Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nurse Emma

Mary stayed home today
at least her blood pressure and heart rate were better today
after a medication change.

She felt a bit better despite being dizzy most the time.
I enjoyed several extra times outside in the snow since she felt better.
It is chilly to get use to so she wasn't outside long but liked the fresh air.
She watches me from the patio door if it is night time or too many times outdoors.

I bet Mary didn't tell you this.
They are building an addition on the house
across the street from us.
My goodness they are working fast.
But they often park by our yard.

They have had big machines
Loud noises as things get thrown into a dumpster.
Well i bet you can guess it is distracting to me.
Now I am more use to it though.

Today I rested by the small side window
by the front door and watched them awhile
Mary thought it was cute
and it was while she was in a chair not far away
so I could easily go to her if needed.

We go to the doctor again tomorrow.
Then i think we will be home.
Mary says if she is not busy we can go to water exercise
but she seems doubtful that all this will clear up so soon
and we might not be back from the dr on time anyway!!

I am working extra hard at home helping Mary.
I am especially good at getting her a blanket when she is on the couch.
I am working hard. mary is proud of me.
She really can't pick anything up now so she needs me in many ways

Don't worry she will get better
We have been through this before
If it does not improve they will do a special physical therapy again
To help retrain her brain or something like that.

Ii am on duty all day and night.

Nurse Emma

PS we are all glad the medication is helping with the heart stuff and Mary didn't have to go to the hospital

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