Sunday, January 24, 2010

Go Vikings!!

Emma had a relaxing birthday. We were home alone till bedtime. She was able to alternate sleeping and then go outside too. She seems to like sleeping more as she ages!! We did play and snuggle also.

Today, Sunday, we did nap early and prepared for the big Vikings vs New Orleans Football Game. Our son's and Mike's family will be here. We cooked, cleaned up a bit, and watched some football of New York Jets vs Indiana It was a nice day at home again. Wish the sun would come out though!!!

Tomorrow we have book club. They will have a doggie water dish there for Emma - isn't that sweet The employee's at Barnes and Noble do that every month for us. This month we read "Sara's Key" and next week the classic "My Anntonia". Monday we will also discuss what other books we want to read in upcoming months.

Emma often looks intently as we discuss books. I would like to know what she is thinking? Wouldn't it be interesting to know what dogs think during their day? Emma seems to enjoy going. I call it our favorite store but maybe that is because it is "MY" favorite store. Rosa calls it the "Library Store" because a book store is like a library!!

The weird thing about professional sports is the insanely high salaries they make. I like sports but gosh teachers often scrape by on what they earn and other professions like social workers also. Well I can't change that practice now can I?

Did you hear there is a new MS drug approved by the FDA? I will try to mention it tomorrow and the links to articles about it. The claim is that it can help improve walking for MS patients. That sure would be wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma is doing to watch football!!!

Mary and Emma

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