Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wed and wishing you a good day

Yesterday, i was tired when we got home and didn't blog. We went first to the Cervical Spine Specialist. It turns out the MRI does show damage in an area there. I could have surgery to correct it but since I am coping with it - we decided to wait to see how I do. If it gets worse again we will reconsider. I made the decision and am happy with it. Sounded like a big deal to do the surgery and I am not anxious for that. Due to my diabetes he did not suggest a steroid shot unless my diabetic specialist agreed. I see her tomorrow.

When we were out Emma found a really nice pile of snow that I let her dive into. She was so excited and only her back legs and tail showed. She came out all smiles and snowy. A fun treat for a great dog.

We spent time reading at Greg's work as he had mtgs and things to tend to before he could drive me home. I helped with a small task folding things and it went fine. I was tired by the time I got home.

I think more snow is coming for Emma! If I feel good enough we have a few presents to wrap, and a few very easy chores here. A nap will be a must. Greg took her outside and she loved it. I think more snow is expected over the next few days also? She will be thrilled. The snow loving dog.

Have a good day...maybe more later... Emma and Mary
Have a great day.

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