Saturday, March 20, 2010


My daughter Anna stayed the night and had a few friends over today. It was relaxing to have them here. i already have napped twice and spent time reading and conversing. A quiet day for us.

Emma had a friend to play with "Bear" a mix dog that is small like a miniture schnauzer came over. They played nicely but were a bit jealous if one got petted and not the other. Emma still napped with me. Sleeping with me must be relaxing even with another dog in the house.

Greg will be home tonight. He has been away for work almost two weeks. Friends, family, and the hospital kept me busy enough. Emma kept me company but gosh do I miss him. I knew I would and it seems like so looong since I have seen her. Both Emma and I will be so glad when he comes in that door.

We wil have a quiet night. I know Greg will be exhausted when he finally gets here. he was in Chicago for a conference and then New Orleans for a Mission Trip. I just can't wait to see him.

Emma is having trouble with daylight season time and adjusting her feeding times to that schedule. she has had a good day today.

I am doing my nebulizer treatments and doing okay.

Have a good weekend - Mary and Emma

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