Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is a beautiful spring day. Trying to get a good picture of my blooming tree.
We went to the doctor to discuss care for my back injury. Rest, medications to start with. I think I need a dose of patience if that could be prescribed. Needing the muscle relaxants now makes me so tired. Emma and I did go outside several times though.

Here is the rule at our home of 30 years. The crab apple will bloom - and be gorgeous followed quickly by high winds and/or rain. Yep, today we have the wind and tomorrow the rain? Ugh. Wished it could just once last several days.

WHen my life was busy being told to rest would be a treat. I think now I get nothing done around here - but really I get a bit done. I know because right now I am really doing not one darn thing and it is frustrating.

Emma is doing fine. I will get back to my daily walks with her soon as I can. I still can sit just a bit and it is impacting my legs so can't walk much.

MS Camp/Resort is in less than 3 weeks. I am excited for that.

Time to go rest my back. Emma is doing just great -

Emma and Mary - Go Twins

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