Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Medical Day?

Hi to All,

Rosa (my granddaughter) slept over and boy does she wake up like a ray of sunshine. She is so alert and happy. This time we had to wake her in order to get to a doctor's office for some lab tests I needed. She was so cheery and happy. She slept just great here last night. I think her first time without big sister Sophia also with her. She was fun.

We played dinosaurs, barbi's (the girls she calls them) with their play car (she reminds them to the seatbelts on and yep it does have them). We sang, we rocked, we read books. Grandpa also played and read books too. She got lots of attention from both of us. Today at the medical appointment she read more books with Grandpa.

Later we waited while Grandpa went to the doctor. Greg was happy to hear no surgery should be done on his shoulder but still trying to cope with the pain and being more careful about using that shoulder. The doctor had some suggestions. Then home to Grandma Mary's house to play. Emma (my service dog) was of course with the whole time.

To top it all off I had a dental appointment. I had both a cleaning and a crown started. My son took me and Grandpa Greg watched Rosa and Sophia. What a big medical day.

The bummer was later our car would not start and jumping it did not help. We only have one car now since I don't drive much at all due to MS. First time that has happened - car trouble and no spare car. Our kids have cars but no extras among them either. Hopefully the problem won't be too expensive?

Then tonight I took Emma out for a walk with the scooter. Lately when we go I noticed the battery charge does not last so long. Well this time it had been fully charged and it ran down so fast we barely got home okay. Time for new batteries for that I think. Not a good day for the wheels in our family.

Emma likes having the granddaughters here and also getting outside with me. Tonight it was so much cooler than the past humid hot hot days that I sure felt bad we couldn't walk further. She still got some extra exercise and had fun outdoors today.

This was a day I appreciated my family and my granddaughters especially. It also was another wonderful day with Emma who is at my side day and night no matter what the routine.

The funny thing is she really really likes my counselor who "we" see . He is a big dog lover. Emma's tail just wags when we get out of the car there. It is a place where my heart feels lighter so she likely picks up on my mood. I let him pet and greet her. She has an exact spot where she lays every single time we go. I just think it is interesting how her tail wags there while we wait in the waiting area and before the session as she finds her spot to settle in. He rarely has a treat for her as his dog sometimes comes to his office. Boy she loves to smell the carpet if his dog has been there but it is not that often.
Once he had his dog there on a day when Emma came in. HIS dog did not want to share that small space and had to be put into his partners office. So now he makes sure his dog is not there the days I have an appt.

Let's hope tomorrow I can report two things - my car is working (most important) and that my medical insurance will help pay for the batteries to my scooter. . . some plans do I guess.

Wishing you a day with no car problems and love from family .

Mary and Emma

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