Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring - 5 more weeks till camp

I was enjoying a beautiful spring evening with Emma. It is so fresh outside after an afternoon rain. so fresh and the birds are chirping away. Plants are peaking through in my gardens, and trees budding....I sure enjoy spring. Welcoming an early spring this year!

Emma is my reminder to enjoy nature. We go outside, we had a medical appointment, we went outside, we napped, we went outside, I did some paper work, we went outside, I did some laundry and we will be outside again. Even needing extra sleep these days won't keep me from enjoying the outdoors.

I am sick of feeling "washed out" or "worn out" but today focusing on the day. I can nap, go outside and sit and do quiet things like fold laundry. That's about it but better than it might be. I am trying not to feel bad or feel negative about it all. I sure am doing the best I can to have a positive attitude today.

Tomorrow we see a pulmonary specialist and I have to finish paper work for that. I have short spurts of productivity but will be glad for what I can do...I even watched most of the Twins game or listened while I rested.

Hoping Greg gets home soon. I want to take the scooter and walk Emma. Because I have rarely had trouble I always take a cell phone and only go if he is home to "rescue" me if I fall, or have scooter problems. Emma loves it when we go but also gets plenty of time in her backyard these days.

Emma is shedding like crazy. Otherwise doing just great. What a sweetheart she is in my daily life.

Camp is five weeks away. It will be very interesting to see how much the trees are in bloom and wild flowers are out this early spring. Also camp is just a week or so later in May. Talked to Tonya today about it all. Dear dear Kathy thanks for all the cards of support regarding my health. We will all have a great time.

Hurry home Greg - we miss you and it is almost 7. WOrk is busy for him this time of year. (all times of the year)

Mary and Emma wish you a good day

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