Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Emma Makes Friends

When we go out and about Emma often makes new friends. this picture was taken (and used with permission) a few years ago at Barnes and Noble. Emma made a friend and demonstrated holding a purse.

I feel bad that due to my varying health and not driving we don't do demonstrations for Helping Paws. I do think that in public at least we are good ambassadors for the organization. We also often take time to talk to those who ask about service dogs. Very often I have the time to chat a few minutes, answer questions, and then often Emma can demonstrate some skills.

It all depends on the situation but Greg often likes to join in and share how much it helps him to know I have Emma to keep me company, come get him if I need him and just in general. I guess in that way we make some contribution to Helping Paws. I know we meet a lot of kind people (both children and adults) who are curious about service dogs.

It is fun to hear that some contribute financially or volunteer for Helping Paws or have heard of the organization. I like to tell them the website (helpingpaws.org) in case they want to learn more. Emma usually rises to the occasion and shows good behavior.

Yesterday however she surprised me. We were at slumber land where we bought a lamp with a gift card. I had dropped the cane when standing at the counter. Not unusual for me to loose my grib and I thought Emma would easily get it for me. I told her to get it and yes she got her nose down there but got distracted by a smell in the carpet. Then I insisted she try again - guess what she did she went over and laid down on top of the cane like she wanted to sleep. I mean ON the cane - how comfortable can that be? Never is my time with her as she done this. It was hard not to laugh she looked so proud of herself.

We finally got the cane but gosh she can be stubborn sometimes. She continues to be very good at getting the leash when alone with me - but if others are around you never know. She waits it out to see if they will get the leash instead. Even with my friends (who know better) they will reach for the cane, the leash, the purse - all the things Emma can do for me - sometimes I need to remind the humans to let Emma do what she can for me.

More and more people are aware that you don't pet working dogs. i see the difference since I first had her in my life. My favorite is those daytime trips when little ones are out with mom shopping and like to see the dog. I encourage them to wave to Emma and that brings lots of smiles.

Thanks again to my cousin Karen who alerted me that it looked like I hadn't blog for a week. I just can't figure out why that happened when I was writing away...to no one??? Some of the days I had a cold and lung problems so did not write much...anyway we are doing okay.

Today we went to the movie "My Life in Ruins" it was beautiful sceneary of Greece but the movie was just okay. A good thing to do though on a grey day. We are waiting for more sun and warmer temps. We could use more rain for the plants/grass but more sun for the spirits of humans and dogs.

Hope you don't mind that I posted a few times today..Mary

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Melissa Mitchell said...

I wanted comment on what you said about service dogs learning that if there are other people around they don't have to do it. I try very hard to educate people that if I have already given the command when they stop to help, they are teaching her that the command really means wait for nearby person to do it. This could leave me in a real pickle if the dogs takes that to I really don't need to do it, since someone usually comes along.