Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Special Day for Emma

Today will be busy. We have to run to the store and then to Greg;s work for a short time. I will help him set up some tables with items for a Ministry Fair. They are highlighting the many ways students and parishioners can get involved in parish events.

Then we pick up our granddaughters. Off to a play which our friend's children are in. It is the matinee performance. It is sponsored by a church group. The girls will love it and so will we. Then to there house for an early dinner. It is a drive so we hope the girls will nap on there way home to our house (mostly Rosa of course).

Once home we will have a sleepover. How fortunate is that!!!!!!! We will play, maybe watch a video and have treasured time together. Then a slumber party. Giggles, a snack if needed and time together.

We will enjoy the day. We also are celebrating Emma's birthday!! It will be special.

I have to go already to start the day!!!

Mary and Emma

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleepy Time with a friend

Emma loves cuddling up with this Santa Doggy. It is on a sled and will sing. She likes to cuddle up with it. We chuckle as she just loves it. I just leave it in her reach and this is what I find...tucked under her chin. Isn't she cute???

Brr cold today. We went to water exercise, to our Thursday lunch date with girlfriends that we swim with, and then I got my haircut. Yeah for that. We had a good day but the outdoors was so cold. Emma rushed in and out when she had to go to the bathroom too. No lingering today. No interest in the toy I threw for her to fetch either.

Tonight we are cuddling indoors. I don't mean "we" swim but "we" cuddle. I am going to type some things for Greg also. We will be home most of the day tomorrow.

Emma looks so cute when she cuddles her doggy or cuddles with me. She keeps our feet warm in bed too. A welcome guest on a winter night.

Hope all is well with you. Enjoy Friday and have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma
Couldn't get the blog to work on Wed. We are off to water exercise...all is well. Hope you have a good day. More later.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monday - book club was interesting. Our group has been meeting for six years. Some of us have been there since the beginning and others have joined us over the years. Due to health, moving or other things we loose some members. But gosh aren't we fortunate to be together. We have good discussions. Emma seems happy there too.

Tuesday - We were home today. My ride fell through for swimming and it was too late to make other arrangements. My back up couldn't go either. Emma and I relaxed and took it easy. It was pretty chilly again so even she didn't seem interested in being outside as much as usual. We are going out to do a few errands tonight so she will get some walking in soon. That will be good for her.

Thanks so much for reading out blog. I will try to be creative, or insightful in upcoming days. Emma needs to go outside again. It is 6:30 here so time for us to head out and get our tasks done. Greg of course is our driver.

We had a good day,

Emma and Mary

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Vikings!!

Emma had a relaxing birthday. We were home alone till bedtime. She was able to alternate sleeping and then go outside too. She seems to like sleeping more as she ages!! We did play and snuggle also.

Today, Sunday, we did nap early and prepared for the big Vikings vs New Orleans Football Game. Our son's and Mike's family will be here. We cooked, cleaned up a bit, and watched some football of New York Jets vs Indiana It was a nice day at home again. Wish the sun would come out though!!!

Tomorrow we have book club. They will have a doggie water dish there for Emma - isn't that sweet The employee's at Barnes and Noble do that every month for us. This month we read "Sara's Key" and next week the classic "My Anntonia". Monday we will also discuss what other books we want to read in upcoming months.

Emma often looks intently as we discuss books. I would like to know what she is thinking? Wouldn't it be interesting to know what dogs think during their day? Emma seems to enjoy going. I call it our favorite store but maybe that is because it is "MY" favorite store. Rosa calls it the "Library Store" because a book store is like a library!!

The weird thing about professional sports is the insanely high salaries they make. I like sports but gosh teachers often scrape by on what they earn and other professions like social workers also. Well I can't change that practice now can I?

Did you hear there is a new MS drug approved by the FDA? I will try to mention it tomorrow and the links to articles about it. The claim is that it can help improve walking for MS patients. That sure would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma is doing to watch football!!!

Mary and Emma

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Age 7 today. I plan to spoil her all day with hugs and treats and attention.

Icy here and now raining so not a bad day to stay inside. More later. My fantastic partner is 7. I love her more every day.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Emma's Is Wonderful

We had a good day today. We were home in the morning. At noon we headed to the movies. We saw Extraordinary Measures and it was very good. Inspiring, moving, and interesting...Emma was perfect.

After Jan picked us up and we went out to chat. We often spend Friday afternoons together for a few hours. She is a special friend and we always have interesting things to talk about.

Tonight we did some cooking for Greg's work retreat this weekend. We also watched the Haiti fund raising special on tv. I am so sad for the victims of the earthquake. I am inspired that people are coming together to respond to their need.

Emma was in great behavior all day and fun to be with. She had good times outdoors. The weather is causing ice tonight - ugh.
I am glad to have Emma share my days.

We will be home all day tomorrow I think. Her birthday!!

Emma and I love being a team together...we had a good day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emma's Sweetness

Emma is so sweet. Today we went to water exercise and I forgot to put an essential item in my bag...yep the swim suit. So we had to kill time. Emma normally is by the pool watching as things go on. Waiting in the lobby was at times busier and other times quieter. She was well behaved. I was able to greet some people I know there, answered a few phone calls, and read the paper and she handled it all.

Many people came up to ask about her so we again did some education. I would have rather done the water exercise routine but at least we made it through the time. That sounds weird. Sometimes waiting is tough for me.

Nothing special once home. Our regular routine and a nap. Emma enriched the day by just being with me. She is so darn sweet.

tonight she got me the blanket, picked up items I needed, and cuddled in while we watched a bit of tv. I have been brushing her but she is still shedding like crazy. I never remember this much shedding in the winter but maybe I am just forgetful?

I don't have anything really unique to write. She just was so much fun again today. She brightens my day in so many ways.

Have a good day - Mary and Emma

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Loong Ride Home

Emma went with me of course, to the counseling appointment. We take metro mobility home. A door to door mini bus service for the disabled etc. Well normally we get a ride home that takes less than half hour. It is a "bus" service so sometimes they pick up or drop off other riders. Yes it can take longer.

But today it took two hours. YES 2 full hours!!!!!!!!!!! Those in the cities here will chuckle. We went from New Brighton, to Spring Lake Park, to south Mpls near uptown, to Hopkins and then to Maple Grove. You see the lady picked up in Mpls also was going to Maple Grove.

We coped fine. He explained with an apology that who ever set up the ride (computer) did this and warned me right away. He let Emma ride on the seat with me which helped a lot. She was content to look out the window. Trouble is I am diabetic. I had to have some candy in my purse to handle emergencies for my blood sugar. We saw the sites, chatted a bit with the other riders and driver. All in all I credit the driver to making it cheery.

Emma was glad to get it home. I watched her in the yard for awhile. too icy for me to be with her in the snow. I throw toys she fetches but mostly just raising around the yard, smelling and exploring make her day. Then we took a nap.

She got so excited as Anna came for dinner and to sleep over. Emma liked that. We are having a nice evening with Anna and Greg.

On the bus, waiting for the ride at the office, we educate people about Helping Paws. Okay we don't get out to do demos but in our own way we educate others.

thursday we will go to water excercise I think. Sounds like we will get ice tonight so will have to see how roads are and if Kathy drives.

You would have gotten a kick out of watching Emma look out the window as we were on the bus. She looks so curious and interested in what is going on. I got to some new sights too. We gotta get out more ha ha. We tolerated well two full hours on a mini bus.

Have a good day. Hope your rides home that should be 20 minutes are not two hours long.

Emma and Mary

Emma's birthday is now three days away. She got a new toy from a friend today!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Emma's Birthday is Saturday

Four days till her big 7th birthday!!!!!!!! Yeah.

Celebrate Emma
Celebrate how adorable, loving, sensitive, gentle and caring she is ..........
Celebrate how she uses her many skills to help me each day........
Celebrate the smiles she brings to others who see her working..........

Emma is the best
She is well loved and cared for here.

She is doing great. I love her so much.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Emma Turns 7 in 7 Days

Emma and I got to go with Greg to do errands. Gosh I miss driving myself. Anyway one stop was Petco for food, a new brush, and treats for Emma...oh and a nail trim. She liked everything but the trim. We went to target, a meat market, dry cleaners well you get the idea. It is over 30 I think and sunny...we even saw people wearing shorts. YES in MN IN The Winter we celebrate anything above freezing.

It was such a pleasure to be outside with Emma. She let me brush her good also. Brushing is sometimes fine with her and sometimes she wants to avoid it. We treat her for it though. She is shedding so much. Even after a thorough brushing I noticed when I pet her a few hours later I got an awful lot of hair in my hand.

It is such fun to see all the children exclaim "there is a dog in the store". She gets lots of praise, oohs and aws from people as we go down the aisles at Target. She is so well behaved and it shows there. One poor family the little one barely walking wanted the dog so bad. They let her walk till she started running toward the dog. Then I ran into them several times and she would get mad because she wanted to see the dog. Once I realized this, I changed my path so we were not in the same section of the store as I was not in any hurry. Emma got some extra walking in while I used the scooter. The roads around my house are still much to icy for Emma and I to venture out with the scooter. The nature paths/walking paths are not shoveled either.

Now Greg and I are working on this and that chores around here. Emma helped me with folding laundry, watched curiously as Greg put up a new curtain rod in the family room and new light in the laundry room. Never a shortage of things to do. I find it easier to be in a good mood since I am not dizzy today, and we got outside the house. I love my house but after just so many days it feels good to go somewhere. Even errands for a few hours. Remember I don't work so I get to be home a lot.

When I worked I never imagined being retired and not for medical reasons. Being disabled and unable to work due to health is the pits. Some weeks I really struggle to keep up a good attitude. Emma however helps me stay happy and helps me find reasons to play with her in the snow, or in the house.

We were looking (she and I) for ideas for a birthday present. She has toys but I think some new plain old balls to fetch might be needed. They get gross over time? She has her favorite toys - well I will think about it all.

The countdown continues...7 days.

Vikings play tomorrow and one of my sons will be joining us for sure. Not sure if Rosa's family will be here or not. Go Vikings.

Emma keeps looking at me as I have not napped (I slept late). She knows the typical routine. Counting the days till her birthday is fun. Emma is delightful.

E-extremely helpful
M-magnificient personality
M- marvelous company
A- attractive, awesome, and appreciated

Friday, January 15, 2010

8 Days Till Emma's Birthday

Emma turns 7 in 8 days - is that possible? Have I really truly had her over four years? She is just so awesome and fun and helpful and wonderful and adorable and sweet.

Today she helped with

-picking up the paper
-picking up towels off the floor
- picking up napkins I dropped
- getting a blanket for me to use on the couch
- I am sure more things too

We share a certain blanket on the couch or love seat. Well last night she did the cutest thing. She got the blanket and put it on the couch for HERSELF and then scooted up and rested on it. It was adorable. Normally she gets that specific blanket for ME - often when I ask but sometimes even if I don't ask. We both like the blanket. I share it with her.

So when you want to snuggle with a blanket while watching tv or reading or napping - think of Emma. Think of how spoiled I am that she will get me the blanket.

Stay warm...........Emma and Mary
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

10 Attributes of Emma that I Appreciate

1. She snuggles up to me when I feel crummy
2. She races me to the bed when i say "nap time" or "bed time"
3. She has adorable eyes
4. Emma has cute facial expressions
5. She still wags her entire back end and tail when she sees me
6. She is so enthusiastic about going places with me
7. At water exercise she is so cute watching me
8. She keeps my feet warm on winter nights
9. She is a hard worker (I will explain more on that on other days)
10. Her presence means I am never alone

10 days till her birthday.

I feel a bit better so hope we can manage water exercise tomorrow and a simple lunch with friends. I look forward to Thursdays as after swim we take time to chat over a cheap lunch. Since none of us work we "dine" by appreciating each other's presence not fancy food. Emma is always good. Emma i promise to bring your water dish which I forgot last time we did water exercise. I think looking at that water makes her thirsty? plus the humidity in there.

10 days till Emma's birthday.

so dizzy from MS that I feel nauseated and hard to keep my head up. We got safely back from a counseling appointment. Now to lay down and see if a nap helps? It is not my blood sugar. I have had this before and it is a weird sensation. Most times it doesn't last more than a day or so. See I don't have to ride on amusement rides to get this sensation. Emma did great on Metro Mobility.

10 days till Emma's birthday. More later

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost 7 years Old

Water exercise was fun today. Due to a change in things Emma has to sit in a different place by the pool. Four years in the same spot so it was different but she was excellent. Tonight Rosa and her daddy came over for dinner and a kids movie. Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs was entertaining for all of us. Much of the time Rosa cuddled with me so that was the greatest. Emma didn't even seem jealous though quickly took her place beside me back once she left. It was a good day that flew by.

Emma's birthday is the 23rd - she will be 7 years old. Can you believe that Judy? Pam? Eileen and those who knew her as a puppy? My wonderful girl.

Time for us to go to bed.....Hope you have/had a good day full of smiles. Warmer temps here. Wed I think it might hit 30 How great is that?

Emma likes it but she likes the snow and might be a bit wet in her play tomorrow.

Take care,

Emma and Mary

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home Today

We stayed home today. I was just a bit under the weather so we did not go to church even. I slept a bit late and took a nap. Did only quiet things all day. I plan to go to bed early. Nothing serious just what I call an "MS Day" where I needed rest.

Emma was great. She enjoyed outside and it was fun to watch her play. It was a bit warmer so that was nice. She likes to get so snowy and comes in a bit wet and ready to cuddle. She had a great day I think.

It was a day I could really appreciate having a comfy place to call home. Not a lot of news but a good day. I think we are home all day Monday. Maybe i will get a little bit of chores done? I hope I have more energy but that is a dilema common with MS.

Hope you had a good weekend. We will write more tomorrow. Isn't it nice to have a home to enjoy and feel comfortable being there??????

Emma and Mary

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sports Day? Nap Day?

I guess it is "sports day at our house. My son Dan visited and he and Greg watched the Gopher's basketball, and than a football game that New York won. Now another football game. Emma and I watched some but also snuck in a nap. I didn't do much else. I don't understand football completely but do watch it some with my husband and kids.

We are enjoying the day in any case. Emma sure likes to cuddle with me whether watching tv, napping, or sleeping at night. I guess we both needed a day without much activity today!

Emma is so dear to me. Oh I say that a lot. But I mean it sincerely. I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She keeps me company, helps with chores, and just brightens my day in so many little ways. Thanks to Judy Michurski and family her foster family (I will NEVER be able to thank them enough) for training her and socializing her. When we have been out and about this week I am continually reminded of how well she handles social situations. Thanks also to Helping Paws Staff (Pam and Eileen and others that's YOU) who were part of her days when she was training and "working" with Judy at Helping Paws.

The teachers, the volunteers who raise money and so many involved with Helping Paws were involved in making sure Emma was trained and able to come into my life. Thanks to Board Members, Committee members and so many who were involved.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart?

Emma is shedding like crazy!!! Why at this time of year? We met someone in public that told me their dog was doing the very same thing. He wondered if it was the contrast between the outside cold air, and heated indoor air?????? I have no idea. I would be interested to know if any readers are having the same experience with their dogs!!

Emma is waiting for me to cuddle and we will watch the football game. Time with my son and husband is something to cheer about. I am more likely to watch baseball but am treasuring the day.

Emma and Mary

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fabulous Friday

We are fine. Dr appointment, grocery shopping, movie (Leap Year), time with friend Jan, supper and movie (Julie and Julia) at home with my husband..............Emma's snoozing away and i plan to bring her to bed with me now.

More tomorrow. Glad to report it was a good day and Emma did terrific.

Have a great weekend......Emma and Mary

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our day was filled with errands (Emma got a walk at Sam;s Club) and going to the MS Society. Emma was great. It is cold tonight though and she seems to want to eat. Not unlike us humans!

Brr it felt cold tonight as we were out till after dark. They say mid week it will warm up to 30 and we can't wait.

My speech went well at the MS Society. I entered a speech contest. My meeting went well at the MS Society also. So a busy but good day.

New snow fell and Emma like the few inches of fresh stuff to roll in. It was light and fluffy. On top of the deeper stuff that is more packed down made outside play delightful for her.

Tomorrow another Dr appt about my insulin pump, and maybe a movie but not sure on that one. It is suppose to be cold.

We are doing okay.

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Emma Is A Good Listener

Emma and I go to the MS Society tomorrow in Mpls. I am going to be video taped for a speech contest and we get to attend a meeting about MS Camp. I am looking forward to going down there. I will know people at the meeting and enjoy seeing several staff people also.

We might get a dusting of snow but so far none where we live. I guess it is coming later tonight. Emma will like that a lot.
Today 15 degrees was a warm up. We are coping though it is colder than normal.

We were home most the day today. She enjoyed trips outside. A few times I could bundle up and go with her rather than just watch from the patio door. She is adorable prancing through the snow and just enjoys outdoors.

In the house, we picked up, took a nap, and tonight will work on a bit of laundry. I have been practicing my speech and she is a good audience!! No criticism and she listens intently - that's my girl.

sounds like many parts of the country are experiencing colder temperatures. Where ever you are I hope you are able to be warm.
Emma and I wish you a good day.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Emma Warms Me on A Cold Day

Water Exercise was good for me today but the water seemed cool. Couple that with going outside after to cold temperatures and I felt like i couldn't warm up. We crawled under a comforter on my bed but I still felt chilled. Emma snuggling with me helped me feel warmer. Oh the joys of a helper dog.

Emma loves to swim. The new aquatics director asked me what to do if she jumped in the water? In four years she has not done so. I assured her Emma could swim. Our goal would be to help her get out. I don't think it is a worry though as she has stayed resting on her towel for all these years. She is so well behaved there. The life guards all comment on how well behaved she is...the regular swimmers/members have come to be familar with her presence. New guests are amazed. What a special dog she is....

The cold temps are making me a bit crazy. I am sick of negotiating icy sidewalks, driveways, or parking lots. I miss being right outdoors playing with Emma, even she races in and out when it is very chilly - we can't wait for a warm up. But we have a warm home, warm car and so on. They say Tuesday it might warm up for a few days - we have to take this one day at a time.

Emma is shedding. How can they shed so much in such cold temps? It makes no sense to me. A good cleaning by our cleaning woman helped take care of extra hair around the house. I was so glad to see her. She is good to Emma. She does most the cleaning while we are at water exercise and out of the way. We get home before she is finished so I get to chat with her. i wonder if she realizes what a gift she is in my life.

I am writing a speech for a contest sponsored by the MS society. They are searching for speakers to help with their fund raising luncheon. I am honored to apply but I know there will be tough competition. It is rewarding to work on how to capture in words how much the MS society means to me - how it has enriched my life as I cope with this disease.

IT is time to snuggle with Emma and head to bed. She is such a sweetie. She does many things but today I am grateful for the way she warms my heart and my feet on a cold day.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trip to the Doctor

We went to the MS specialist today - he is also a neuro optomologist (correct title? I know it is not the right spelling).
MS is impacting my optic nerve but we knew that and will just see how that progresses. A medication change and a few other things. Emma did great. We had some waiting and she impressed those in the waiting room. A two year old boy waiting with Grandpa for his father was especially curious...but he followed the rules and didn't touch her.

Emma gets treats at that office. She was on her best behavior. It was a good day for me. I could walk a bit better than normal. One of the puzzles of MS is that it varies day to day. Later in the day we did a very short grocery stop and she got some exercise there. I do some laps around so she gets more exercise. Brr another cold day.

The weather gives people something to talk/complain about together. I have a nice warm coat for outdoors. It is so warm that when you get indoors you can't wait to shed it as you get too hot quickly. I am so glad to have it. Tomorrow we have water exercise and after swimming it really is needed.

Emma didn't even want to play much in the snow due to the temps today. A dusting of snow is expected later in the week I think. She will like some fresh snow I think.

Tonight a few chores to do. Then hope to watch the movie Julie and Julia. Emma needs to go outside so I better go take her out. Yep that is me watching her from indoors in the darkness of night.

This is her birthday month. Time to reflect on how much she means to me. I love you Emma.

Have a good day.

Mary and Emma

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poor Emma got sick in the night. Well then she felt fine but ugh to be woke up to clean up. So we had a quiet day. Also it was cold again and good to stay in. We even missed church because I didn't want to take her nor leave her alone in case she was not done throwing up. She slept a lot today. It is so cold that even she is more than willing to come in quickly. I wimp out and watch her from the patio door. She keeps checking on me, plays a bit, stops and looks, so in some way we both are close despite the patio door.

Monday Dr appointment for MS. More tomorrow.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank you for a warm home

Thank you for a warm home on a cold night
Thanks for a husband who is feeling better
Thanks for the life we share
Thank you for Emma who amuses us
thank you for Emma who serves me and renews me
Thank you for my husband and children
Thanks that I face life's up and downs without being alone
I have the company of Emma
I have the love of my wonderful husband and family
Thank you for this and so much more

Help me remember those in need
Help me not take for granted the love my family shares
And my wonderful friends share with me

For all the things that enrich and fill my life
I say thank you

This bitter cold night
Thanks for warmth and for my home

Thanks for my faith

God bless my family and friends tonight
God bless my loving relatives
God bless my Emma


-18 and we went shopping

We went grocery shopping and on an errand with Emma. She needed exercise and we needed food. We could have stayed home but we went to a big store and Emma walked, i scooted around part of the time. I know this is good for her. On her outings outside even she wants it to be fast in this weather - especially at night.

We are spoiled as unless we get close handicap parking Greg drops us off and picks us up at the door. Lots of people were out and about. Some more bundled up than others. It was amazing to see some of them who did not appear to be dressed for the weather. I hope they had extra warm clothes in the car in case of a car stall in the weather.

We worked on laundry today. Greg did the leg work and we did the folding. Emma so kindly handing the socks, wash cloths and things to me out of the basket. She is such a helper. Anything I drop she will pick up. She is my sweetheart for sure.

Greg felt better today after two bad days of pain following the removal of his stent. Each day should be better now. Amazing today he felt good enough to go out! We even celebrated the New Year with lunch together was really busy too. The food was good and service great but boy were they surprised both at the store and eatery that it was so busy. Can't let cold weather keep you in too long when it is MN. For our part we felt the car did need to be driven a bit anyway.

I think Jan is always cold in MN. I remember it from when my kids were little, and in later years when i was a teacher and had bus duty. It is part of winter in MN - not that I like it. I like the four seasons but could skip the really cold stuff thank you very much.

We have a busy week with a dr appointment with the MS Specialist including a vision evaluation, water exercise, and a visit to the MS Society for mtgs there later in the week. Tomorrow after church though I think it will be quiet. The Vikings play and we need them to win.

Life is good despite the cold,

Emma and Mary

Friday, January 1, 2010


Wishing You and Yours a Happy New Year

Brr cold here but i have this wonderful dog who likes to lay on my feet on the bed or on the love seat while we watch tv. We had a quiet New Year's Eve as Greg didn't feel very good. We were in bed shortly after 11. Today my son had a brunch. My son-in-law came way out of his way to pick me up so I didn't have to miss the event. So much fun to see all our family. Felt bad Greg missed it due to health but he feels better tonight.

Emma still enjoys outside but I found even she would come in faster in this weather. She does like her yard though. We plan to take it easy tomorrow also.

Emma added so much fun, comfort and help in 2009. Every day with her is a delight. I should have written earlier when i wasn't so tired. Be assured we are doing just fine. Thanks to helping Paws staff and volunteers and the foster homes (especially Judy and family) for the gift she is to me every day of the year.

Take good care...Emma and Mary