Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wed Smiles for You

Emma and I enjoyed having Rosa overnight last night - Grandpa Greg too. But Emma kind of likes it alone too. She gets even more cuddly after Rosa leaves. We took her home this am. If all goes as planned she will come to celebrate New Years Eve with us also!!!!!

Remember playdough??? Emma watched as Rosa and I played with it for almost two hours. She got for Christmas two sets of gadgets to use with it. One was a make theater snacks so we made playdough popcorn and treats for grandpa watching the Vikings Game. We played yahtzee (our own version) and just had a blast. I felt better than normal so had more energy yesterday afternoon and night. In the afternoon we took her to the movie "Tangled" that was fun.

Today we are resting, picking up a bit, and going to do some returning of Christmas items. Gifts I got Greg that didn't fit and a few things I got from Amazon. com for kids that didn't fit the bill or were duplicates of what they got from someone else.

Then out to dinner tonight. We have a very generous gift certificate from one of our children to use. What a treat!! Fancier place than we normally go to. The Craftsman for those of you who know South Mpls area. Should be a great time.

I have read more in two days than in the past month, due to my ipad where I can enlarge the print etc. So having fun with my Christmas gifts. I was so spoiled this year.

Emma got some new treats. I will let her pick out a new toy too.

I AM THINKING TODAY OF FUN - I can be way to serious and worry my way through life. My therapists taught me that ha ha. While there are worries, concerns, things to "do" and so is good for my spirit to have time to play. Rosa and Sophia always remind me of that when I am with them. Light hearted times with my children and Greg also are good for my heart.

MS CAMP is one of the big fun things in my life = a whole week to play. Vacation is great too. But in the MN winter when doing the outdoor sports does not work for my abilities - I have to find times to relax indoors. The ipad has been fun, reading gets my mind off things, talking with friends is also fun.

WE ARE WISHING YOU time to "play". Go to a movie, do sports, spend time alone or with friends and family in a way you enjoy and find relaxing. Maybe a hobby helps with that? Try playdough with a child - it is always fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading...Mary

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