Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back to Water Exercise

I am happy to report that Emma was superb at water exercise today. Despite her swimming this past week she knew just what to do at the pool.

We spent the afternoon at a nursing home. My friend Judy is in rehab there. My friend Jeanne is now in hospice. I am glad we went but it left me emotionally and physically exhausted.

We have been in bed for hours. Had to get up to take meds so thought I would just assure you all is well.
tomorrow night my family is going to the Twins Game - yeah. We will have to be sure to nap. I will try to blog before we go. If I forget don't worry if I neglect to blog.

Please pray for my friends Judy and Jeanne. Take good care...Mary and Emma

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Home From Vacation

Emma got to go swimming again today. Retrieving a stick for Greg was her favorite thing.

She was very confused at a pool yesterday when she could not swim there but obeyed the rule to not go in.

I hope I don't have trouble with her understanding that at water exercise tomorrow. I did NOT go in the water with her so as not to confuse her. Some of the time she just waded with Greg because it was cool. But they found a few places where water was warmer and she showed off her swimming skills.

More details to come. I lost my camera with the wedding pictures I am so bummed and some pictures of Emma. Greg did have his camera and got pictures of Emma but not of the wedding.

More into to come. Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun fun fun up north

Northern Minnesota is like Heaven in my eyes.

We are still up north and extending our stay till Wed.

Yes Emma got to swim and we took pictures.

We will share more about our adventures when we get home.

Off to explore....Mary and Emma and Greg

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Dog Who Wants to Swim

Today we hung out at the hotel in Duluth till almost noon.

We were at the water and around Lake Superior but not a location where she could swim. Monday we will try to have her swim again.

Saturday - the wedding was awesome. The beach was closed though and boy did she want to swim. The wedding ceremony and the condition of the water meant she should not swim. She layed on a beach towel and was perfect for us.
She attended the wedding. Then we napped during photos. Later we gathered at the bride and groom's condo which overlooked the lake but again no swim area for Emma.

Sund ay - We were in Duluth in the morning and later headed up the North Shore Scenic Drive. We stopped at Gooseberry Falls and found one paved path worked with my scooter. But Emma could not go in the rushing water by the upper falls. Our travels took us to various places. At dinner we ended up in Grand Maris at a restuarant on the lake. The Angry Trout. Emma layed under the table watching the water, fish jumping, and wishing she could go in. We sat outside there.

Well Emma it got later, cooler, and we are now at our motel. No access to the shore but a great Deck overlooking Lake Superior. It is called Clif Dwelling in Letsen. Emma is tuckered out. We plan to be on the deck till dark when we can gaze at the stars.
YES we will be exploring nature tomorrow and have ideas on where take Emma where she can at least get her feet wet.

Having a Good time...Mary and Greg

Please keep praying for my friend Judy - she is still sick and they are searching for answers to her problems.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our First Day in Duluth


We arrived in Duluth after a very long ride through construction. One hour of stop and go mostly stopped traffic. I felt like an impatient little child wanted to plead "are we there yet?". It was unbelievable to me that it took us four hours to get her. Emma was a real trooper. The cutest dog (a golden) was in the lane next to us most the way. He had his head out the window and looked so cute. Emma just looked around and waited much more patiently than I did.

Emma is always tired after a drive as she won't lie down. But gosh was she excited that our first stop was the beach where my brother will be married on Saturday. She was so excited that we let her go right into the water. I had shorts on so waded. There were young kids there that asked to play with her. They would try to pet her and she would shake water all over them. they shrieked and giggled in joy. I did not have my camera as I did not expect such an awesome event for Emma. We used the flexi on her as i was not sure how far out she would go. She was unable to go very deep.

She seemed to prance through the water like she does in the snow. Once done she eagerly followed us to the sand. She immediately dove into it and rolled herself into it. Oh my gosh she was covered in sand. That earned her another trip into the water!! It was so fun to be with her. We did not have swim suits on but hope on our days here that maybe we can find a spot where we will also go in with her? The second time out of the lake we held her on a closer leash and she did not get to roll in the sand. It made it much easier to clean her off and get her into the car.

The hotel has a huge king size bed. Emma loves it. Greg and I feel like we are sleeping miles away from each other.
By this time Greg wanted a nap. I had slept in the car a bit so Emma and I headed outside. Our hotel is on lake superior sp Emma and I headed outside. We found a bench and people watched. Emma had to get use to the dogs walking by. There is a board walk there that goes from canal park up and around the lake. And then if that wasn't enough for her to deal with, there were lots of horse drawn carriages.

Horses excite Emma. She doesn't see them often but when she does she reacts normally with a small bark and body posture that seems threatened? I am not sure I am describing it correctly. Well the first one I just assured her it was okay and the wonderful Emma ignored the rest. We were out there about 90 minutes and she was just fantastic watching people, dogs, and horses go by.

The funny thing is little dogs seem to cause Emma to react more than ones who are her size or bigger. Well as we were getting ready to find Greg a very tiny dog went by. It was smaller than most cats, very short haired, and pointy ears. I had no idea what type it was. Emma got all startled by it and woofed a bit. Such a little dog...

We got the scooter and went with Greg a few blocks away to dinner. Relaxing and tasty dinner. So nice to get away from the distractions at home. Then we went for a long walk. Down to Canal park (for those who know the area) around and up the board walk to our hotel. Emma was well behaved. There were a lot of people with dogs out and she didn't mind one bit.
What a great way to end the day.

Believe it or not I was in bed by 9:00. Greg ran out to get a few items we needed at the store and came back to me sound asleep. I rallied enough to talk a bit with him and watch the Twins Game but soon was back to sleep again. The good thing is I woke up early and enjoyed our view of the lake.

Today is Sat and my brother get's married on the beach. There is a chance of rain but now it is a bit cool but sunny. I hope it stays sunny for them.

We got up very early. It is 9 am and already I am taking a short nap. Greg asked me my goal for today - to feel good and be at my brother's's thant simple.

We have already had breakfast and walked. Emma and Greg are snoozing and i will join them...hope your day goes well.

Mary a nd Emma

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Silly Day

Went to diabetic educator appt - oops I had wrong time off by an hour.
Had to reschedule for next week.

Oh great than Greg will drive me to water exercise
He pulls away
oops I forgot my swim suit
He picks me up again

Off to pay the mechanic
for car repairs
oops he is not there

Home for a nap
Need to get ready for trip to Duluth and up the noth shore

oops MS Doctors office calls
I have an appointment scheduled for when I will be gone
A phone call, wait time but rescheduled

need to schedule colonoscopy
dr wants it soon
only opening that works for Greg
is the day after my birthday
that means clear liquids for my birthday

That's okay family birthday party is not on that day anyway

Still packing for the trip
And tidying up the house a bit.

Emma is doing just great
I am sure she will like the new sights and smells.

My brother's wedding is Saturday
We can't wait
Hope it doesn't rain on their plans
Hope it is an awesome day for them

top on my to do list
was to make sure I had food, flexi, treats, brush
for Emma

It should be great fun
Have a good Friday and Weekend

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Touching Story

After medical appointments
Emma and I went shopping

Children are fascinated with Emma
Echos of "mom there's a dog in the store"
are not uncommon

One young man saw us today
He pulled on Grandma to get us closer
Mom was down the aisle.

We were stopped to look at something
He came to my side
"Why is your dog in the store?"

I explained I needed help
That she was a helper dog
And I told him of some of the things
that she could do for me.

"She can do all that?"
I told him yes

"Well I am a good helper too"
I told him I bet you are

He asks a few more questions
about Emma

Then he moves up to my side
I was in a scooter

His Mom says it is time to go
He says
"I am going with her"
"She needs a helper
and now she can have 2 helpers".

He was only 4-5 and so serious
so sincere
such a tender heart.

His mom took his hand and
explained he needed to stay with her.

I softened the blow by telling him
Emma would help me and my
husband was there too.

"Okay lady
But I really am a good helper"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Quiet Day

Today Emma went with a friend and I to visit a friend in the hospital. We were shocked that she was so sick and the MS symptoms so flared up. She has problems with vision, weakness, can't walk at all and other things...we brought flowers to see if that would help cheer her. She probably will enjoy them more when she feels better. I think she enjoyed the company but we did not stay long so she could sleep. As far as I know it all started with food posioning...but we wondered if that was the full story or not. Family members were not there at the same time as us so we are not sure....

So keep your prayers going or positive thoughts for Judy. She needs them.

We also had water exercise today so I am tired tonight. We only had time for a short nap. Twins play at 9 pm our time so we will listen to the game in bed.

Wishing you all good health. Emma was very well behaved at the hospital but that was no surprise to me.

Take care,

Emma and Mary

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Day With Rosa

Today we spent most of the day with Rosa. She slept overnight and slept late.
Emma and I sure enjoyed her company.
We played outside, inside, and then outside again.
Mommy and Daddy came right before we took a nap.

We colored, read, played dolls and watched a Dora the Explorer Episode.
It was such fun.
She likes to swing on our playground and that was relaxing for us both.

She gave Emma lots of hugs.
Emma liked the time outside.

She was asleep in my arms before they left.
Emma and I cuddeled in for a nap.
Greg came home to join us.

Now a quiet night. I have to pick up for the cleaning lady comes tomorrow.
Just a little more to do.
It was a good friend.

I have a good friend Judy who has MS.
She is very sick in the hospital. They think it started by eating food(left overs) that had sat in her car too long).
Please pray for her. She is so weak she can't walk and is having other problems.

Take good care of yourselves. Be careful not to eat food that is in the summer heat too long.

Thanks Rosa for a great day. She has her hair shorter now but I love this picture. My sweet Rosa

Mary and Emma

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready for Bed

It is just a bit after 10 pm here.

We are ready for bed. We had a fun surprise today. My son Michael and his daughter Rosa came over. Rosa is sleeping over and will be with me tomorrow. Yeah. She is such fun. Emma and I did nap though as I was so tired. She gardened and went briefly in the sprinkler...then played indoors with me. We all ate supper together (Tia too)... after we played, colored, read books and watched Dora before bed.

TIA is a doula. That means she helps comfort and coach a woman having a baby. she had spent over 20 hours at the hospital but the mother did not have the baby yet. Mother nature isn't as cooperative as they would like. So she came here to eat and home for a nap. i guess they are trying medications around midnight to see if things pick up. There is a chance the mother will have a C section tomorrow if things don' t happen. I feel for the mother and father though she is not in discomfort Tia said.
I am so proud of Tia doing that for others.

Rosa has been a doll all day. She is so cute.

Sleep tight my dear Rosa.
She is great with Emma so Emma enjoyed the day also.
Sleep tight Emma.

I thought we just would be home today -- what a great surprise.

Thoughts and prayers for the mommy and her baby and Tia....Mary and Emma

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Alone - I Missed Mary

Hi folks,

I don't know how long I was alone
But I was alone today
They had Justin's birthday party without me
Due to the weather they thought it had to be indoors
They thought Stella their new cat might be mean to me

So I stayed home
I slept a lot
But I almost burst
with excitement
when Mary and Greg got home

Gosh I wiggled my but
and scampered around and around
it was just so good to see them

Mary promises tomorrow
she will be with me all day
She even thinks that will be true
al week!!

We even are going on vacation at the end of the week
I love hotels

I am so glad Mary is home.
I want to snuggle up tight

But I managed alone
Mary says I have to learn
That I can be okay alone
but I say I don't have to like it

Thank goodnesss
at least they remembered to feed me
before they left.
Mary was afraid she would forget

So we are home tonight
Ready to soon snuggle into bed together
Mary and Greg said it was weird to not have me

I even missed seeing Rosa, Sophia, Mike and Dan
Becky and Justin!!

Well there will be more parties Mary says
For now I will just cuddle up with mary
and get even more sleep.

Love to all of you,


Friday, July 17, 2009

See Emma
See Emma in snow
With favorite toy

Where is toy
In a tree

Poor Emma
Greg threw it to her
A bit too high

Now we are
up a tree

Sleepy Emma
See Emma cuddle up
A day at home
Then a movie
Then out to eat
Then Barnes and Noble
Then grocery shopping

What a big day
See Emma
See Emma want to

See Emma dream
That Greg figures out
How to get the toy
Out of the tree

Sweet Dreams
Emma and Mary

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sleepy Time

A dentist appointment in the am and water exercise this afternoon - it wiped me out.

We had an afternoon nap and then went to bed after dinner.

We are fine - I am just plain sleepy...

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wacky Fun Wed

A Busy Wed -

A medical appontment
Shopping and Lunch with my friend Terri
Good company and a yummy salad
Home for a quick quick nap
Off to get a haircut
Home for a break
Will go outside so Emma can play in the yard.

Off to a MS seminar with three friends
It will include a dinner
won't it be nice that i have my hair done?

Then home to visit with Greg
and sleep...

Most days are not this busy
I am having a good day with regards to MS

Emma is being super attentive
She did seem annoyed when I woke her at naptime
I think she was thinking "I need more time"

Counting my blessings
Friends to be with
Lots of sources for MS Information and Support
Beautiful Weather
Wonderful Emma

Greg is off till MONDAY
Isn't that great?!

Hope you are having a good day.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes I Like to Write

Coming Soon....

Another blog -

Better Together -
A journey of friendship to better health and life.

Jan and I are working out the details.
It will be at IF I can figure out how to post there
Learning NEW things is not easy for those of us with MS

I will also keep blogging here about Emma and I

Did You Know - I used another address when I blogged my first years with Emma?
My First Blog I wiill keep adding a few words now and then as some new readers have wanted to look up when i first got Emma.
I am honored that a new reader contacted me and is reading each entry from the beginning kind of like it was a book! Imagine that.

Last night I went back and read a few of those first entries.
It made me cry to remember those exciting days.
I was both nervous and excited.
I was scared too about if it would work for Emma and I.

Yes it has been wonderful with Emma... more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be.

Watch here for the address if you want to see our blog on friendship and dealing with chronic health problems!
It should be interesting.

Off to water exercise with Emma. Sorry Emma the metro mobility bus again - she prefers when we get a ride in the car.
Have a delightful day

3 am and I am up as I couldn't sleep
woke up with worries

who gets up with me?

Day or night
My dear dear Emma

This is not a new photo
But it is one of my favorites

Soothing music and journaling
both Helped

Emma's presence helped

Time to tuck Emma into bed

Monday, July 13, 2009

Blood Sugars doing well today with an adjustment to my insulin intake daily. Thanks for the nice notes of support.

A Quick Note Tonight

We need to get to bed tonight it is already 10 pm here.

Emma did LAUNDRY today. She did a lot of laundry. handing it to me from the basket. Retrieving it if I dropped it on the ground. I sure drop even that a lot. If only she could put it away. We did several loads but while waiting for loads to finish spent a lot of time outdoors too. It was great weather. My neighbor had some time to chat so that made it even nicer for me. My neighbor is retired but usually so darn busy I don't see her this much in the summer. We both enjoy it.

Emma likes Lucy as she likes dogs. In fact on the two occasions she got out of the fence she ran right to Lucy's patio door. She was content to have Lucy pet her.

Today Emma did so super. The Cable Tech had to come to do some work for us. Emma did NOT bark one bit. She also did a great job of staying so she did not go downstairs where he was fixing something and bother him at all. Now barking for her can be a behavior when a stranger comes into the house. I just assured her all was okay and she stayed relaxed and obedient. Good girl Emma.

Off to bed. Water exercise tomorrow. We take Metro Mobility because the person who drives me is not going. Hope we also take a long nap as we have a super long day planned for Wed.

Great sleeping weather here tonight. Gosh it was nice NOT to need air conditioning today.

Have a great day

Mary and Emma

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those Who Train Service Dogs

Today we want to honor those who train service dogs.


Thank you so much Judy first of all
You took me from a 8 week old puppy
What did you think when you looked in my eyes?
When you first held my wiggly body?
We have pictures from you of the early days.

Did you know that all these years later
I would still have that wiggly butt and puppy scoot
When I was excited?

I know there were times when I learned
things oh so quickly
Remember how I reacted to clicker training?
There were times I maybe needed more practice.
Did you ever get frustrated?
Or how about when I did learn a skill so well
But did not want to show it off in class?

Did you know I still at times do that sometimes
for Mary
Do you know that ever day
Every moment that I work or play with Mary
That she and I know it all started with you
and your family
and the wonderful HP staff
who led the classes?

Apparently raising and training a HP Paws Dog
was good for you
Now you have raised Tiga, Charlie, and me

Mary told me now you have puppy Keeley
I think you said you hope Keeley (like Tiga)
will one day have puppies for Helping Paws?

Do you know how grateful we are?
Mary can write later about her views.
I like being a dog with a job.
I like having a human who is with me every minute
I like the things we do like going to water exercise
Bookclub, church, shopping, movies
All those things

But I learned all that from YOU
I learned both how to be able to do Skills
But also how to bond with someone special.

I know it was tough on you and your family
When I had to leave you
To Go Work with Mary
I know you shed some tears
That Even the Grandparents and your neighbor
Were both happy and sad when I graduated
But most of all you were joyous
For you new I had a very special mission in Life

Mary writes A LOT
But she tells me and I agree
That no amount of words will express our gratitude
I agree
No amount of words will capture the bond we have
No amount of words will explain how much we thank you

So today we celebrate YOU
We will think of you all day
With special thoughts and prayers

I will take more time to play with Mary
We will hug extra tight when we snuggle
We will be even more attentive to each other
Celebrating what you taught me
Celebrating all the time you gave to me
Celebrating how you socialized me
Celebrating the skills I learned

Readers please add your special thoughts
Or prayers for those who train the dogs at Helping paws
The foster parents
The staff and volunteers

Your the best
I have a great great life with Mary
Thank you I will always love you.

Love Emma

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Info on Diabetic Service Dogs

Yes I got this note from someone who trains dog for Helping Paws. She is volunteer and not staff and neither she nor I am speaking on behalf of Helping Paws. Nor has Helping Paws reviewed the content for accuracy.

She emailed me this ---

There are such things as diabetic service dogs, in other words dogs that can detect for their person when their blood sugar is out of whack. I’m acquaintances with a person that purchased (had to fundraise a huge amount of money to receive the dog) a diabetic alert dog from an organization in South Dakota, she recently explained to me that it is believed that 30% of dogs have the capability of detecting, but it is awareness of people surrounding the dog to understand what they are doing when they alert. The organization in South Dakota determines which dogs have the ability to “read” the blood sugars and teaches the dogs to “alert” their person when blood sugars are not in proper range. I’m sure you could teach Emma to do a specific cue when she is detecting, so it is easier for her to tell you and easier for you to pick up on the cue (just a thought). For the person I know, her service dog has allowed her to keep working because she has always struggled with incredible highs and lows in sugar levels with very little warning and dr’s over the years haven’t been able to control it with diet/exercise/insulin etc. The last time I talked with her (a few weeks ago) she told me that her dog will also “alert” when the dog runs into someone else that has endocrine problems (isn’t diabetes part of the endocrine system?) If I remember correctly her dog will nudge her person when blood sugars are off and has been know to nudge other people. If nudging doesn’t get the response she wants from her person she will speak.

Isnt't that interesting?

Emma doesn't speak but i now know her unique way of letting me know something is wrong. Sat my blood sugar was so low she probably was life saving. Alerting me before I passed out due to low blood sugar.

After a week today my sugars were a bit high but not bad. We will work with insulin level and food intake to see what it takes to get them normal.

Copaxone Drug Co Info

Those with MS know copaxone is an injectable drug taken daily to help deal with Multiple Sclerosis. It helps lessen exacerbations and my doctor says should help with the long term problems of MS. We hope it keeps me out of nursing home for decades.

Anyway if you are using this drug or know someone who is - here is some info.

Teva is offering a program to help with the copay costs. Even with Greg's income we qualifies and they are paying 100% of my copay. I got the med for a month with no copay.

I called shared solutions 1-800-887-8100 for details. I think you have to be with specific pharmacies but not sure. I did have to agree that I would take it daily and have it delivered monthly or I would be dropped from the program.

It is worth checking out. My insurance requires me to use a specialty pharmacy that they selected or I would not get drug coverage for that drug. All other drugs I can have at any pharmacy that I choose.

Any money saved is appreciated. My copay was not as high as many people I know though. Check it out. See if it helps you out or pass the info on to others.

Emma gets groomed today yeah year. The bath should feel good to her.

Mary and Emma

Feeling Better on Saturday

My night went okay regarding the blood sugar so I am feeling better.

It is warm and sunny. Emma and I hope to go with Greg for a few errands, get some time outside before it gets too hot (or we will stick to shade really) and then I have some picking up to do.

I was up in the night a bit. Emma of course stayed up with me. She and I and Greg all slept in till almost 10!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that unbelievable?????????? For a lab to wait that long for breakfast? For all of us to be that tired. Luckily my blood sugar didn't go to low in that time because in the night I had to have just a bit of milk for carbs for blood sugar. I think about 4 am which is still night to me.

Yesterday, we rode Metro Mobility and had the nicest driver. He starts work at 4 am daily. I mean pulls his bus out of the lot no later than 4 am!!! He is done than at noon. He lives near where I grew up in North Mpls so we had the best chat about the area and why he likes living in the City. Where he plans to move from his big house when he retires etc. I have had such good luck with Metro Mobility.

Metro Mobility is the name of the bus service that helps transport those who can't take city buses. Normally due to disability physical or sometimes mentally challenged individuals. You have to apply to be accepted. I had to apply years ago and I think even your physician has to verify your need? Then it comes to your door and brings you to the door to get your there safely. They literally walk you in the door to where you go.

Some People complain the driver said as you have to realize it is a "shared ride". That means they take several people on the bus depending on who requests service and the route that makes sense. So for example I went to the Mpls Clinic of Neurology in Golden Valley. Now if we drove we would allow 20-30 minutes to get there. On the bus i allowed over an hour and 15 minutes.

You don't know till you get on the bus if you will be alone and go right to your destination (sometimes that does happen mid day on Wed when we come from counseling home). More often they might have one or two other people to drop off or pick up on your way to your location. I grew up on the City and took City buses so am use to picking up other people. It is a small bus so sometimes you chat with the driver or the passenger but not always.

Sometimes when i bring a blanket to cover her seat - a driver will let EMMA sit on the seat by me. She prefers that and it usually is if there are no other riders. MOST TIMES they want her on the floor. She tries to drop for me but the vibration of the bus bothers her. So now a sit works best. It does at time freak her out a bit if the bus stops quick and she slides forward.
Even that she is handling better. Staying calm.

The bus drivers have always been good drivers and kind and polite to me. Women or men they are professional and courteous.
I often get questions about the service dog from the driver or passengers. Every where we go Emma and I seem to be educating people about service dogs.

Well we better get moving. I thought learning about Metro Mobility might be interesting as I know we have some new readers. Readers from other cities sometimes email me to ask about it. Or if you live by me it might interest you if you or a loved one might need the service some day.

Take care and enjoy your Saturday.

Mary and Emma

Friday, July 10, 2009

Good suggestion

It was suggested I make sure nothing is wrong with my blood meter.

Good idea but I have more than one meter and the results have been the same on each of them


I am frustrated and weepy due to fluctuating blood sugars.

Emma again alerted me to low blood sugars. She would not leave me alone. She kept nudging me and carrying on like she does when she is doing "go get help".

When she did I realized how shakey I was and weak. Checked my blood sugar and yes it was too low AGAIN. She stayed close to me till all is normal and I am functioning okay again.

Now have you heard of a Helper Dog doing that???

I am frustrated as my own endrochrinologist is not available till Monday. Her partner was not much help (long story) and I have waited since Wed to talk to a Dr. The nurses though at least listened.

The issue is you can only lower the amount of insulin that I usually take very gradually or I will have even more problems. BUT The current amount is causing sugars to suddenly go way too low. Way too low.

So for the weekend I have to check it often and eat as needed to keep sugars okay. So far I am eating way more than normal to handle this and not feeling very good either. My own specialist will be available again on Monday.

I think Emma can read my body language. I know when it is high you can smell fruity and she will want to lick my skin.

It is all worrisome to me but they tell me at least it goes up (blood sugar level) with food like it should.

I will make sure to well docuement it all this weekend so I know what to tell the Dr on Monday. They are considering putting in an insulin pump for me for many reasons. I wonder why this problem suddenly arose. In 8 years I have only had a now and then low blood sugar where I could usually figure out why it happened.

I don't know if this is over reaction but when I sleep I am now setting an alarm so I wake up in a few hours or in the middle of the night to make sure it is not too low.

Life is sure never boring.

Mary and the Wonderful Dog Emma wish you a good weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emma Helps With Medical Needs

Hugs are so important. I love this picture of Rosa and older sister Sophia. Aren't they beautiful. I don't see Sophia as much because she is with her Daddy (my son is her step dad) but love them both.

Daily many of my hugs come from Emma!!! She gives hugs when she cuddles up next to me on the couch or on the bed. Sometimes she literally wraps her paws around my arms or legs as she lays in bed with me. She is so much comfort and support. Today Greg worked a long day so I really enjoyed her presence tonight.

We went to water exercise today and on Thursdays we often go to lunch. Today to El Lorrel my favorite Mexican Restuarant in Crystal MN. Emma was good at both places. We also went outside twice in the morning, after swimming and twice tonight. She has such a strong bladder we would not have to go out that often for her bathroom needs - I just like being outside. She likes exploring the backyard, playing with me or just resting watching the trees and birds like I do. I have a pretty backyard I think.

My problem past three days is low blood sugars. Today they said I had to go on a stricter meal schedule and they will help me also adapt the insulin. For months battling high sugars has been the issue - ever since Thanksgiving when I was on steroids for the breathing issues. This is very new to me though I have been diabetic for 8 years.

Now Emma is not like a seizure dog but she can tell when I get too low. i get shakey (it happened today after water exercise) and even more trouble functioning. A staff person came over to me at the YMCA. She actually noticed first that Emma seemed upset and then looked to me and wondered what was wrong. This happened Tuesday and then too Emma was concerned and both times even after I had sugar and was better Emma was like glue to me - closer than ever. I am not sure what a seizure dog does to alert the person but once I get shakey or weaker Emma does NOTICE. She is more attentive than ever.

One more reason why I treasure having Emma. No two - for hugs and to help pay attention when my sugars are low. I know she would go get help if i asked her to do so. It appears that even if I don't ask her behavior alerts others to something is wrong. She doesn't bark - she just appears concerned.

OCTOBER 7th we have been asked to do a demonstration for MS PATIENTS. I am hoping Judy and Liz can join us again this year. Claudia and Jan now have service dogs too. Maybe they will read this and join us? My email is

Off to bed

Emma and Mary


A volunteer at MS camp (for over 25 years) had a kidney transplant yesterday. Yes for those who know him it was Reggie!! He had kidney cancer years ago. Please pray for his recovery.

You may note after I see my granddaughters or do other fun things - some times I am too tired to write. I have to head to bed to rest and went to bed early too. Was it worth it - yep you bet. We had such fun at the pool. Sophia is a real fish in the water. Rosa went down the children's size water slide so many times. All by herself. Sophia of course could go down the big one. We had a blast.

Today I have water exercise. I am slow to get ready. Emma and I are going to go outside to wait for our ride. I will write more later.

Yeah Reggie...he is such a good person to so many. Thank God for the transplant.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sleepy Emma

Sometimes when Emma is sleepy she will stay partially upright and close her eyes. The other night she was actually in bed with us. She was between us (yes we don't mind) and had her head up with eyes closed. Her head kept bobbing as she was falling asleep. It was so funny. We kept saying "you are so tired Emma". I don't know if she didn't want to miss anything? Finally she moved to the bottom of the bed (by my feet) and snuggled into sleep.

Today she took a three hour nap with me. I didn't sleep well last night at all. We had been outside for a long time in the morning and afternoon. We also went to water exercise. We were both so sleepy.

My husband came home and I didn't even wake up to hear him. It was after dinner time too. I know for many people that would mean they wouldn't sleep well tonight. Emma and I will do fine - we will sleep hopefully tonight. My problem last night was neck and back pain. Mostly the neck. The water exercises helped more than any medication for pain.

Well I better go eat something - Emma will get to go out in the yard with me one more time also. The days are getting darker earlier already though. Might go swimming with Mike and his girls and Anna tomorrow. I hope so.

Take good care and enjoy summer,

Emma and Mary

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Win Twins

Rosa went to the Twins Game with her Daddy, Grandpa Greg, and Uncle Danny. She is helping Grandpa keep score.

Sadly neither Emma or I were at the game. I was at an open house my friend Judy had to celebrate her new home!! It was fun with lots of people in her one level town home. Most (but not all) were from our MS Water Exercise Class. Emma had to stay home because it is small and because her dog Petey is pretty protective of his home. Last time Emma was there it did not go well. Petey even was tied up in the house most the time because of people coming in and out (so he wouldn't wander outside).

Emma appeared to have a nice nap. i sat outside with her for a long time before I went. My friend Tonya and her daughter Mary Kate drove me home and stayed for pizza. We chatted away. My jaw should be sore from all the talking I did today ha ha.
I am very tired though it is just about 7:30 pm. Imagine that.

Next time they go to the Twins game I hope Emma and I will be there. Grandpa and Daddy said Rosa was perfect and they had lots of fun. We did watch part of the game at the party. My friend has a very big flat screen tv. I can't imagine having a tv so big. I would love the flat screen but it is out of my price range for sure. I am not complaining mine is fine for now.

Yes the Twins won. Yes Emma had a good day. Yes I had a good day - so what more can you ask for?

Here's hoping you had a good day on Sunday like we did. May your week go well.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July - Dan is Coming Over

The above is a butterfly house I made at camp a few years ago. We have milkweed and flowers growing in that garden. No butterflies yet but it looks cute. The milkweed are now blooming and as tall as the house. I was out watering plants and weeding a bit so thought I would post this photo.

My son Danny is coming over to see us today. Emma is happy and so are Greg and I. I don't think anyone else is coming over. We are making a roast on the grill. Doesn't that sound good. We are making making sandwiches, corn on the cob, salad and fruit too. Mostly we will enjoy the company. We just found out that for sure he is coming over.

The air is heavy and humid today. I couldn't be out to long as it impacted my breathing. Emma found where the rabbit nest was located. Remember last week we found a poor little rabbit that did not survive? It was about a foot from the nest which was then more hidden. The little guys today were so much bigger (in a weeks time) and now it is more evident where the rabbit hole is located. it is in the front yard and Emma and I won't go near it. The neighborhood has plenty of rabbits but we won't intefere with them.

OUR FREEDOMS - I can't help but think about the freedoms we have in our country. . . especially the ability to express our political views and to vote. I also am thinking about John Donahue a friend of the family who died in Vietnam and was buried around memorial day decades ago. It was the first time I knew someone who died in the war. I was in high school. I still think of him. I also think of Military men, women and their families. I can't truly imagine the courage it takes to fight for your country in a dangerous situation Where would we be without them?

I salute them. I thank those who work in the military so I can enjoy the freedoms of the United States. I don't take for granted our freedoms.

Happy 4th of July - let freedom ring.

Also Emma is handling the noise of the 4th of July well. I don't think there is as many fire workers or fire crackers as past years. Still last night there was some noise and she just cuddled up to me on the couch. She has enjoyed lots of time outside today but then needs lots of water. It is warm and humid.

Mary and Emma hope you have a good holiday.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Since the holiday weekend typically means time with family and friends I thought i would share this picture. Rosa with our friends Sammy and Joey. This was taken a few weekends ago when they all were here for dinner. Rosa just loved the boys. Even with the red eyes I thought it was adorable.

Emma and Greg and Anna and I are going out for awhile today. A trip to Bob's Produce for yummy fresh fruit and veggies will be one of our stops. We also will grab lunch and maybe a movie if my back is okay.

Emma loves being outside with us today. We watered and sat outside too. Off for some fun.

Have fun with friends and family this weekend.

Mary and Emma

holiday Weekend

Time to enjoy the holiday weekend!!

We do not have big plans. My children all have plans for the weekend. I am still trying to take care of my sore back. Greg does have three days off so that will be nice. Sunday I do have plans to go to a friends open house celebrating moving into her new home.

I will write more later. Nice weather today so that is good. Safe travels to those of you who travel. Take good care.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rosa Sings

On utube you can see my granddaughter sing her ABC's

In this picture I think Emma looks a bit nervous. Normally she is very comfortable now with Rosa's hugs and affection.

Wishing you hugs, Mary and Emma

Ouch A Sore Back

Oh my gosh my back hurts. Gosh I don't know for sure what I did. All I did was mis step.

We were home all day. My son Michael and Anna came over to check on me. Anna is doing laundry and staying for supper. Yum Yum Greg is making Walleye (spelling?), I have had to rest a lot and cancel plans to go anywhere but gosh I am in good hands.

Greg and Anna have made sure that Emma got outside. She is happy to crawl into bed with me a lot. Hoping to be up awhile in a chair tonight if I can be comfortable doing so.

I need to do my back exercises daily (once it isn't so acute) to help deal with this issue. I see the physical therapist next week also.

Yeah for my wonderful children. Greg tried to stay home from work a bit later to be sure the pain was under control. I am in good hands.

We hope to go to water exercise tomorrow as it is good for my back. I will be oh so gentle on my back if I go.