Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ready for Bed

It is just a bit after 10 pm here.

We are ready for bed. We had a fun surprise today. My son Michael and his daughter Rosa came over. Rosa is sleeping over and will be with me tomorrow. Yeah. She is such fun. Emma and I did nap though as I was so tired. She gardened and went briefly in the sprinkler...then played indoors with me. We all ate supper together (Tia too)... after we played, colored, read books and watched Dora before bed.

TIA is a doula. That means she helps comfort and coach a woman having a baby. she had spent over 20 hours at the hospital but the mother did not have the baby yet. Mother nature isn't as cooperative as they would like. So she came here to eat and home for a nap. i guess they are trying medications around midnight to see if things pick up. There is a chance the mother will have a C section tomorrow if things don' t happen. I feel for the mother and father though she is not in discomfort Tia said.
I am so proud of Tia doing that for others.

Rosa has been a doll all day. She is so cute.

Sleep tight my dear Rosa.
She is great with Emma so Emma enjoyed the day also.
Sleep tight Emma.

I thought we just would be home today -- what a great surprise.

Thoughts and prayers for the mommy and her baby and Tia....Mary and Emma

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