Saturday, January 2, 2010

-18 and we went shopping

We went grocery shopping and on an errand with Emma. She needed exercise and we needed food. We could have stayed home but we went to a big store and Emma walked, i scooted around part of the time. I know this is good for her. On her outings outside even she wants it to be fast in this weather - especially at night.

We are spoiled as unless we get close handicap parking Greg drops us off and picks us up at the door. Lots of people were out and about. Some more bundled up than others. It was amazing to see some of them who did not appear to be dressed for the weather. I hope they had extra warm clothes in the car in case of a car stall in the weather.

We worked on laundry today. Greg did the leg work and we did the folding. Emma so kindly handing the socks, wash cloths and things to me out of the basket. She is such a helper. Anything I drop she will pick up. She is my sweetheart for sure.

Greg felt better today after two bad days of pain following the removal of his stent. Each day should be better now. Amazing today he felt good enough to go out! We even celebrated the New Year with lunch together was really busy too. The food was good and service great but boy were they surprised both at the store and eatery that it was so busy. Can't let cold weather keep you in too long when it is MN. For our part we felt the car did need to be driven a bit anyway.

I think Jan is always cold in MN. I remember it from when my kids were little, and in later years when i was a teacher and had bus duty. It is part of winter in MN - not that I like it. I like the four seasons but could skip the really cold stuff thank you very much.

We have a busy week with a dr appointment with the MS Specialist including a vision evaluation, water exercise, and a visit to the MS Society for mtgs there later in the week. Tomorrow after church though I think it will be quiet. The Vikings play and we need them to win.

Life is good despite the cold,

Emma and Mary

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