Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Making It a Good Day

Home today - too much to do but pacing myself. YES it did snow last night.
Emma is like a child it is so much fun to see her in the fresh snow. It is awesome to watch her play and she makes her little paths to run in. At first she gets out there and looks like she is smelling the fresh air, then thinking of where to run to in the yard. What a cutie she is...for sure.

Emma is doing great on all skills. A bit sharper in everything, quicker for sure as we have increased deliberate review times with various cues and the food reward (just kibbles from her dog food) and/or verbal reinforcement. She really can be so good I don't always have treats with me. I guess like people a bit of extra reward/incentive/acknowledgement causes her to be even more excited about working. She is just so smart.

She likes our cleaning woman and she is be obedient to stay out of the way. Normally when she comes we go to swimming and see her only at the end and she loves being petted. Having help for a few hours twice a month is wonderful. Cleans my kitchen, bathroom, does floors...dusts as time allows. I could use help weekly and add other rooms of service but can't afford that. But I am so darn grateful she does what she does. She makes good use of her time.

Emma is being great at hanging with me as she cleans so we are not hindering her work. We just came in from outside. Greg had to shovel a place for me to stand (patio) to be out with Emma. I sure can't be in the drifted yard like she can. She tires from her prancing/jumping/running through deep snow. She is such fun. I am so grateful for the fenced yard.

This is going to be a good day. I am getting some things done which is really good. Tomorrow if time allows we will see my friend. She is picking me up from a medical appt and then we will go to lunch. If time and my health allows we might shop at one store also.

Wishing you a great day.
Mary and Emma

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