Thursday, December 2, 2010

from Emma

We went to the doctor again (primary)
Mary did pretty well (heart rate)
The vertigo is not gone
So now waiting for the MS specialists opinion on it all.

It took awhile and was fun to be outside with Greg a few times
He will be home tonight also so that is a treat.

Mary is tired and still some dizziness with the vertigo
We watched White Christmas video and that perked her up.

It's nap time but I wanted to be sure to write.

Yeah I for one am happy more snow Friday night
Maybe 4-8 inches!!!!!!
For me it means more fun playing outdoors.
I don't think those who shovel it are as excited.

Home most the day and that is okay
But both Mary and I will like when we can go places
without worrying of her dizziness and vertigo meaning she could fall.
She sure walks weird right now.

Time for a nap.
I don't mind that since we just went outdoors.
Mary just sat in a chair by the door to watch me this time.
I had fun though and still kept my eye on her.

Time is flying fast. We can't believe it is December already.

Nurse Emma

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