Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emma In Bed

Emma loves sleeping in a bed. I don't think Helping Paws trains them to sleep in a bed so the owner can decide. Well it was only days before Emma figured out it was wonderful that I welcomed her in bed with me for naps. Then we let her sleep at my feet at bedtime. She keeps my feet warm. Now there are times she might wiggle inbetween Greg and i. Greg doesn't mind.

Now she is the "back to bed dog". I might have told you that before? Sometimes Greg gets up much earlier than I do and feeds Emma. Then he takes her outside. On those days she hikes right back to bed with me. Okay I do get up with her many days but sometimes we then take a short am nap.

She is always a dog that is thrilled when we nap. Today she leaped into bed with me for a nap.

When we are in a hotel (like the picture above) she loves to check out the bed. This was when we went to Door County last year. It was a king size bed I think. Then she really likes the room in the bed. She is funny.

She does have a bed next to my side of the bed on the floor. But she uses that less and less. She will obey though if I say "off" and will go to her bed. She is just a living breathing stuffed animal in bed with us. When we go to bed before Greg she hogs a lot of the empty space. Once Greg comes in she knows she has to move. If he is gone for the night (not often) then she really enjoys spreading out.

I just think she is so cute.

Today we went to the Dr that specializes in caring for my diabetes. Emma was just wonderful. She just looked so darn cute. Everyone in the waiting room was admiring her and asking questions. We did like a mini demonstration talking about her role in my life.

Off to a meeting tonight. More later. Mary and Emma

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Day At Home

We were at home today. We napped, went outside to enjoy the weather and did laundry. Not a very exciting day but not a bad day either.

Now we are off to bed a bit after 9 pm. Will write more tomorrow.

Wishing you a good day. I need to write before I am so sleepy.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Emma Leave It

Thank you HELPING PAWS for teaching Emma to leave it.
We were in our front yard with Emma. She was smelling something and it made noise like it was a baby bird?
We said leave it and I got Emma to move back with me away from it.
Greg found in the grass the littlest creature.
At first he couldn't even tell what it was but we think a baby rabbit.
Mommy rabbit came right in the yard watching us.

We went in the house so mommy could tend to baby.
My neighbor was talking to me so she looked to.
It was just so little and if not for the bunny in the yard we might not have guessed what it was.

Now we know why the Momma Bunny has been in our yard so much around that spot.
We didn't see a nest though - could it have been moved there and move a bit in the grass a bit?

One might argue our yard most certainly gets enough rabbits
All the neighbors agree we get many and they can get in our gardens
But still the little rabbit is so tiny

Thank you Emma for leaving it.
Thank you for obediently moving away from it and in the house.

My neighbor was so impressed.
Her dog Tobby (now deceased) would never had let it be she said.
Emma you are super.

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just disregard the first line of the blog post below. I emailed a copy of the blog to my children who don't read my blog. Sometimes they kid me if I send forwards to them. I maintain I don't very often.

Coping By Singing In the Rain

This is a blog post from Sat the 27th. I know you don't read my blog but I thought this may or may not interest you. Better than stupid forwards I sometimes send to you.

What Singing In The Rain MEans to Emma and I

Singing in the Rain twice this week. Okay I wasn't actually "in" the rain either time. Last night it rained and thundered. Emma did not seem to mind this time. Sometimes she has to be reassured that all is okay and keeps nudging me. We were up a bit during part of it and then like most nights she crawled in bed with us. We needed the rain and already my grass in the back (we don't water there) looks so much better. Mowed and green. I even opened the window to hear the rain. Have needed airconditioning at night most times.

Singing in the Rain the Play at the Ordway was awesome. Yes they really had water come down like rain and they danced in puddles too. How do they do that and not slip. It was very amazing to me. Pretty cute in intermission they had to put up the curtain and get rid of all that water. They had things like shop vacs but also looked like they were pushing water into a gutter type thing around the front of the stage. I am not fully certain as I was sitting in the balcony but the seats were great.

If only life were as easy as it seems in the movies with happy endings and lasting love. It was refreshing to see an older movie play (or was it a play first? I don't know)

"IT'S OKAY EMMA" is something I say to her often. I think now it really makes her calm down?! I say it if she is on alert like something is wrong and all it okay. Here are examples:

-at the pool she stands up if something seems not right. For example one time there were kids in the pool in the deep ending yelling and jumping off the the diving board, and being a bit too loud considering we had class. Yes the lifegaurd had a talk with the boys but I had to walk over in the pool so I was closer to Emma who was standing and looked alarmed and say it is okay. Or if she thinks I need help in the pool or other things - it happens once in awhile. I just walk over so I am closer to her (most times I can stay in the pool) and say its okay. My friends are amazed at her change in body language and then she lays down and rests.

-if something strikes her attention in the yard, out in public if a stranger gets to close to me and she thinks I look threatened she will show me by body language and/or nudge me and I say it's okay. Sometimes it is when she sees another dog in public.

-if I cry. Like at the movie my sister's keeper or at home. Emma will look at me as if to say "are you okay? how can I help".
At home she will cuddle next to me and I will also pet her while saying "It's okay Emma". At the movie I just put my hand down to pet her a bit and said it's okay Emma.

-Believe me it come in handy. I don't know if it is like a cue/command to her almost or how the trainers would view my observation. I do think Emma know what it means.

IT'S Okay Mary

I think Emma says that to me too. When I cry, when I am anxious, when I am in pain due to MS, when I feel depressed or discouraged - her presence in so many ways calms me. She reassures me. It is as if she can say to me "IT"S OKAY MARY" without any words. She can help me with a task, just look at me lovingly or snuggle. It means so much to me I am shedding tears as I write this. It is one of the reasons a service dog like Emma can change your life. I have my wonderful family of course but Emma is there 24/7/

So maybe by saying "IT"S OKAY to one another we are saying - It's raining but let's sing in the rain. Whether we want the rain or not.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Greg went to get the batteries for the scooter. He needed the model type and the "mileage". Oh now what? He kept saying yes insurance won't cover it without the exact mileage!!!! I did get the additional model type he needed off the scooter and it was more detailed than just the brand of scooter I had reported. So I called him back and said the info he needed - then even after racking my brain I couldn't think of mileage? So I said can't they just guess?

He said Guess what you just gave me the model info that is all I needed. I guess something was wrong with my ears today.

Also yesterday talked of saving money and now paying to mow - but I did figure out another expense I could eliminate to pay for the mowing.

Nope you don't have to keep track of mileage on your scooter folks - who knew?

The Grass is Cut and Green on this side of the Fence

A New Stress Reliever in my life...we are paying someone to mow.

Greg is stressed at work. Trying to mow before work or after (he sometimes work nights) has been so tough - especially with it too hot and humid at times to mow - or raining at the wrong time. Couldn't find a neighbor kid and who knew? We found a yard service that is so cheap. Good thing for Greg as he has more and more to do at work and here due to my limitations.

Good for me because I get concerned about how much is going on in life and what I can't do anymore to help. Yes indeed I liked mowing and did it even with MS. Problem is it got so when I mowed I would nap Yes 5 hours after I would be so wiped even with breaks. Tried to mow just a bit at a time but then in heat I can't walk well. Now I am too weak in my arms to push a mower, to wobbly to walk etc etc. No kids at home to mow so this is it.

This was hard for Greg due to the money (we thought it would be more expensive) and because he feels it is his "job" to do outside work and he needs the exercise. For now we are trying that solution.

ABOUT EMMA - With a service dog you at times need to go back and review what they learned sometimes. Like in a skill you don't use often. Other times when they stop being enthusiastic you might have to reinforce more with both verbal praise, physical contact, training treats or a combination of these.

Well I knew i wanted to go to a movie today with friends. Lately I have had trouble when out to get Emma to go to the bathroom on command. Here is why (I think)

1. She is a very routine person so most times she goes at specific times in our yard.
2. So there isn't that often she needs to go in public.
3. So I think I stopped saying it very often.

So yeah for going back a step. Now I am saying go now and treating at home and yep it worked great before the movie.
I don't think everytime she goes out I will need to do that in the yard (that seems to be automatic) but I will do it some.
Like yesterday I did NOT take her in the backyard to go potty in am time. I went to front yard as we went to get into the car and said "better go now" and then treated and praised her.

Sue K at Helping Paws taught me long ago that when you have problems with a behavior - back step reteach if necessary and reinforce more. Sounds simple but Emma is so good to do so much of her behaviors daily without treats very often that I think I sometimes find different cues (commands) that I need to pay more attention to.

She was great through the movie My Sister's Keeping but looked up once as I was almost sobbing. I had read the book and seeing it on screen seemed so much more emotional. One of the ladies we went with had not read the book and commented that the six of us who read the book were sobbing at the first scene. She kept wondering what all was going to happen if we were crying so hard.

Like all movies the book shows the depth of the story more. I recommend the book and the movie to all. Bring some tissue though. We left the theater puffy eyed. The acting was superb we thought.

Time to feed Emma supper and do some finishing touches on our supper. Greg might be home by 6 tonight and yeah got off early enough to do some grocery shopping. He will be glad to have that done. The lawn is mowed. Maybe he will relax tonight. Plenty of projects for Sat and he works Sunday but I am not sure how many hours yet.

Thanks for reading the long note. Mary


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Money Saved

Two Money Saving Events - one might help out others

Electric Scooter - Due to MS I have an electric scooter. Paid for in part by medical insurance years ago. Last time the batteries needed replacement I was told by insurance they don't cover that and paid over $300 for them. This time through the MS Society staff I learned IF your insurance paid for your scooter they normally cover all or part of the batteries. So this time I was more assertive with insurance and a woman did some research and yes batteries are covered at medical supply stores which they work with. A bit more telephone work and I found one in my area. I have reached the out of pocket maximum for the year (which for the plan I am on in july starting new) so if I get it tomorrow we will get them at no more cost (I pay plenty for insurance). I am on Greg's plan and medicare. Not sure if medicare would have same benefit. It is due to medications and other reasons that i stay on Greg's plan too.

Car Problems - Do you have a mechanic like this? We called and he came to our house rather than have us pay for a tow to his work place (his own business). He brought the thing to read by computer what is wrong (diagnostic). It was the battery (he said some are frying in this hot humid series of days this year). He had brought us a new one (we didn't expect this) and got it in and started. His business is also in Maple Grove but gosh I call this service. His prices are much cheaper also than like Goodyear etc.

Okay that is money saved. We are trying to save every penny (aren't we all) for bills but also we plan to go to Duluth for my Brother's small wedding on the shore of Lake Superior. We want to stay a few nights if we can afford it. Money is so tight for us like so many. Keep praying that my son and daughter find work.

Off to water exercise.

Tonight Emma and Greg will be home. Jan is taking me to the Ordway to see Singing in the Rain (her present to me). Because of where the seats are we think Emma will be more comfy at home. She has been to the Ordway before though several times.

Hope you find a surprise in money saved soon - we all can use that.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Medical Day?

Hi to All,

Rosa (my granddaughter) slept over and boy does she wake up like a ray of sunshine. She is so alert and happy. This time we had to wake her in order to get to a doctor's office for some lab tests I needed. She was so cheery and happy. She slept just great here last night. I think her first time without big sister Sophia also with her. She was fun.

We played dinosaurs, barbi's (the girls she calls them) with their play car (she reminds them to the seatbelts on and yep it does have them). We sang, we rocked, we read books. Grandpa also played and read books too. She got lots of attention from both of us. Today at the medical appointment she read more books with Grandpa.

Later we waited while Grandpa went to the doctor. Greg was happy to hear no surgery should be done on his shoulder but still trying to cope with the pain and being more careful about using that shoulder. The doctor had some suggestions. Then home to Grandma Mary's house to play. Emma (my service dog) was of course with the whole time.

To top it all off I had a dental appointment. I had both a cleaning and a crown started. My son took me and Grandpa Greg watched Rosa and Sophia. What a big medical day.

The bummer was later our car would not start and jumping it did not help. We only have one car now since I don't drive much at all due to MS. First time that has happened - car trouble and no spare car. Our kids have cars but no extras among them either. Hopefully the problem won't be too expensive?

Then tonight I took Emma out for a walk with the scooter. Lately when we go I noticed the battery charge does not last so long. Well this time it had been fully charged and it ran down so fast we barely got home okay. Time for new batteries for that I think. Not a good day for the wheels in our family.

Emma likes having the granddaughters here and also getting outside with me. Tonight it was so much cooler than the past humid hot hot days that I sure felt bad we couldn't walk further. She still got some extra exercise and had fun outdoors today.

This was a day I appreciated my family and my granddaughters especially. It also was another wonderful day with Emma who is at my side day and night no matter what the routine.

The funny thing is she really really likes my counselor who "we" see . He is a big dog lover. Emma's tail just wags when we get out of the car there. It is a place where my heart feels lighter so she likely picks up on my mood. I let him pet and greet her. She has an exact spot where she lays every single time we go. I just think it is interesting how her tail wags there while we wait in the waiting area and before the session as she finds her spot to settle in. He rarely has a treat for her as his dog sometimes comes to his office. Boy she loves to smell the carpet if his dog has been there but it is not that often.
Once he had his dog there on a day when Emma came in. HIS dog did not want to share that small space and had to be put into his partners office. So now he makes sure his dog is not there the days I have an appt.

Let's hope tomorrow I can report two things - my car is working (most important) and that my medical insurance will help pay for the batteries to my scooter. . . some plans do I guess.

Wishing you a day with no car problems and love from family .

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Rosa is sleeping overnight. Tonya came over after driving us home from water exercise. We are fine but busy. Will write more tomorrow. It is very hot here. Rain was predicted but none in sight for here. I am off to take Emma outside.

Hope your day goes well.
Mary and Emma

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Happy Father's Day

The kids were here most the day. The water heater is in and we also enjoyed time with each other. I will write more tomorrow. We are so grateful for Greg's skill and the kid's help today. Emma enjoyed lots of attention. More tomorrow.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sat night

Oh I enjoyed the Open House but I sat in the Sun without sunscreen. The breeze made it nice. I look like a lobster where the sun hit me. Amazing I made it in the sun with MS. I was enjoying visiting with relatives.

Emma stayed home due to their dogs. One is not good with other dogs. Emma did just fine and i gave her lots of TLC when I got home.

The water heater installation is a mess. Yeah I think some of our kids are coming to help out. I have a wet wet laundry room as it was not fully drained as it appeared to be when Greg tried to move it. Even some on the carpeted hallway. The old one (no surprise to me) he couldn't get outside alone. The kids will have to help him move it out and the new one in. We have only very cold water but heated water on the stove to do dishes. We are saving over 300 installing it ourselves and hope it goes smoothly or at least better tomorrow. I obviously am no help.

Emma and I are off to bed. Happy Father's Day to all Father;s. Judy tell Steve thanks for being a Foster Dad to Emma when she lived at your house. Emma likes Greg but when he says time to go to the "car" she will not go to the door to be dressed for him. She insists that I be at her side and only then will she let him help with the dressing. Normally I do it anyway. Sometimes to save time he will want to get her ready for me. Nope she wants me and I love that fact.

Some rain for tomorrow later in the day. My flowers need it.

Happy Father's Day - Emma and Mary


We have chores to do here and then an open house to go to for two nephews graduation. Nice weather but a bit warm. I shouldn't complain as I have air conditioning in the house and do enjoy the outdoors. It will be fun to see relatives and I can handle the heat for awhile i think.

We slept in a bit later than normal and are slow in getting going. Last nite Michael came over with Rosa and boy was that fun for us. There dog Lily came over also. Rosa and I played playdough, colored, she played with her little house and play figures, she had a messy dairy queen treat so I gave her a bath. she modeled the new pajamas I had bought her (too cute) and gave us a little musical show too. she likes to sing for us. Tuesday she will stay overnight. Sunday I will see her and all my kids for Father's Day.

Greg is hoping to install a water heater and the old one is still draining. I should have taken a shower before the hot water was turned off - I forgot we would be going out to see family today. Emma has enjoyed a few trips outside already. We will be gone during her "nap time" so she seems to be catching a few zzzs. Soon she will be helping me with chores around the house. I have some picking up to do and a bit of laundry to fold (seems like I always have laundry right?)

We are doing just fine. The open house if on the Weinand side of the family and we haven't seen them for awhile so that will be nice. Greg would rather not have to interupt the installing a water heater project but has no choice. He has a sore shoulder that he had a MRI for yesterday. Michael helped him bring the new water heater in yesterday. He will have more help again tomorrow if needed.

Hope you have a nice weekend. don't worry if I don't write on Father's Day - things will be busy here. Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend and Happy Father's Day. Thanks for the nice emails I have received recently too.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thurs Plans

It is Thursday morning. Emma and I are up and rolling a bit late. Believe it or not she slept till after 8:30 though she normally eats at 7 am. My husband works late so he left a bit later than normal - so all in all it has been a slow morning. We leave in a bit over an hour for water exercise.

On thursday's we normally go out to lunch - nothing fancy but that is fun. It will be later as class is at noon now. So our nap will be later too. I don't have to make dinner. Greg grilled last night. with just two of us, we always grill two meals at once. So we are set for the next day. It works out great.

You hear me talk about water exercise class but it is so much more than just using our muscles. That for sure is good for us, especially because the water enables to do things we could not do on land!! We also chat a lot both before, during, and after class. We laugh, we share stories about our families, and we are moral support. We are a support group to one another. I have gone for about 8 years. Can you believe that??? But I wouldn't miss it.

Some have been in the class even more years. Several about the same as I have. It is a big part of my social life during the week, I feel better when I go (twice a week) and I wouldn't miss it. So often we go and someone might say "I hurt so bad (or felt so tired) I didn;t want to get out of bed today. But now I am glad I did". Water exercise helps MS but gets your mind of it and gets you up and going. A man with severe neuropathy is also in our class and has the same comments. We also have had people with bad arthritis who say the same thing. You have to have MS or be a member of the YMCA to be in our class.

Fortunately for us you do NOT have to be a member if you have MS and want to be in the class. This makes it much cheaper for us. I wish I was a member and went more often but that just doesn't work out for me since I don't drive.

So I better do a bit around here and then I am off. Emma and I are going outside again. I always take her out early before our ride comes...we both like that.

I hope to write more later. Trying to find where I put my card reader so I can download some pictures. I don't know why I can't seem to always put it in the same place to make it easier to find. I am silly about that.

Have a good day. May you have friends to support you - Emma and Mary

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yeah She Went Potty

Picture this - I do have privacy in my back yard for the most part. One neighbor can see but lights were out. After 11 pm I was out in my night gown and robe with Emma. IT was drippy but not rainy much. I coaxed her into going off the patio and into the grass ( a step she wouldn''t take all day on Tuesday). finally she after much praise went potty. The cue is BETTER GO NOW BUT THIS TIME IT INCLUDED COME ON GOOD GIRL. So we went to bed with a dog who had not gone potty for over 14 hours. No she did not wake us because she finally went.

Happy to report Wed am all was usual. She ate breakfast and went outdoors with Greg and both potty and poop her routine,,,She usually goes on schedule each day pretty predictable. But if it rains or we get too busy she will go unbelievably long without going potty!! Can that be good for them? I am asking the vet next time I go in.

We have had a nice surprise. Greg came home for a few hours before his night meeting today. We will enjoy that.
Hope your day has nice surprises.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Now What

10 pm ( I want to go to bed) and Emma still will not go outside to go to the bathroom. She has never ever gone to the bathroom inside. I suppose she will wake myself or my husband when she has to go out. I can't imagine her waiting till morning??

Rainy Night - Emma no likes

After a cloudy day it is raining tonight. We need it. Emma however has gone incredibly long without going potty. I even walked out in the rain with her (rather than stand at the door or under an umbrella). she looked at me like I was nuts (it was only a light rain at that point) and refused to even try to go to the bathroom. I will have to watch the rain and see if she will go out when it lets up. Honestly when she wants to she can go so long without going to the bathroom. I guess Michurski's would call her the camel dog.

I can't seem to locate where I put my card reader to down load pictures from my camera. I need to take more of Emma anyway. Sorry folks. We are so set in our routine I do not remember to take photos. She is always adorable and so fun to be with.

today we went to water exercise. It now starts at noon. We get picked up at about 11:15. At an entire hour later you would think I would get a chore or two done before we left but I did not. Today we did go to Bruegers for lunch and talked up a storm. We got home in time to handle a few phone calls. Then we took a late nap (after going outside) and gosh now it is after 7 and I still have barely gotten anything done. Greg is working late so not home yet.

Emma does not judge me. She just snuggles up to me if I sleep/nap, we watch tv, I read a book, or at my feet if I use the computer. I think I am addicted to playing scrabble on the computer with a friend (Hi Suzan and service dog Logan - she almost always beats me but I just won her by only 14 ponts - whew). I have a few other computer games. I pick up ( with Emma's help) and time just flies by.

When my children were small I worked so much harder. I managed time better. For seven years I even managed daycare in my home and my own kids busy school activities, summer activities, volunteered at church etc. So I blame MS for being slower now but wonder if part is also age? part learning how to relax? In those days I never watched tv unless I was also doing dishes, laundry, or multi tasking in some way. I even managed graduate school during those years (I loved school).

I guess Emma is really not minding the rainy night as she snuggles in. I am going to finish those dishes and I have just one load of laundry to get ready. If i don't do it tonight I will do it in the morning! I think Greg's mtg goes till 8 so should here from him about what time he expects to be home unless things go later than planned.

Ooops the rain has slowed up - I will see if she wants to go outside to go to the bathroom. If not I will wait till she asks to go outside. Someone asked me at swimming how I know if she wants to go to the bathroom...she is on a pretty regular schedule. At bedtime or if she has to go extra times, she comes over and I can read her body language. If that doesn't work she puts her paw in my lap and pleads with her eyes. Both my husband and I can tell when she wants to go out but like I said she has a pretty predictable schedule so that makes it very easy for us.

Let me know if there are things you want to know about a service dog. I worry we are getting boring. You can reach me at maw40@comcast.net Please please no spam and no business solicietations

Tuesday Am

I guess I should blog earlier in the day. Monday I was so tired and just couldn't get to blogging before I went to bed. I think others with MS sometimes have this trouble - needing naps and/or going to bed early. It is like our energy gets used up too fast on this and that or seems just gone for the day.

We are off to water exercise this morning. Later we will have to water flowers. I hope to down load some pictures for you from my gardens today? i have pink, white, red roses blooming. One plant is truly taller than I am and full of pink blooms. Even when trimmed back in fall it grows very full and tall. We love it and so does our neighbor.

We have been outside a lot the past few days. It did get pretty warm in the 80's for me so we also have the ac on indoors. We get out in the shade, and in the earlier and later hours of the day so I can handle the heat.

Greg works tonight so I should be able to write about our day tonight. Hope you have a good day.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Weekend

Saturday was so beautiful that we were outside a lot. We played and then parked ourselves in the shade where there was a cool breeze. Greg was working on the yard and in the garage so we chatted with him. I didn't accomplish much but have to enjoy the weather. When it is hotter it is often a challenege for those of us with MS.

We also went to an Open House for a new graduate. We met nice people there and I think my friends appreciated our presence.
I hope to write more later. We are doing okay.

Mary and Emma

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Friday

I am writing early so I don't get too tired out to write at night.

We will enjoy the morning outside and then off to a movie and late lunch (early dinner?). We will keep the meal simple and cheap but fun with friends.

Yesterday we went to the potluck with friends from the MS swim. It was casual and enjoyable. Emma stayed at home as I knew she had an "outdoor dog" that normally wanders in and out of the garage where she had planned for us to eat. Her dog stayed mostly on the deck but i still think it was for the best. Her dog is a very big lab and not really trained at all. He is a hunting dog I guess but didn't seem to mind her commands. Cute dog though. She lives a very short distance from here so Emma was alone only a few hours. She did fine.

Emma will be with me today. It is so nice out I could spend the entire day outside in the shade but made these plans with friends.

I will try to write more later - I just want you to know all is well with us....Hope you have a good day...Mary and Emma

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wed Smiles for You

Today flew by and included a big nap. The sun peeked out of the clouds a bit - yeah but temps were still on the cool side for June. Emma doesn't mind. she loves time outdoors like most dogs I suppose. We did a few errands with my friend Jan and had a simple nap. Home for a nap. Then dinner and another few errands with my husband. We are tired and now ready for bed. I think tomorrow will be warmer again and maybe sun?

The MS water exercise group is having a pot luck at one of the member's house tomorrow. She is having us in her garage and I hope it is not to cool. She had a nice deck but likes to gather in her very large garage with tables. I don't think she has enough room for us to sit inside. Greg is being a sweetheart and cutting up some melons for me to take with to the event. It should be fun for all. There is no swimmming this week as they are cleaning the pool, draining it and doing some drain work.

It was fun to see Jan. She is heading to Puerto Rico for a wedding next week. She is the best friend ever. I met her while teaching at St. John's in Excelsior. We just hit it off almost immediately. We have a lot in common. She is still a teacher but at a different school.

You may have seen this photo before but it makes me smile.
Have a Happy Day - Mary and Emma

Emma is ready to go outside again and the head to bed with me.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emma Makes Friends

When we go out and about Emma often makes new friends. this picture was taken (and used with permission) a few years ago at Barnes and Noble. Emma made a friend and demonstrated holding a purse.

I feel bad that due to my varying health and not driving we don't do demonstrations for Helping Paws. I do think that in public at least we are good ambassadors for the organization. We also often take time to talk to those who ask about service dogs. Very often I have the time to chat a few minutes, answer questions, and then often Emma can demonstrate some skills.

It all depends on the situation but Greg often likes to join in and share how much it helps him to know I have Emma to keep me company, come get him if I need him and just in general. I guess in that way we make some contribution to Helping Paws. I know we meet a lot of kind people (both children and adults) who are curious about service dogs.

It is fun to hear that some contribute financially or volunteer for Helping Paws or have heard of the organization. I like to tell them the website (helpingpaws.org) in case they want to learn more. Emma usually rises to the occasion and shows good behavior.

Yesterday however she surprised me. We were at slumber land where we bought a lamp with a gift card. I had dropped the cane when standing at the counter. Not unusual for me to loose my grib and I thought Emma would easily get it for me. I told her to get it and yes she got her nose down there but got distracted by a smell in the carpet. Then I insisted she try again - guess what she did she went over and laid down on top of the cane like she wanted to sleep. I mean ON the cane - how comfortable can that be? Never is my time with her as she done this. It was hard not to laugh she looked so proud of herself.

We finally got the cane but gosh she can be stubborn sometimes. She continues to be very good at getting the leash when alone with me - but if others are around you never know. She waits it out to see if they will get the leash instead. Even with my friends (who know better) they will reach for the cane, the leash, the purse - all the things Emma can do for me - sometimes I need to remind the humans to let Emma do what she can for me.

More and more people are aware that you don't pet working dogs. i see the difference since I first had her in my life. My favorite is those daytime trips when little ones are out with mom shopping and like to see the dog. I encourage them to wave to Emma and that brings lots of smiles.

Thanks again to my cousin Karen who alerted me that it looked like I hadn't blog for a week. I just can't figure out why that happened when I was writing away...to no one??? Some of the days I had a cold and lung problems so did not write much...anyway we are doing okay.

Today we went to the movie "My Life in Ruins" it was beautiful sceneary of Greece but the movie was just okay. A good thing to do though on a grey day. We are waiting for more sun and warmer temps. We could use more rain for the plants/grass but more sun for the spirits of humans and dogs.

Hope you don't mind that I posted a few times today..Mary

I have blogged but some how it saved but did not show up. I can't figure out how to retrieve it though. Monday we had a happy day with Becky Sue. I had been home a lot due to a cold and breathing problems. Getting out of the house was good medicine. This is a picture of Becky with her sisters-in-laws. She is a sweet heart and we felt fortunate to do a few errands with her. i came home with badly needed new sheets and a comforter that we found on clearance. A big lift for my spirits.

Emma has been doing well. i will write more later. I am hoping this works.

have a good day - mary and Emma

Blog Problems

I have been blogging with pictures but heard from readers it is not showing up on their computers. I am trying to see if this one works or not. I am okay. Looks like some how it is saving but not publishing my posts. ugh I need one of my computer geek children home to help me out.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anna is here today - yeah for Emma and Mary

Obviously this is not Emma. It is my grand dog Lily and Sophia and my daughter Anna. I love this picture of them and you may have seen it before. I also love that they have so much fun in my yard. A weeping willow in the fall provides fine material to weave for a nature crown.

Anna is here today and overnight. Hurray for me. She is helping with yet more planting. It is a great night. I love time with my children. It is brightening my day.

Emma likes the extra attention and playmate. Anna is so good with Emma. Emma and I went to swimming and then to see a friends new one level condo. The friend had a dog who though smaller American Eskimo got a bit agressive with Emma though Emma was on a leash and being good. We calmed both dogs down and then the visit went fine. Petey the other dog sat on my friend's lap and Emma rested under a table - both on leashes. It surprised me to have the dog get so upset but it was okay in a few minutes.

We did not stay long so we could get a nap in. I had trouble sleeping but did rest. I am having a terrible time with MS pain so willl call the Doctor again tomorrow. I am guessing they will adjust medication like they did before. I also did stretches to see if that would help me out.

Today was a better day for my spirits.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Chasing Away the Blues

Are you kidding me? I got an invite for a fund raiser for a cruise on Lake Minnetonka for $90 per person. Of course that is out of my price range. It is a political thing. I was a little person who could make some phone calls not a rich person. In this economy especially I am so worried about money. There are budget concerns at Greg's job and we are worried what will happen...trying to take it one day at a time. Gosh I wish I worked right now...but I wish a lot of things that are not happening.

Emma and I actually had a good day despite my worries. We did some errands with a friend. Then we went to a place with a lunch special so could afford a fun lunch. We came home and Rosa later came over with Mike. They did laundry and visited for a few hours and I loved it. I especially liked that Rosa let me rock her and sing songs. She played so nice too it was such fun.

I am hoping to go water flowers and take some pictures. I will perhaps add more. I am a bit discouraged with life and don't want to whine. The economy is so depressing and I have children still looking for work and a husband worried about the security of his job.

Emma will be a good companion tonight. Maybe we should read or watch tv to get my mind off things. First a trip out to water my flowers...nature can help my spirits...

Emma was super well behaved all day. I sing a song I made up for Emma about the people who love her. i sing "Grandma loves Rosa....you get the idea. It was so cute she insisted I add in the verses that her dog Lily loves Rosa and then Emma loves Rosa...we all could use the reminder she gets of all the people who love us.

Mary and Emma