Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Emma In Bed

Emma loves sleeping in a bed. I don't think Helping Paws trains them to sleep in a bed so the owner can decide. Well it was only days before Emma figured out it was wonderful that I welcomed her in bed with me for naps. Then we let her sleep at my feet at bedtime. She keeps my feet warm. Now there are times she might wiggle inbetween Greg and i. Greg doesn't mind.

Now she is the "back to bed dog". I might have told you that before? Sometimes Greg gets up much earlier than I do and feeds Emma. Then he takes her outside. On those days she hikes right back to bed with me. Okay I do get up with her many days but sometimes we then take a short am nap.

She is always a dog that is thrilled when we nap. Today she leaped into bed with me for a nap.

When we are in a hotel (like the picture above) she loves to check out the bed. This was when we went to Door County last year. It was a king size bed I think. Then she really likes the room in the bed. She is funny.

She does have a bed next to my side of the bed on the floor. But she uses that less and less. She will obey though if I say "off" and will go to her bed. She is just a living breathing stuffed animal in bed with us. When we go to bed before Greg she hogs a lot of the empty space. Once Greg comes in she knows she has to move. If he is gone for the night (not often) then she really enjoys spreading out.

I just think she is so cute.

Today we went to the Dr that specializes in caring for my diabetes. Emma was just wonderful. She just looked so darn cute. Everyone in the waiting room was admiring her and asking questions. We did like a mini demonstration talking about her role in my life.

Off to a meeting tonight. More later. Mary and Emma

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