Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Special Day for Emma

Today will be busy. We have to run to the store and then to Greg;s work for a short time. I will help him set up some tables with items for a Ministry Fair. They are highlighting the many ways students and parishioners can get involved in parish events.

Then we pick up our granddaughters. Off to a play which our friend's children are in. It is the matinee performance. It is sponsored by a church group. The girls will love it and so will we. Then to there house for an early dinner. It is a drive so we hope the girls will nap on there way home to our house (mostly Rosa of course).

Once home we will have a sleepover. How fortunate is that!!!!!!! We will play, maybe watch a video and have treasured time together. Then a slumber party. Giggles, a snack if needed and time together.

We will enjoy the day. We also are celebrating Emma's birthday!! It will be special.

I have to go already to start the day!!!

Mary and Emma

Enjoy your day.

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