Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Silly Day

Went to diabetic educator appt - oops I had wrong time off by an hour.
Had to reschedule for next week.

Oh great than Greg will drive me to water exercise
He pulls away
oops I forgot my swim suit
He picks me up again

Off to pay the mechanic
for car repairs
oops he is not there

Home for a nap
Need to get ready for trip to Duluth and up the noth shore

oops MS Doctors office calls
I have an appointment scheduled for when I will be gone
A phone call, wait time but rescheduled

need to schedule colonoscopy
dr wants it soon
only opening that works for Greg
is the day after my birthday
that means clear liquids for my birthday

That's okay family birthday party is not on that day anyway

Still packing for the trip
And tidying up the house a bit.

Emma is doing just great
I am sure she will like the new sights and smells.

My brother's wedding is Saturday
We can't wait
Hope it doesn't rain on their plans
Hope it is an awesome day for them

top on my to do list
was to make sure I had food, flexi, treats, brush
for Emma

It should be great fun
Have a good Friday and Weekend

Mary and Emma

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