Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our First Day in Duluth


We arrived in Duluth after a very long ride through construction. One hour of stop and go mostly stopped traffic. I felt like an impatient little child wanted to plead "are we there yet?". It was unbelievable to me that it took us four hours to get her. Emma was a real trooper. The cutest dog (a golden) was in the lane next to us most the way. He had his head out the window and looked so cute. Emma just looked around and waited much more patiently than I did.

Emma is always tired after a drive as she won't lie down. But gosh was she excited that our first stop was the beach where my brother will be married on Saturday. She was so excited that we let her go right into the water. I had shorts on so waded. There were young kids there that asked to play with her. They would try to pet her and she would shake water all over them. they shrieked and giggled in joy. I did not have my camera as I did not expect such an awesome event for Emma. We used the flexi on her as i was not sure how far out she would go. She was unable to go very deep.

She seemed to prance through the water like she does in the snow. Once done she eagerly followed us to the sand. She immediately dove into it and rolled herself into it. Oh my gosh she was covered in sand. That earned her another trip into the water!! It was so fun to be with her. We did not have swim suits on but hope on our days here that maybe we can find a spot where we will also go in with her? The second time out of the lake we held her on a closer leash and she did not get to roll in the sand. It made it much easier to clean her off and get her into the car.

The hotel has a huge king size bed. Emma loves it. Greg and I feel like we are sleeping miles away from each other.
By this time Greg wanted a nap. I had slept in the car a bit so Emma and I headed outside. Our hotel is on lake superior sp Emma and I headed outside. We found a bench and people watched. Emma had to get use to the dogs walking by. There is a board walk there that goes from canal park up and around the lake. And then if that wasn't enough for her to deal with, there were lots of horse drawn carriages.

Horses excite Emma. She doesn't see them often but when she does she reacts normally with a small bark and body posture that seems threatened? I am not sure I am describing it correctly. Well the first one I just assured her it was okay and the wonderful Emma ignored the rest. We were out there about 90 minutes and she was just fantastic watching people, dogs, and horses go by.

The funny thing is little dogs seem to cause Emma to react more than ones who are her size or bigger. Well as we were getting ready to find Greg a very tiny dog went by. It was smaller than most cats, very short haired, and pointy ears. I had no idea what type it was. Emma got all startled by it and woofed a bit. Such a little dog...

We got the scooter and went with Greg a few blocks away to dinner. Relaxing and tasty dinner. So nice to get away from the distractions at home. Then we went for a long walk. Down to Canal park (for those who know the area) around and up the board walk to our hotel. Emma was well behaved. There were a lot of people with dogs out and she didn't mind one bit.
What a great way to end the day.

Believe it or not I was in bed by 9:00. Greg ran out to get a few items we needed at the store and came back to me sound asleep. I rallied enough to talk a bit with him and watch the Twins Game but soon was back to sleep again. The good thing is I woke up early and enjoyed our view of the lake.

Today is Sat and my brother get's married on the beach. There is a chance of rain but now it is a bit cool but sunny. I hope it stays sunny for them.

We got up very early. It is 9 am and already I am taking a short nap. Greg asked me my goal for today - to feel good and be at my brother's's thant simple.

We have already had breakfast and walked. Emma and Greg are snoozing and i will join them...hope your day goes well.

Mary a nd Emma

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