Sunday, July 5, 2009

Win Twins

Rosa went to the Twins Game with her Daddy, Grandpa Greg, and Uncle Danny. She is helping Grandpa keep score.

Sadly neither Emma or I were at the game. I was at an open house my friend Judy had to celebrate her new home!! It was fun with lots of people in her one level town home. Most (but not all) were from our MS Water Exercise Class. Emma had to stay home because it is small and because her dog Petey is pretty protective of his home. Last time Emma was there it did not go well. Petey even was tied up in the house most the time because of people coming in and out (so he wouldn't wander outside).

Emma appeared to have a nice nap. i sat outside with her for a long time before I went. My friend Tonya and her daughter Mary Kate drove me home and stayed for pizza. We chatted away. My jaw should be sore from all the talking I did today ha ha.
I am very tired though it is just about 7:30 pm. Imagine that.

Next time they go to the Twins game I hope Emma and I will be there. Grandpa and Daddy said Rosa was perfect and they had lots of fun. We did watch part of the game at the party. My friend has a very big flat screen tv. I can't imagine having a tv so big. I would love the flat screen but it is out of my price range for sure. I am not complaining mine is fine for now.

Yes the Twins won. Yes Emma had a good day. Yes I had a good day - so what more can you ask for?

Here's hoping you had a good day on Sunday like we did. May your week go well.

Mary and Emma

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