Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleepy Time with a friend

Emma loves cuddling up with this Santa Doggy. It is on a sled and will sing. She likes to cuddle up with it. We chuckle as she just loves it. I just leave it in her reach and this is what I find...tucked under her chin. Isn't she cute???

Brr cold today. We went to water exercise, to our Thursday lunch date with girlfriends that we swim with, and then I got my haircut. Yeah for that. We had a good day but the outdoors was so cold. Emma rushed in and out when she had to go to the bathroom too. No lingering today. No interest in the toy I threw for her to fetch either.

Tonight we are cuddling indoors. I don't mean "we" swim but "we" cuddle. I am going to type some things for Greg also. We will be home most of the day tomorrow.

Emma looks so cute when she cuddles her doggy or cuddles with me. She keeps our feet warm in bed too. A welcome guest on a winter night.

Hope all is well with you. Enjoy Friday and have a good weekend.

Mary and Emma

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