Friday, April 30, 2010

16 days and we can't wait.

We can't wait for the MS Resort experience. It is held at camp courage. Now we are counting the days. Making lists of what to bring for Emma and I. Soon we will start packing. Hope the weather is nice but nothing will stop us from having a great time.
I have a great roommate who Emma likes. She has been our roommate before. I can't wait.

Today we rested and were home most the day. It rained off and on. Greg worked and helped kids finish up on moving.
We went for a short time with Jan after school today. That is our favorite way to end the week. We always find a lot to discuss and share laughter also.

Emma is not found of wet grass. The girl who loves snow?! She kind of tippy toes out there to go to the bathroom. Then runs back to the door so quick to want to come in. I guess she prefers her moisture in the frozen form rather than rain. She really had a good day. She was great while we were out. She played with me indoors, helped pick up some things and handed me laundry to fold. She is just awesome.

Tonight we will finish working on folding laundry and putting it away I think. Then relax with Greg. This is a good day. My back sure is not normal but the pain is less than the past days.

Have a good and safe weekend.

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is a beautiful spring day. Trying to get a good picture of my blooming tree.
We went to the doctor to discuss care for my back injury. Rest, medications to start with. I think I need a dose of patience if that could be prescribed. Needing the muscle relaxants now makes me so tired. Emma and I did go outside several times though.

Here is the rule at our home of 30 years. The crab apple will bloom - and be gorgeous followed quickly by high winds and/or rain. Yep, today we have the wind and tomorrow the rain? Ugh. Wished it could just once last several days.

WHen my life was busy being told to rest would be a treat. I think now I get nothing done around here - but really I get a bit done. I know because right now I am really doing not one darn thing and it is frustrating.

Emma is doing fine. I will get back to my daily walks with her soon as I can. I still can sit just a bit and it is impacting my legs so can't walk much.

MS Camp/Resort is in less than 3 weeks. I am excited for that.

Time to go rest my back. Emma is doing just great -

Emma and Mary - Go Twins

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Still dealing with a painful back. See the family doctor on Wed. We were obviously home all day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Nurse Emma

Good Grief
During the MRI they mentioned
a bad disk in Mary's back
She has had back injuries
and problems before.
But she was pain free and okay

Well somehow she moved wrong
or did something
and was out of commission today due to back pain.

tomorrow's doctor tests canceled due to the
long time and metro ride

I am being a super helper


We gotta get her better for MS Resort

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emma was great at the movie Ocean today. It was a great documentary. I would like to see it again! She didn't make a peep though I think she actually "watched" part of it instead of just sleeping. Due to the placement of our seats she could see if she wanted to.

Three weeks till camp which now is called a resort. After camp I will be able to be able to explain the changes and perhaps be able to remember it is now called a "resort"

Yesterday my daughter moved so didn't write. A busy day. Today the movie and then i slept with Emma...a relaxing day.

Emma and Mary

Friday, April 23, 2010


Emma and I enjoyed a walk. i used my scooter and am a bit concerned that the battery did not seem fully charged though it had been plugged in all day. Good time to notice this before MS Resort (Camp formerly). 23 days till camp/resort and we can't wait.
On our walk I went a bit further. To get Emma use to it.

My neighborhood is hilly. Emma walks with me all the time in stores, YMCA and so on. Walking outdoors on hills, with the distraction of other dogs is an adjustment. Tonight we went at a time when many many people were out walking dogs. Some would be quiet when passing Emma or in their yards. Others barked a lot.

This is a time of readjustment (I call it) or review for Emma. Reminders to her not to bark back. To keep going even when she smells places where dogs have gone to the bathroom. Not stopping to see the dogs who are unattended in their fenced in yards or on leashes in the yard. There seemed to be so many tonight.

Emma amazed me. At first she even pulled at a dog that was about to be walked by the owners and barked loudly at her. It was very evident both would have loved to play. It wasn't an angry bark at all. As we walked I just calmly reminder her to keep going, or that was "enough" or "leave it" - - by the end of the walk there was so much improvement. i was just so darn proud of her.
We will keep working on it.

In our daily outings in our regular routine - we normally don't see many dogs unless they are working dogs. She can handle that fine. It is dogs eager to play, gaurding their property as you walk by - that alerts her. Each summer we work on that skill to keep going, to not be distracted, and to not bark.

I love going outside with her. This is funny in a weird way. i used the scooter of course. She walked. We both came home needing water and panting. I think there was someting in the air, or the wind in my face irritated my breathing. How strange it seemed to both be panting. I had the easy part ha ha.

Next week we go to North Memorial Hospital in Robinsdale as an outpatient for some breathing tests. I have no idea how long that and a CAT scan will take. Anyway it bothers me some but not near as bad as when i was in and out of the hospital.

The MN Twins play again tonight. We like that if we can stay awake for the entire game.

May you have a good weekend. Mary and Emma

23 Days Till MS Resort

Okay MS camp is now called a resort. I will look up the full title. Emma and I are so excited. Most years trees don't have leaves on them but this year in my yard they are blooming more than a month early. Should be days for my flowering blossoms on my crab tree. Everytime I go outside with Emma I am again impressed with how God created the seasons and once again we get the glorious colors of spring. Yesterday was Earth day and I was pretty sleepy so today am thinking about nature.

My lawn could use mowing. Normally you are fortunate if snow is gone and you are ready to fertilize. Amazing. Emma and I are ready to go outside right now. I think we will be home all day -- Mary

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water exercise and a long nap today ------zzzzzzzzzzzz I sure can sleep with Emma curled up with me.

More later or tomorrow. Hope you are having a good day...Emma and Mary

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emma Goes to Work With Greg Today

It is Tuesday night.
Emma went to work with Greg today.
I heard she was super and so well behaved.
She likes greg.

I was helping Anna with both moral support/company and some small chores
She is getting ready to move
She has two cats that are not use to a dog
and Emma is a dog not use to cats
With boxes and the chores for us
Emma did best to go with Greg.
He was so impressed with how well she did with him.

Emma was so happy to see Mary.
We spent the evening cuddled up on the couch together
With breaks to get outside before bedtime.
Rosa, Tia, and Mike gave us a ride home as Greg worked.
They couldn't stay long but it was fun to see them.

Time for bed. Emma I am so proud of you. You will need to spend about two hours with Greg tomorrow also. First we will have two medical related appointments.

I love you Emma


Monday, April 19, 2010

Team training is going on right now. Those getting service dogs are learning how to be a "team" with the dog. For fun here is a glimpse of what i wrote while in team training. This was on my second day with Emma...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
12:34 a.m.: Emma and I had a good first day of training. Yes, you can be sure they are training me - I didn't realize how little I knew about dog training. It is exciting to learn how they use behavior shaping which includes positive reinforcement. They gave us information on how the dogs were taught as puppies and what we will do now to work with the dogs on behavior. It is interesting that we review some basics with the dogs so that they get use to our voices, and our leadership. There were 4 people in our training today who are learning skills to use with our new dogs. Two more will be joining us. A team of presenters helped work with us. We received a manual with over 200 pages. I am reviewing what we learned today and we are also reading what will be covered tomorrow. The dogs were beautiful - yellow labs and golden retrievers. I didn't know a black lab and yellow lab could be from the same litter till I met Emma's sibling. Emma is petite compared to the other dogs.
When Judy came to pick up the dog after trainng we took a few pictures. I wonder how Judy and her family can ever imagine how much the gift of this dog means to me. She did training with Emma several times a day for over two years. I will never be able to express my gratitude for all the time and patience she devoted to Emma.

Today April 19, 2010
Every day, week, month, and year I have Emma - I love her so much more. Today we did some errands with Greg. We were outside often and napped of course. How could I ever enjoy the day like I do? It is fun to see her and play with her in the yard. She is exploring the yard, I think she smells critters like rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and the like. She helped in the house yesterday we did some laundry and today just picked up a bit. Not a lot because of my fatique. It was a beautiful spring day.

Thanks for the support I get from individuals who read this blog. It has been 4.5 years since Emma entered my life. I should get my camera out again....she is as adorable and good as ever.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

4 weeks - 28 days till MS Camp/Resort

Due to some changes at MS Camp they now call it a resort. The schedule is more relaxed I guess is the biggest change. I will let you know after we go. Yes Emma and I will be leaving about this time in 4 weeks. I can't wait.

It will be 70 degrees today so it will be interesting to see how warm it is when we go to the MS Resort experience. I already received infor including the cabin we are in and others staying there. It will be a fun group I think. Yeah Jan and Kathy will be our cabin leaders - they are great.

We are having a nice Sunday. Home relaxing, will do laundry folding while we watch the Twin's Game. I don't get much housework done lately due to fatigue but glad for anything I get done.

Thinking about the MS Camp/Resort is brightening this sunny day.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Countdown for MS Camp/Resort Begins

They call the MS Camp a Resort now. We can't wait. Watch for the countdown...with such an early spring it will be interesting to see the weather for this event.

I heard one fan is already packed for the week!!!

Saturday Emma brings Joy

We hung out with Greg all day. He works all day morning till later night tomorrow so glad to share time. Emma and I had fun. We did some grocery shopping, had some time outside, watched the Twins game on TV, napped, shared a nice dinner and just enjoyed a relaxing day. Relaxing but a bit productive too.

I met a lady in the store. She was very elderly. Her eyes glistened when she saw Emma. We were both looking at greeting cards. She told me that first it was tough to have kids grow up, then to be alone, and later to loose her dog. She wasn't in a place to get a new dog. She asked if she could pet Emma. I said yes. She was so pleased she wiped tears from her eyes. I miss my dog so much - she looked like Emma - and thanked her profusely. Emma brings joy to others too.

There were many young children at the grocery store. All ages of children. One was just learning the name for dogs and her parents were so proud to have her say her version of "og". One little girl was celebrating her second birthday and so excited she almost burst to see a doggy. Her dad and I visited just a bit. Emma sure brings smiles to so many. People like to talk to you when you have dog with you.

I field lots of questions about
"What does she do for you?"
"Is she always this good" (YES)
Can I pet her (sadly often I have to say No she is working but most people understand)

Remember the endrocronologist (diabetes) doctor (can't spell the word)? She was so afraid she would not treat me with Emma in the room. Her nurse would hold Emma in another office. Well now she is so use to Emma she wants her in the room. She even let her lay under her desk while we visited. Emma loves being under. She told me last week she still is afraid of dogs but not Emma. Not at all anymore...a step forward. She says she is trying to be more open minded about her neighbors dog who is very well behaved. But no she still won't let her kids have a dog - not yet anyway.

The medical staff the past weeks seem so open to Emma. If she doesn't come in for some reason (like at the alergy dr) they told me it is okay to bring her next time.

My friends are wonderful with Emma and my family.

Emma sure adds joy to our life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

Friday, April 16, 2010

I am not feeling creative. So this will be short. We had a nice day. Did a few errands, met with a friend and napped. Watching the Twins and going to bed early = that was our day for today. Feeling a bit better today. Yeah for that...but I get so tired.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring - 5 more weeks till camp

I was enjoying a beautiful spring evening with Emma. It is so fresh outside after an afternoon rain. so fresh and the birds are chirping away. Plants are peaking through in my gardens, and trees budding....I sure enjoy spring. Welcoming an early spring this year!

Emma is my reminder to enjoy nature. We go outside, we had a medical appointment, we went outside, we napped, we went outside, I did some paper work, we went outside, I did some laundry and we will be outside again. Even needing extra sleep these days won't keep me from enjoying the outdoors.

I am sick of feeling "washed out" or "worn out" but today focusing on the day. I can nap, go outside and sit and do quiet things like fold laundry. That's about it but better than it might be. I am trying not to feel bad or feel negative about it all. I sure am doing the best I can to have a positive attitude today.

Tomorrow we see a pulmonary specialist and I have to finish paper work for that. I have short spurts of productivity but will be glad for what I can do...I even watched most of the Twins game or listened while I rested.

Hoping Greg gets home soon. I want to take the scooter and walk Emma. Because I have rarely had trouble I always take a cell phone and only go if he is home to "rescue" me if I fall, or have scooter problems. Emma loves it when we go but also gets plenty of time in her backyard these days.

Emma is shedding like crazy. Otherwise doing just great. What a sweetheart she is in my daily life.

Camp is five weeks away. It will be very interesting to see how much the trees are in bloom and wild flowers are out this early spring. Also camp is just a week or so later in May. Talked to Tonya today about it all. Dear dear Kathy thanks for all the cards of support regarding my health. We will all have a great time.

Hurry home Greg - we miss you and it is almost 7. WOrk is busy for him this time of year. (all times of the year)

Mary and Emma wish you a good day

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sleepy mary

She slept and slept after the MRI and the drugs given to her to help her relax
yeah it rained
the grass needs it
It is tuesday and we go to water exercise
and to the doctor

It is suppose to warm up and be sunny later
will it?
I got outside in between rain drops


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Every day from Mon-Thurs we will be at medical appointments or tests. Today we relaxed and went outside a lot. We also went to the movie "Date Night" with a friend. Was good to be distracted from other things.

Some quiet chores like paper work and folding laundry tonight and early to bed. Two naps also today. thanks for the well wishes we are taking it one day at a time.


Hi Folks,
Don't let her kid you - we are having some quality time outside these days. I am enjoying the yard, the naps, and I even got a good snooze in during the movie. tonight more time outside and a short walk too. I am one happy dog. Will be glad when Mary feels better though.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

We are at home Saturday and taking it easy. Should be a nice day to sit outside while Emma plays.

Wishing you all a good weekend.


Friday, April 9, 2010

THE Dr appointment today went well. Diabetes pump is working well controling the insulin levels and blood sugars. The Dr who use to be afraid of all dogs - let Emma lay under her little desk in the room. She now isn't so afraid of dogs and she thanks Emma.

Emma did great. Time outside, a nap, and a quiet night watching the Twins game sounds is how we are filling our day now.
She is doing great. I am having some breathing problems and trying to handle it hear so I won't have to go into the hospital for help.

Sat plan to be home all day. Outside a lot since it will be nice out.

Have a great weekend - Mary

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Very tired tonight.
MS Specialist Appointment today.
Diabetic Specialist Friday
MRI on Monday
MS Specialist again on Turesday
Asthma Specialist Next Friday

I am weaker than normal, struggling a bit with my breathing and have been going to bed around 7 pm and sleeping 12 hours.
They are taking me off one medicine to see if it makes any difference. The concern now is that damage in my brain stem might be contributing to the breathing and health problems.

Twins play tonight but I will be sleeping away I think...Emma at my side. She has been great all day. I will get better but please understand if I don't write much. Just feeling crummy....

Emma brightens the days and nights...Mary and Emma

Have a good day.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MS Camp/Resort in Less Than Six Weeks

I can't believe how fast this week is going.

Wed and another dr appointment. This time allergy testing to see if that is a factor in the asthma/breathing problems issue. The skin tests were all negative. No allergies found so that is good. Next week an asthma specialist, Friday my diabetic specialists and tomorrow the MS Specialists...what a week this has been.

Emma is doing fine. We are both napping a lot but also taking time to be outside. Yesterday it rained so not outside as much. We need more rain here - it was pretty light here. Emma is fetching toys and getting her exercise. We also have the scooter ready to roll so can start walking her daily. Good for both of us to do this even if I 'ride".

the Allergist I saw today was so easy to talk to, and informative. He was glad to report no allergies to Emma. We didn't think I had allergies but were trying to figure out what is triggering these breathing problems.

The past few days have been a bit tougher but I am coping. Will see what each day brings and get the most I can out of the specialists visits.

Hope all is well with you. MS Camp is now called the MS Resort. I go in May and it is less than six weeks away. Both Emma and I will be going. It is so much fun. We can't wait. Early spring puts us in the mood for sure.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

We had a nice Easter. It was quiet though. We missed Mike, Tia, and Sophia and Rosa. The other children were here but we all seemed tired i guess. We had dinner early at 12:30 and everyone was gone around 5:30. We talked rather than play games and had a nice day.

Sat we were at the Twins Game. Emma stayed home till I went once to check out the space. It was fun and we all enjoyed it. We did NOT have handicap seating as we were told it was sold out. We also were told in our area there was a place to park the scooter but that was false. To resolve the situation two non handicap people in those seats changed seats with Greg and I. Kind of them. We did not get to sit with Dan, Mike, Tia, Sophia and Rosa however which was a bummer. Rosa sat by us though part of the game. I mean with us. The Twins won the exhibition game. So exciting to be at the park.

Glad I was on the scooter it was a long long way to parking from our seats. Emma did fine at home and accompanied us to the Sat Easter Vigil Mass. That lasted two hours and both she and Rosa (after a nap) handled it well I thought. It was lovely but oh so long. I was so tired out. Greg needed to be there at that specific service/Mass for his work duties. I was glad to go with him.
Mike was there also.

All in all a good weekend. I had to go to bed very early on Sunday night. Friday night Rosa slept over which was super fun. I had to take a morning nap today Monday to get moving for the day. We window shopped awhile with Emma and she was perfect. Greg also did some planting so we were outdoors. It was another good day.

Tomorrow I hope to have the energy for water exercise. The last several times I have not been able to do the full routine without breathing issues. So I will do what I can. We have Dr appointments wed, Thurs, and Friday and one next week and the following week. So that will maybe help me out.

We are enjoying being outside more. Sitting in front or the back yard. Emma loves the fenced yard in the back.

We hope to watch the beginning of the Twin's Season Opener Tonight. Since it is in California it starts at 9 our time. NOt sure I napped enough to watch much of the game but will at least start it.

Emma had a great day. She was so well behaved everywhere we went today. She didn't mind me taking two naps with her at all of course. She makes noises when she dreams.

Wishing you pleasant dreams and sunny days.

Emma and Mary

Happy Easter - A Day Late

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rosa is here overnight. She is being great and enjoying her time so far.

We are going to watch a Dora movie. Emma will lay with us. Emma and I had a great time day today. What a good day we had just at home taking it easy, and napping.

Rosa is 3 and asking us why Jesus died. Boy that is a tough one to answer at her age.

We are having a restful day. Tomorrow we go to the Twins Game at their new outdoor stadium. It should be fun for all of us. I will take my scooter.

Enjoy your weekend. Rosa is ready to play more with Grandma.

Mary and Emma say hello.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No fooling!!

Almost 80 degree here. Had lunch outside with a friend. Enjoyed time on the deck together.

WE had lunch at a place where you eat outdoors.
Another service dog was there.
It was not Helping Paws.

Guess which dog did not get upset?
Guess which dog just followed my cues like always.

Way to go Emma.

Met Nancy Schapiro's Dad and that was fun. Staff of Helping Paws know who I mean. Always fun to meet Helping Paws supporters.

Did I mention we found a wild turkey in our yard?

We had fun and then a long nap. When it gets this warm it does tire me a bit more than normal. Okay the closer to 80 and above the more fatigue and difficulty getting the nerves to get messages from the brain. Not complaining though it was wonderful.

A quiet night tonight for us.

Way to go Emma - we had such a nice day.

Mary and Emma