Thursday, January 21, 2010

Emma's Sweetness

Emma is so sweet. Today we went to water exercise and I forgot to put an essential item in my bag...yep the swim suit. So we had to kill time. Emma normally is by the pool watching as things go on. Waiting in the lobby was at times busier and other times quieter. She was well behaved. I was able to greet some people I know there, answered a few phone calls, and read the paper and she handled it all.

Many people came up to ask about her so we again did some education. I would have rather done the water exercise routine but at least we made it through the time. That sounds weird. Sometimes waiting is tough for me.

Nothing special once home. Our regular routine and a nap. Emma enriched the day by just being with me. She is so darn sweet.

tonight she got me the blanket, picked up items I needed, and cuddled in while we watched a bit of tv. I have been brushing her but she is still shedding like crazy. I never remember this much shedding in the winter but maybe I am just forgetful?

I don't have anything really unique to write. She just was so much fun again today. She brightens my day in so many ways.

Have a good day - Mary and Emma

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