Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We were outside so much today.
Rosa and Sophia were here while their parent's Mike and Tia helped Danny move.
We had a fun day.

More Bubbles
Chasing the ball
Playing with me ( Emma)

All had fun.
All are tired.

More tomorrow. Mary promises we will find time to nap tomorrow.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunshine on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun is shining and temps will be in the 60's I think. Emma has already enjoyed being outside a great deal. Fun to sit outside with her exploring the yard, and fetching things. A good old ball is still her favorite toy. I enjoy being with her so much. What a dear she is in my life.

We met Nancy Schapiro's husband when we were out yesterday. That was fun. I love meeting people who know about Helping Paws and help out with their efforts. When we are out and about we sure get a lot of people who ask about Helping Paws. I think that is even more evident when it warms up. Outdoors in the winter people just rush here and there so you don't get to talk much int the cold...that is understandable I think.

It is tough to believe spring is here. But the changes in the plants, beginning of my lilac bush to bloom - all those changes tell me mother earth is ready for an early spring this year. How fortunate we are.

We will be at my son Dan's a bit this afternoon. Then home for a nap. We are at Greg's work ( a church) now. After the second service/Mass we will go to Dan's. The music was lovely for Palm "Sunday. Emma lays so well for me. They call her the church dog.

I am not sure if we will be to tired to write later or not. We also heope to go for a walk today. I have my scooter of course and Emma walks. I really want to do it daily for my spitit and to give her some extra exercise.

Glad to feel a bit better. Emma jas really shown her greatest behavior during these weeks - both at home and out in public. What would I do without her help??? She means so much to me.

Thanks again to Judy and all the staff and volunteers at Helping Paws that helped train Emma or other service dogs. Emma has changed my life for better.

Thinking with gratitude of all the blessings in my lifelll

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, March 27, 2010


HI Folks,

We got out of the house after a morning nap.
I love naps.
I also love all the time I had outside today.
It is nice out though cloudy.
Mary seems to feel a bit better.

We rode along to Greg's work for a short meeting.
Then visited Becky and Justin who had the scooter (long story)
So now it is at our home ready for daily walks.

We had an afternoon nap also.
We might even lay down a bit now.

We stopped for a short grocery store visit.
Mary said I was great. I did work hard all day.
Mary says I know how to show my best behavior.
I did today she said.

Tonight we will maybe fold clothes
and watch tv or read.
That is what is new.

It is suppose to be sunny tomorrow.
I hope so.

We wish you a good weekend.
I heard Judy my first mom went golfing today.
March in MN you never know what it will be like!!!!!!
Many years there would still be snow in the yard.

Have a good evening


I like the daylight lasting longer into the evening.
It means I go outside even more times.
Today two squirells outside made my outing even more fun.
They sure run fast.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday pm

Our days are quiet but Emma is a great companion. It should get warmer each day now which will be nice. Still enjoying the signs of spring.

Nice to be in the yard with Emma. I just don't have much energy. Wanted to assure you we are okay. Emma is helping so much.

Thanks for cards and emails of get well wishes.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi All,

We will be home - mostly resting or sleeping for at least a few days. Dr. orders. New medication to try to see if it helps with the breathing issues and chest pains. I am so tired of being easily out of breath.

Emma is good company. She is content to be so close to me no matter if we go out or stay at home. It has been a quiet week. Well today she apparently didn't feel well. She cuddled close to me in bed. Normal than usual - and threw up!!!

Not a lot thank goodness. And I don't know why. She then wanted to sleep and did. Even now I took her outside to play and she was out there with me only a bit and wanted to come in. I am sure she will be fine.

She has endeared herself to my regular doctors and nurses who care for me. Last week in the hospital she was the hit of the days there. Tuesday night we were at the hospital again but this time to hear a speaking event. I saw a nurse who cared for me and exclaimed "how is Emma?" She is unforgettable.

So we are waiting for eyes to calm down a bit. I think now this is at least in part a MS flare up. I have books to read. I am told to take it easy. See what each day brings. Put on prednisone which usually helps at least until they taper me off it. We will see if this time it does the trick. I also will have alergy testing in two weeks among other appointments.

Greg is being awesome like always. He has to arrange his calendar for upcoming dr appointments but has a job with flexible hours and most times he puts in well over 40 in a week in any case.

ROSA came to visit last night. Grandpa Greg brought her and she came in joyfully. "Grandma I got Flowers for You".
Isn't that sweet. I cried. She hugged me lots and played nice. Then we ate supper and watched a movie. She cuddled up tight to me. That was wonderful medicine though it makes Emma a bit jealous.

Rosa also was so excited I had a pedicure earlier in the week paid for by a friend who drove me. Rosa was so thrilled it was hysterical her reaction.

So see i am resting but a long long nap meant I am able to write today. MS can be challenging if that is what is all or partially causing this. One day at a time.

Emma is sleeping already but would want to say "Have a good day".

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


We are going to a medical appointments today and tomorrow. I am feeling better some times and other times struggling with asthma. Spring is here and it is so fun to see things start to emerge from the earth. Green peeking through...

More later....Hope you are doing okay...Mary

Monday, March 22, 2010


Very tired. Went to book club and took a long nap. More tomorrow I hope. I am getting a pedicure if I feel okay.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Greg is home....yeah.


My daughter Anna stayed the night and had a few friends over today. It was relaxing to have them here. i already have napped twice and spent time reading and conversing. A quiet day for us.

Emma had a friend to play with "Bear" a mix dog that is small like a miniture schnauzer came over. They played nicely but were a bit jealous if one got petted and not the other. Emma still napped with me. Sleeping with me must be relaxing even with another dog in the house.

Greg will be home tonight. He has been away for work almost two weeks. Friends, family, and the hospital kept me busy enough. Emma kept me company but gosh do I miss him. I knew I would and it seems like so looong since I have seen her. Both Emma and I will be so glad when he comes in that door.

We wil have a quiet night. I know Greg will be exhausted when he finally gets here. he was in Chicago for a conference and then New Orleans for a Mission Trip. I just can't wait to see him.

Emma is having trouble with daylight season time and adjusting her feeding times to that schedule. she has had a good day today.

I am doing my nebulizer treatments and doing okay.

Have a good weekend - Mary and Emma
I was in the hospital again for asthma and other problems. I am better now. My daughter is staying with me. Greg will be home tonight.

Emma was superb in the hospital. She even slept over one night. Thanks to Judy and my kids she got her walks in and outside as needed. We are both glad to be home.

More later......Mary

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy St Pat's Day. Most of you will likely read this Wed though i am writing Tuesday night.
May it be a good day for you.

I will write more later....

Emma and Mary

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Night

Emma and I had a nice day. We had lunch with a friend who is a teacher and on spring break. Jackie is wonderful young woman. It was great fun. She also took us to get stamps. Thanks goodness for friends.

Emma is adjusting to less and less snow outside. Now the snow is in just very small areas of the shady back yard. They probably will be gone tomorrow. She is doing pretty well at letting me wipe off paws as she comes in too.

"Put" today we used put a bit. I needed some things moved and some of them I thought would be a challenge for her. She did great. We do use put regularily but not so much lately. Does that make sense? I just find some commands/cues we use all the time and others less often. It seems to depend on our routine at the time. It is not that I thought she forgot "put" it just is I am always impressed by her skills.

Tomorrow will be a big Metro Mobility day as we head out for a diabetic educator appointment on the other side of town. They are picking me up more than an hour before I need to get their (no if we drove it wouldn't be that far) and will pick up other riders as we go. I hope we get a driver who will let Emma sit on the seat, they don't all tolerate that. Part depends on how crowded the mini bus will be. Anyway I am so glad for this service. My cleaning woman will be here so we will come home to a clean house. How spoiled I feel to have that help.

Nap time...Emma is now 7 and we sure have a routine. Certain things we do certain days of the week and of course our daily nap. Today I almost avoided the nap time as I had things to do. Behind in some things I am trying to accomplish. Well she was with me and her eyes were so heavy. It is like in her facial expression she was telling me it was "nap time". She had her head in a cute position and it was darling. I will have to see if I can ever get a picture of her. So yes I followed Emma's
advice and we headed for a much needed daily nap. We both felt better I think.

I talk a lot to Emma. Greg kids me about it but doesn't mind at all. Sometimes I wonder how many words Emma understands as she seems to understand a lot. I wonder what she thinks about and how she views me. I sure love her and all that she adds to my life.

We better head to bed. I am sorry this seems boring. I need to think about some creative ideas for the blog. Emma's eyes look heavy again - time for bed....Mary and Emma

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Emma in the Snow Story

It is 63 and sunny here. Yahoo. Spring. i didn't need a coat. i actually got so warm in my friend's car! Emma and I have enjoyed outside. We also went out with a friend to do some errands and have lunch. It was such fun.

We are always ambassadors for Helping Paws. At the place we ate the people at the next table had tons of questions. I answered the best I could since I was in no rush to go. I also directed them to the Helping Paws web site. Emma was excellent - the waitress and those individuals did not even know she was there under the table until it was time to leave.

So we are home now. Almost ready to read and nap. Took Emma outside and in the back a portion of it is almost always shady. So there is snow in those spots.

Imagine how cute this was -- Emma found a spot. She layed down on it and the snowy patch was not much bigger than her body. She tried to put her face in it but it isn't very deep now. Then she tried to roll in it. She just looked so forlorn or disappointed.

Don't worry she will love grass too. She will love walks with Greg and scooter rides with me. She is just so awesome to have around.

Wish I had a movie of her today in the snow. It won't last long with these temps. I don't know if it will stay this warm but gosh we are enjoying it so much.

Have a good day,

Mary and Emma
When you can't sleep at 4 am...Emma is a good companion. She gets up and keeps me company. When i return to bed she snuggles in with you Emma.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Anna and Emma

Emma truly shows her "wiggle butt" when Anna comes over. Anna and her friend Brian spent most the day with us. How fun was that?!! They took us on some errands and hung out with us. Gosh it was such a fun time for us. Emma loved getting outside with Anna.

Our cable got fixed and we are watching "Little Women". We had a good day. Greg is working and we miss having him around. We are doing okay though.

The snow is melting and temps will rise once we have a sunny day. Daylight savings time (is it called off or on now?) and so the daylight will last longer into the evening. That will be nice for Emma and I. Soon we will be out on scooter rides daily. We made sure she got out a lot today.

Emma is good at snuggling, at helping me, and just so adorable. People are always impressed by such a pretty dog and her behavior...she makes my days better.

She is getting to know Brian and enjoyed his attention also. When she is "off duty" of course they can play and pet her. She enjoyed the extra attention.

I am so blessed to have my children and wonderful husband and Emma. They all make my life better and assist me in dealing with the harder times with MS or asthma. Where would I be without them?

Emma, I appreciate you so much.
Thanks for making this day so special.
Anna and Brian thanks for spending time with was fun.

What a good day for us.
have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

Friday, March 12, 2010

Looking For Snow?

Emma is looking for snow to romp in and roll in these days. Each day more and more is melting. In her backyard that means more and more areas of muddy grass. I am so proud of her - today when she was out she avoided the muddy area, and stayed in the snow. It has been raining for days. A light steady rain that is melting the snow of winter.

In some places the rain means the snow melts too fast and there will be flooding. We don't have to worry about that where I live. All Emma wants to know is where to go.

She has discovered some of her toys that were under that snow. There must be interesting smells as the yard is exposed. things will dry up and you can see grass!!! It will take some sunshine to perk the grass up and turn green. sometimes we still get snowstorms at this time of year. It will be interesting to see if any snow comes at all now.

Emma is looking out the patio door as I compose this. The rain has picked up and she would come right back in if I took her out. She doesn't like this heavy a rain. We are home for the day and will watch for periods of no rain or light rain to get her outside.
I wonder what she is thinking? My dog that loves the snow so very much !!! Inch by inch it is melting away...........

She likes summer grass too, fall leaves, and of course the smells and wonders of spring........but gosh Emma loves snow.

Hope you have a nice Friday and good weekend - Mary and Emma

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We were able to go to water exercise
To rest
To spend the evening with Mike and Tia, Rosa, and Sophia!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired and time to go to bed...........more tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emma and I got out of the house to go to the counselor, to later go to the post office, and the pharmacy. I have needed to use the nebulizer and sleep or take it easy. My breathing does seem better so that is good. I am in better shape than the weekend. We were worried too about MS symptoms but that is calming down also.

A person I know with MS who is just 40 and was still working had a big attack. Now she is in a nursing home recovering. MS is such a bummer disease. It is so unpredictable and even if you take care of yourself (or try to) things happen. I am glad to do as well as I do both with the MS and the asthma.

It will be interesting to see when the asthma calms down how this new group of specialists work out for me. They go to the New North Memorial Hospital in Maple Grove also. I am very glad to get another opinion and work with someone closer to my home.

It has been very rainy so Emma doesn't really play outside. It is grey out and so as the rain taps on the window we both are content to nap or when I read.

Several people have died recently that seem much too young. Adults but still too young. It makes me want to live life well and treasure time with family and friends. It just seems life is so fragile. I can't stop thinking about being sure I am a good person and loving and kind to those in my life. I am so blessed.

Hope you are doing well and have a good day.

Emma and Mary
Thanks to those who worry about us if we don't blog.
Mary just was extra tired tuesday and today too.
We appreciate your concern.
A friend is taking us to go get some prescriptions
and do some errands

so have to run.

Will write more later....Emma

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Emma bring's Smiles

One of the roles I think Emma has in life is to bring smiles to other's.

To complete strangers even as she is with me in stores or in public she generates smiles. In doctor's office's, emergency room's, hospital's everyone smiles. She generates warm feelings even in times of worry and pressure.

Out shopping, children and adults alike comment on her beauty, how well she behaves, and how darn cute she is. For children especially there is so much enthusiasm as they proclaim "look mommy a doggy in the store!!"

At church, at water exercise, if we go out for lunch - just everywhere she gets attention. She rises to the occasion and demonstrates typically outstanding behavior. Okay, she can be stubborn and not want to work once in awhile but that does not happen when I really need her to be her best. She is such a great dog.

Of course she is a member of the family. So she generates smiles from my granddaughters, children, and so on.

But Emma. My dear Emma - my smiles are from the depths of my heart. You warm my heart with your help, your affection, your snuggles, your beautiful eyes and every thing you are to me and the way you enrich my life.

Yes today I am thinking about how you enrich my life and how you bring Smiles.

I love you so much Emma.

I thank you so much Helping Paws and Helping Paws supporters, staff, volunteers, foster homes and of course wonderful Judy Michurski and family....Emma makes me smile and shed tears of gratitude.

Love you Emma -- Mary

Friday, March 5, 2010

Still having asthma symptoms and issues. Emma and I had a mostly quiet day. Went after school for about an hour or so with my friend Jan. We always find things to talk about.

Emma is my cuddly friend as I take it easy. I hope to feel better and tomorrow we will go to our senate district convention. She is always so good even in hectic environments. She is so wonderful for me.

I did take time to change the bed linens, including fluffing up the comforter and the quilt she likes to lay on. I think she was pleased when I saw her cozy in with me. Oh life's simple joys.

The sudden death of a local tv anchor who was delightful, and of a classmate at our high school made me think about life and death. It sure makes no sense to me when younger people die. It makes me reflect on how we need to be careful to appreciate our own lives daily and the lives of those close to us.

Things to ponder today. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Today we went to water exercise and lunch with a group of friends. Tomorrow we will be home nearly all day. Emma was so well behaved and really in the mood to work today. What a great dog she is.

I am having a bit of breathing problems tonight so need to take it easy. I will write more tomorrow.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good News to Celebrate

We were at Mayo Clinic for Greg's cancer check up.
I am happy to say we are home and everything went great.
He had very thorough testing and all turned out well.
Things are healed from the surgery and no sign of
cancer spreading or tumors at this time.

He will be watched carefully.
We are all so grateful for this good news!

Emma was very good in the car and in the hotel.
What a sweetie she is for me.
I used the scooter most of the time.
I appreciated both her help
and her company
especially as I waited for Greg during various tests.

One test was much longer than I expected
and i cried imaging the worse -
a kindly staff explained to me why it takes
so long. I simply had not been informed of what all was involved
in this test.

Emma was happy to get home to her own yard.
The weather was almost 40 so I took her outside for walks
that was good for body and soul.

What a happy night.

Wishing you good health - Emma and Mary
We are dping just fine. More later todau.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Greg has a few days off. Yeah. We may not blog but don't worry.