the snow to get around the yard though we did shovel a path for her to get out the door and into the yard. She seems really tired after being out to play. I sit in my rocking chair and watch from the patio as today was brrr cold.

It was good for her to get the extra walking while we went shopping iwth Greg tonight. I can only handle a few stores but good to get things picked up. I knew what i wanted so we got a lot done, including dinner (our favorite Mexican Place) in just a few hours. Also enjoyed seeing Christmas lights on our way home.

Emma and I are ready for bed...Mary and Emma

Saturday, December 11, 2010

9-10 inches in our yard of fresh snow. Emma loved it but it is deep for her. Another 8 or so likely today. Good day to stay off the roads. The winds will get even stronger and snow is drifting.

More later


Friday, December 10, 2010

Snowy Night

It is Friday,
Yesterday was a busy day and I didn't blog. Thanks for not giving up on me. Some days I get too tired. Our day Thursday included Dr appt, and some time with my kids.

Today we made a homemade pumpkin cake, napped, and went out for just over an hour with a friend Jan. We were both tired (Jan and I) but had a nice chat and early dinner. Greg is working a bit late. A big snow is predicted here. We could get a foot or more of snow so Greg wanted to finish some things at work. He hopes to be home tomorrow.

For those of you not in MN or even those here. Greg had to do errands for work. The stores are busy with those getting groceries in case it is bad like it might be and we are snowed in till Sunday or so. The roads are also busy with people out Christmas shopping. Normally you might expect that, but even more so with the worry that they might have to stay home tomorrow or all weekend.

In MN though remember we are use to snow. So a foot though a nuisance we will handle. High winds and bitter cold is expected and that changes the picture. So think of us those of you in a warmer temperature. ha ha.

Emma loved play time outside today. Gosh she was so fun outdoors. The deeper the snow the better she lives it. She sticks he entire face and upper body into the snow piles. She comes out all full of snow and an expression that says "this is just great".
I bring inside a pretty wet dog and she is happy as can be.

I will see if I can use my husband's camera to take some photos to share over the weekend. There is an event for my MS support group SAT am. A potluck gathering but I am not sure if it will be held if it is really snowy. I made a my home made cake (I don't bake much) and have that ready to go if they do meet.

I am going to listen to the weather report on tv. More tomorrow. The snow is expected during the night so we will see what we wake up to...

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Emma Says Time to Eat

You can't feed Emma early unless it is a dire need. Why? Because her tummy alarm will still go off at 7 am and 5 pm. If she is distracted though like you are out and about then she can hold off awhile. When at home she finds her dish - time to eat. I think this picture is cute. Nope it is not new it just happened again today. If you ignore her she has been known on occasion to throw the dish down the steps with a loud clang...just to help you notice what time it is ha ha. Most times we stick to our schedule.

Wed and wishing you a good day

Yesterday, i was tired when we got home and didn't blog. We went first to the Cervical Spine Specialist. It turns out the MRI does show damage in an area there. I could have surgery to correct it but since I am coping with it - we decided to wait to see how I do. If it gets worse again we will reconsider. I made the decision and am happy with it. Sounded like a big deal to do the surgery and I am not anxious for that. Due to my diabetes he did not suggest a steroid shot unless my diabetic specialist agreed. I see her tomorrow.

When we were out Emma found a really nice pile of snow that I let her dive into. She was so excited and only her back legs and tail showed. She came out all smiles and snowy. A fun treat for a great dog.

We spent time reading at Greg's work as he had mtgs and things to tend to before he could drive me home. I helped with a small task folding things and it went fine. I was tired by the time I got home.

I think more snow is coming for Emma! If I feel good enough we have a few presents to wrap, and a few very easy chores here. A nap will be a must. Greg took her outside and she loved it. I think more snow is expected over the next few days also? She will be thrilled. The snow loving dog.

Have a good day...maybe more later... Emma and Mary
Have a great day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What a difference a day makes = Kidding there is still snow on the ground. i was just day dreaming about summer and having windows open and sitting outside for over an hour watching Emma....
Plus I like this picture ha ha.

In reality we went out in the snow. I do have a chair I keep out all winter but I don't last long. Like I said we play fetch, i watch her explore and then I stand in the patio door so she gets more time. She does get me outside in the winter and that is good for me.

I love nature, Emma helps me appreciate nature. The clean white snow, cool crisp wind, and the artistry of the trees when there are no leaves on them. I love admiring the shapes of the trees, with the twist and turns of the branches. Emma sniffs where rabbits and deer have passed and causes me to notice tracks. See how she helps me enjoy winter?

As a child we lived walking distances from two city parks. Both had nice warming houses so we would go ice skating and sliding a lot. A warming house might be part of an existing building or the unique ones were built just to exist during the winter season. Rustic but nice and warm for snow lovers. With my own children we went sliding mostly.

I never skiied except cross country. I liked it but was busy with kids and did not pursue it. never tried down hill. And in this winter wonderland of Mn never was on a snow mobile either. but I can enjoy the snow...

The cold seemed to come back to me so I am fighting a cough but vertigo is much decreased...all I need is more energy to tackle things that were put on hold during the severe vertigo. I will not complain. i have my Emma and that is a good thing.

Any season, Emma brightens my days.....have a great day - Mary and Emma

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Snowy Sunday

No new snow but plenty for Emma to play in. The vertigo has decreased so I AM going to a baby shower for my neice. Emma will be home a bit and then Greg will be here till I get home. They have several dogs so don't need one more to add to the commotion. I am looking forward to getting out of the house.

Emma seems to enjoy the Christmas music with me, the christmas movies on tv and so on. I have not made a final decision on what to get her for Christmas. She is so dear to me. She is MY PRESENT every day of the year. Where would I be without her help and companionship. She adds a lot of love and entertainment to our home life also. She is so enjoyable to be with.

We do have deer, the neighbors saw them, that is stirring up the neighborhood dogs. We also have plenty of rabbits too and squirrels. Emma loves to race after the bunnies and squirrels but they get out of the yard before I get her far out the door. They are very safe in our yard.

My nice's family are hunters. Emma of course has never hunted. Friends/family say she would be a good hunting dog. I don't know about that but she is a great service dog. I love her so much. She means so much to me.

I better go get ready....Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Friday, December 3, 2010


Emma is enjoying more fresh snow. They say five inches so far? I haven't measured but enough for Emma to enjoy. Greg might not like snow plowing when he gets home from work and is not home yet at 10:20 pm. A work event. He spent part of the day with us. MS dr is trying some medication to see if that helps me deal with the vertigo - yeah. Home tomorrow but plans for Sunday if i feel okay.

Emma playing in the snow. Play hard and then nap good and the cycle continues. She also works hard. Boy when you have vertigo you sure appreciate your dog more than ever picking things up and bringing things to Greg for me and all her skills.

The pictures are not new but worth repeating. A snow late afternoon and night for us.

Emma peers out the window or patio door at times. Is she thinking "Boy this is Just Great".

Have fun in the snow if you have it where you live. Otherwise enjoy the weekend where you live.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

from Emma

We went to the doctor again (primary)
Mary did pretty well (heart rate)
The vertigo is not gone
So now waiting for the MS specialists opinion on it all.

It took awhile and was fun to be outside with Greg a few times
He will be home tonight also so that is a treat.

Mary is tired and still some dizziness with the vertigo
We watched White Christmas video and that perked her up.

It's nap time but I wanted to be sure to write.

Yeah I for one am happy more snow Friday night
Maybe 4-8 inches!!!!!!
For me it means more fun playing outdoors.
I don't think those who shovel it are as excited.

Home most the day and that is okay
But both Mary and I will like when we can go places
without worrying of her dizziness and vertigo meaning she could fall.
She sure walks weird right now.

Time for a nap.
I don't mind that since we just went outdoors.
Mary just sat in a chair by the door to watch me this time.
I had fun though and still kept my eye on her.

Time is flying fast. We can't believe it is December already.

Nurse Emma

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nurse Emma

Mary stayed home today
at least her blood pressure and heart rate were better today
after a medication change.

She felt a bit better despite being dizzy most the time.
I enjoyed several extra times outside in the snow since she felt better.
It is chilly to get use to so she wasn't outside long but liked the fresh air.
She watches me from the patio door if it is night time or too many times outdoors.

I bet Mary didn't tell you this.
They are building an addition on the house
across the street from us.
My goodness they are working fast.
But they often park by our yard.

They have had big machines
Loud noises as things get thrown into a dumpster.
Well i bet you can guess it is distracting to me.
Now I am more use to it though.

Today I rested by the small side window
by the front door and watched them awhile
Mary thought it was cute
and it was while she was in a chair not far away
so I could easily go to her if needed.

We go to the doctor again tomorrow.
Then i think we will be home.
Mary says if she is not busy we can go to water exercise
but she seems doubtful that all this will clear up so soon
and we might not be back from the dr on time anyway!!

I am working extra hard at home helping Mary.
I am especially good at getting her a blanket when she is on the couch.
I am working hard. mary is proud of me.
She really can't pick anything up now so she needs me in many ways

Don't worry she will get better
We have been through this before
If it does not improve they will do a special physical therapy again
To help retrain her brain or something like that.

Ii am on duty all day and night.

Nurse Emma

PS we are all glad the medication is helping with the heart stuff and Mary didn't have to go to the hospital