Friday, April 30, 2010

16 days and we can't wait.

We can't wait for the MS Resort experience. It is held at camp courage. Now we are counting the days. Making lists of what to bring for Emma and I. Soon we will start packing. Hope the weather is nice but nothing will stop us from having a great time.
I have a great roommate who Emma likes. She has been our roommate before. I can't wait.

Today we rested and were home most the day. It rained off and on. Greg worked and helped kids finish up on moving.
We went for a short time with Jan after school today. That is our favorite way to end the week. We always find a lot to discuss and share laughter also.

Emma is not found of wet grass. The girl who loves snow?! She kind of tippy toes out there to go to the bathroom. Then runs back to the door so quick to want to come in. I guess she prefers her moisture in the frozen form rather than rain. She really had a good day. She was great while we were out. She played with me indoors, helped pick up some things and handed me laundry to fold. She is just awesome.

Tonight we will finish working on folding laundry and putting it away I think. Then relax with Greg. This is a good day. My back sure is not normal but the pain is less than the past days.

Have a good and safe weekend.

Emma and Mary

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