Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Dog Who Wants to Swim

Today we hung out at the hotel in Duluth till almost noon.

We were at the water and around Lake Superior but not a location where she could swim. Monday we will try to have her swim again.

Saturday - the wedding was awesome. The beach was closed though and boy did she want to swim. The wedding ceremony and the condition of the water meant she should not swim. She layed on a beach towel and was perfect for us.
She attended the wedding. Then we napped during photos. Later we gathered at the bride and groom's condo which overlooked the lake but again no swim area for Emma.

Sund ay - We were in Duluth in the morning and later headed up the North Shore Scenic Drive. We stopped at Gooseberry Falls and found one paved path worked with my scooter. But Emma could not go in the rushing water by the upper falls. Our travels took us to various places. At dinner we ended up in Grand Maris at a restuarant on the lake. The Angry Trout. Emma layed under the table watching the water, fish jumping, and wishing she could go in. We sat outside there.

Well Emma it got later, cooler, and we are now at our motel. No access to the shore but a great Deck overlooking Lake Superior. It is called Clif Dwelling in Letsen. Emma is tuckered out. We plan to be on the deck till dark when we can gaze at the stars.
YES we will be exploring nature tomorrow and have ideas on where take Emma where she can at least get her feet wet.

Having a Good time...Mary and Greg

Please keep praying for my friend Judy - she is still sick and they are searching for answers to her problems.

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