Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wed and We Made It a Good Day

Wed went fast. Greg gets the stent out tomorrow at Mayo! Yeah for that. No news tops that.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We went to water exercise today. It was so busy. Life Guard training, Children Off school having fun with parents, lap swim, and our class. Fun but a bit hard to hear the instructor. I needed the exercise. Emma kept looking at me as more people walked by her. I kept telling her "it's okay" but I think she wanted to say "it's a bit nuts in here". So many people enjoying themselves and that was heart warming to me.

We went outside several times also. I like that Emma gets me off my duff and outside. Today was sunny and cold but still fun to be with here. Okay you know some days I let her out in the fenced yard and watch from the patio door. Today I was out there with her several times and in the front (on leash). We had a great time. She just loves diving in the snow, fetching and frolicking in the snow piles. It is very entertaining to be with her.

She likes the naps though like I do. She keeps my feet warm. Today we also sorted some things and she was lucky. She slept besides me. There are some chores she can't really help with. But she is helpful with things dropped, picking up wet towels, I dropped my phone, and many other things. She is my sweetie for sure.

I hope the blog isn't getting boring. Sometimes i feel like I repeat myself. Emma is just awesome and though when I feel good we get out and about it is always typical things. She is just delightful though and so fun for my days.

Tomorrow I have a medical appointment to start the day and then we will see what happens. Greg will be going to Mayo with my son and not sure if we are going with this week. Hope you are having a good week. A lot of people we know took the week off to really enjoy the holidays. My sister's work shut down for the week and everyone had to take vacation.

Many of my friends are seeing movies. I hear Sherlock Holmes is pretty violent and gory (not on my list to go see). Hope whatever you are doing with family and friends is enjoyable for you.

Love to you all,

Emma the best service dog in the world and mary

Monday, December 28, 2009

Of course that means Emma was with me or under my watchful eye.
Lots of time to have Emma outside...rosa is here visiting. I will write more tomorrow. We are okay.........Mary

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Movie

Greg and Emma and I had a movie date!! We saw It's Complicated and enjoyed it. I think especially people of our age group will appreciate it. Meryl Streep is excellent. Emma rested so nice. It was so nice to go out together.

Emma is enjoying the snow. It was fun to be out there playing with her. She likes most though venturing where it is a bit too deep and drifted for me. She dives in and comes up with a white nose. She frollicks and kind of prances or gallops to get through the deep snow. It will be interesting to see how the winter snow depth goes as it isn't even Jan 1st yet.

Emma is just being great. We have time to snuggle up for a nap now. Hope your holiday weekend is going well for you.

Emma and Mary

More later

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Snowed

Hope your Christmas was Merry. So much prep and poof the days come and go. We will keep our tree up and consider it Christmas at least till Epiphany (Jan 6th). We had a busy weekend.

Wow did it snow here. Snow and snow and snow. Emma is loving it but barely able to create paths in the deep snow but she has and loving it. She gets so tired though after being outside. I love watching her play. Christmas Eve day she was outdoors with my granddaughters and Anna. She had such a wonderful time. She snored and slept when she finally came in. She loves to try to catch snow balls, putting her face in the snow, digging in the snow and just every aspect of snow.

Clearing driveways, cars was not so fun for humans. Sevral people we know had to change holiday plans due to the snow. We had the kids here both Christmas Eve Day and Christmas Day. Anna and Dan stayed over night and boy that was fun. I heard Rosa and Sophia slept together and moved pillows to try to watch out the window for Santa. It was so fun to have them all here.

At the end of opening presents, Rosa summed it up - "I LOVE THIS CHRISTMAS - THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING". Everyone had a good time I think. I have that cough and cold still so wish I would have felt better in that way but gosh it was fun. I love being with our family. We missed Sophia on Christmas Day as she was with her father but we understand. Rosa was full of fun and energy. After playing with games, new things, and old favorites - Rosa and I played house. She just is so delightful.

Later I did get to play scattergories and that was full of laughs too. So despite snow we had a good time. Lily came too my son's dog and she was so good. She and Emma are use to each other and handle things well.

Take good care today. I better get ready. We are going to a movie. I haven't been out of the house much for weeks. Hope I don't cough. I took meds and have things to suck on and so on.

Wishing you continued time with family, friends,,,,,Mary

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Resting and sleeping trying to feel better on Tuesday.

Wed a medical related appointment and then home the rest of the day.

Emma is doing fine. snow is predicted but may be a mixture of ice and rain. Snow easier to deal with I think than Ice. In our opinion, anyway.

Hope all is well with you all.

Mary and Emma

Monday, December 21, 2009

More Snow Is Coming?

They are predicting snow for Wed-Friday and of course I am excited.
Mary went to the doctor and got some more medicines to help her.
She also has to rest and take time to heal.
tonight we are picking up for the cleaning lady
and wrapping presents (just a few left)
then watching tv or heading to bed early.

Tomorrow we will be home all day.
Extra rest is in order and time to play in the snow too.

The stronger cough medicine should help Mary (and I sleep)
We also are enjoying Christmas music.

Wishing you a good week. Wow is it busy around the area. Lots of people shopping we noticed when we went to the doctor and got prescriptions too. Drive careful.

Take care and try not to over do this week.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

We are headed to the doctor again Monday. I just can't kick the cough.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday a breakfast with my siblings . The granddaughters came home with us and my own children were here awhile. Where we met to eat was close by here. The day flew by. We loved having them around and then the granddaughters overnight.

Sunday the Weinand Clan had almost 60 people is my guess at a brunch hosted by Greg's brother. It was such fun. I unfortunately am coughing so much at night that I was a bit tired. Maybe my visit tomorrow will mean a refill on prescription couogh meds or other tips. I was so proud of our family. We had a good time. Rosa and Sophia enjoyed time with the other chilren that are their age.

We came home for a big nap after time outside. tonight the Vikings are playing so Greg is enjoying that. Emma did great in all situations. She got a bit wiggly and we noticed she needed to get outside. Then all was fine.

I bet the holidays are keeping you busy. I just have to get more done but first to feel better so i sleep better at night. What a great time of year to appreciate family and to you and yours.

Emma and Mary

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Home All Day

Sleeping, resting so I will be well for the Christmas Celebrations we have this weekend. Making sure Emma gets out and I watch her from the patio door. She plays and yet keeps her eyes on me to see where I am at. Once I bundled so I could throw her a ball and stuff in my boots and coat etc. But the rest of the outings she went out while I watched from the patio door. I am sleeping a lot, resting. Emma is being a big helper so that is good and so comforting also.

Stay warm and as healthy as you can. In MN this is a sunny but very cold day for Dec or so it seems. But remember we live in MN. Every year adjusting to the cold seems tough.

Emma loves the snow. She is enjoying putting her face in. The deeper the better. This is not "new". She comes up face covered in snow and doesn't mind a bit. I do have to really check her ears with the moisture. I towel them a bit if she gets them too snowy. Usually she snuggles into a blanket anyway and I think that helps.

Emma and I wish you a nice day.

Mary and Emma

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sick with a very bad cold that for me means it impacts my breathing due to my asthma and lung issues. I am already on an antibiotic so hoping that and lots of sleep/rest helps. emma is being just super like always.

Don't worry. Today we go to the diabetic educator as she needs to set pump for the new insulin type that I will now use regularily. Greg needs a lab test. He plans to go to work Tues and has to go Thursday also. Not sure though if he can make it rhough a full day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Specials

I cry over all of them

I don't recall endings as MS has impacts on memory

Emma and I and Greg enjoy them

Also Christmas Music

Note I blogged twice.

Emma Amazes Me Like Always

Emma and I got out shopping a bit and she was wonderful. I am so happy to report how amazing she was in her behavior. She really can shine. I had my walker and we are a bit wide in the aisles of one of the two stores we went to. She was so patient and handled it all well. We got so many compliments. We also went early and got a lot done. Thanks to a friend who got me out of the house. Now I feel at least a bit prepared for Christmas.

With Greg home we also have done more on-line shopping than ever before. That has also been new to us and helpful.

Emma loves this snow. She is really entertaining us with her antics. She likes to dive in and only her rear side shows. Out at the mall I let her go into a pile that was a big large due to nearby shoveling. Those passing by chuckled and stopped even on this brr cold day to watch her. This time almost only her tail stuck out of the soft deep snow. Now this is a treat. As the winter goes on those big snow piles melt a bit and then they are not soft like now. She loved it today.

Now like children you don't let her do this if it is by the road. snow plows make great piles but slipping into the street would be awful. Also when I need to go in or out right away she will be at my side. She knows to wait for my permission to get into the snow. She is just so cute.

It is also interesting to see in the fresh snow her paw print patterns in the snow. YES my girl does winter or summer like to scout out the permeter of the yard. The most paw prints are around the course of the fence. She also has her prints where she runs as I toss things to her or when she scampers in to answer my call "Emma NOW" when it is time to come in. She might look at me with eyes that say "can't we stay out longer?" but comes in well for me from the yard. Her solo night time outings (I watch from the patio door) she makes quick. Yeah Emma as it is when I am ready for bed.

I did rest today and tonight too. Shopping was not long. Amazing how much we got done though. My cold seemed better today. I will rest a lot this weekend for sure.

Time to cuddle up and go back to watching a holiday movie with her. Imagine us on the love seat. Both of US (and I am not a small person) and a nice warm blanket.

I am very pleased with the results of my insulin pump.

Have a good weekend. Our next weekend after is plum full so we have to get rest in the upcoming days.

Emma and Mary

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home all day today.
Mary has a sore throat and cold so we skipped swimming.
Didn't keep me from enjoying the snow though it is cold.

Greg home today too.
Brr a good day to stay in and stay warm for folks.
But fun for ME to have my breaks outside.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A picture of Emma and one of the toys she loves in the snow. I think target and REI sell them if you need ideas for Santa.

Snow to Play In

Hi to All,

Emma and I enjoyed playing fetch in the snow. Yes I uncovered her favorite toy (snow or sun) for outside. Oh yes she likes a plain old ball too. It is so fun to see her scamper through the snow and send it flying while she digs for her toy or the ball or whatever. This dog just loves getting her face wet in the snow also. She just has delight in her eyes and body language. She is a bit tired now. She will go outside again but as temps drop I will stand at the patio door rather than bundle up and go out with her. We sure love the fenced in yard.

A kind neighbor cleared our driveway of snow. Greg tried to do some himself but it was too painful. I can barely walk due to MS and breathing issues in the cold - so I am of no help. I just am so tired that I did not get many indoor chores done either. Not that I get a lot done but I normally get a few more quiet chores done. Tonight I have just a few dishes and then relax. I hope to address some Christmas cards but am not sending many this year.

we are using some computer sites to christmas shop. What a mess today. The ups delivered a package that had something heavy and also something fragile but with very little padding. So you guessed it the fragile things were broken - I don't know who would think to put them in the same package. How nuts is that??

Emma and I enjoyed a full day at home. The temps are suppose to be cold tonight so I am hoping not to freeze going to water exercise. I have a very warm coat, scarf and mittens that don't match the coat. But the air and water by the pool will seem cold. It always does when there is a big drop in temperature outside. Hard to explain but we plan to go. My bag is packed. Just like when i worked, i always have my bag packed ahead of time. Emma will go with me eagerly. Thursday is the day we normally go somewhere for lunch (nothing fancy) but we will see if participants want to get home rather than get out again in the cold?

Greg is going to try to do some computer work from home if he feels better tomorrow.

Emma and I are almost ready to curl up to watch a christmas show on tv. i love the christmas season. Hope all is well with you. Try not to stress this holiday season (am I talking to you or me?).

Wishing you the best, Emma and Mary

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hi on Tuesday

It has been snowing and Emma is enjoying those trips outside. We had water exercise and she did great there like always.
Not much news other than that tonight. I will write tomorrow when I am not so tired. A big winter storm is forecast for southern MN but not sure how much will hit us here. We have probably 1.5 inches already. I would guess there are children and teachers praying for a "snow day" - no school due to the snow. In southern Mn they predict winds making it a blizzard. How much it hits us as we live NW of some of the area - I am not sure.

Emma had a good day. She will go out again now before we get ready for bed. I know she will be smiling as she puts her face in the snow.

Wishing you all a good day.....Mary and Emma

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Wonderful Emma

We went to a 2.5 hour training for my insulin pump. Emma did just great. During a break she got outside for a brief time...most the time she just was so calm laying on her blanket and waiting. I will never get over how amazing it is to me that service dogs will on command lay down in the space you designate and be content there for hour or hours. She shows off those skills at medical appointments, church, movies, when i swim, among other times....she is amazing.

I am picking up for the cleaning lady. Emma is helping with that also. She is more than willing to help me when I drop a newspaper (my tremoring hands) She helps pick up anything I drop and I mean almost anything. Okay she will leave food as I instruct her to do so. But clothing as I put things away, and kitchen items, just anything. She is my great helper.

She also is so connected to me for moral support. She is at my side almost constantly. Funny sometimes I sit in a recliner but sometimes I prefer the couch or love seat to watch tv. Guess what she prefers? Yep when I am on the couch or love seat so that she can snuggle right with me. Her body touching mine. Or nap time where again we cuddle up.

Now in case your curious, Helping Paws does not train dogs to be on furniture. That was MY choice once I had Emma. If I need her to she will rest on the pillow/bed that is just for her in the living room (like when we have company) or the bedroom. At meal time she goes under the table. When we have company for a holiday if there is not enough room she will go in the corner (my dinning room is so small) or on the pillow/bed in the living room.

She makes me smile. Her facial expressions crack me up. She has a certain look when I know she "wants to" or "needs to" go outside. I know the real look and she seldom fakes me out. At home she likes to cruise the back yard but she also knows to go quickly (at home or out and about( if I say "go NOW". She knows that statement.

I am so darn proud of her handling the ups and downs of my life. My quiet days, our busy days, she handles them all just fine!!! She is skilled in all areas that I need her to be.

I am concerned that readers might have misudnerstood a posting last week when I said we practiced all day. I guess more accurately we very deliberately used all the skills and reinforced with extra treats or attention. I think Emma is so good at obeying me that I don't need to use lots of training treats (Low cal). So once in awhile I think it is good for her to get a bit more treats as we do our cues (commands) and even more than normal physical reinforcement. Remember I am a former elementary teacher. A little extra reinforcement is good for the spirit I think - it is a fun day for both of us. I did NOT mean she was working poorly with me, or would not work without this day of "practice". She just amazes me on a daily basis with her many skills!!!!

Oh yes it is starting to snow. We are sneaking out for a needed haircut for me. It is suppose to snow more tomorrow and Tuesday into Wed night. Some places will get a total of a foot of snow!!!!!!!!!! Now we are on the edge so probably will not get the full amount. (sorry Emma) but Emma will enjoy the time outside. Here is another gift she gives me. She gets me outside many times to play with her in a day or in the dark i stand and watch her play. She enriches my life in so many ways.

Everywhere we go people remember "Emma". It is funny how many will say "and I forgot YOUR name". Emma is doing just great and yes we are keeping up with brushing teeth after she had a dental cleaning. Like when I went to the dentist now I am better about flossing ha ha.

Thanks for reading this long blog....Mary and Emma

Sunday, December 6, 2009

from Mary

Emma and I had an awesome but very busy day.

Greg ventured out to do three things
1. He was a lector at our local church
2. He stopped at the church he works at
3. He went to brunch with the university youth who serve as "peer ministers" and help with his programs

Then he came home and was so worn out. He had to sleep a long time.

You guessed it -
Emma and I went to church with him
Went to work with him
Went to the brunch but sat with Mike (my son who drove) and Tia and Rosa

Rosa came home with us and hung out with us
Mike did some laundry and Tia studied for school most of the time
Our son Dan also joined us

Emma was super at churchm- both of them
Emma was great at brunch (the manager at first thought she was not allowed - but was polite when we explained)
She was superb and needed to be as they kept their eyes on us

Rosa hugs Emma and told me she loves her
Emma was very good at home too
We went outside and she came right in when told to do so
She had great behavior indoors too
Rosa and I cuddled to watch a movie with Dora and Emma joined us (too cute)

Now I just brought Emma out and she was great
I can't imagine life without her
At church (both of them) people praise her and I do less reminding of not to pet her (they have learned)

Tomorrow I have a training to learn to use my insulin pump for better control of my diabetes
She will have to sit 2.5 hours though Greg will be there and my son Michael if she has potty needs
My guess is she will lay on her blanket just fine

One thing she is good at is bringing things from myself to Greg and visa versa
A newspaper, a small towel, the remote, the newspaper, anything we need and it is so appreciated right now especially

Emma went to the movie with me Friday
that still amazes me how quiet she is
it gives me a kick to hear the other movie goers always say
"there was a dog in here"?

We get the same reaction in church from people who have not seen her before.
To those children and adults she has become the "church dog".
One of our priests says it just isn't the same without her.

Emma is so special to me.
I am so darn proud of her.
She is a blessing every day and every minute!!

We are headed to bed very soon.
Vikings football is not over
But my son Danny will keep Greg company.
Emma and i need to sleep - big time.

Mary and Emma

Saturday, December 5, 2009

from Emma


Good possibility for Tuesday and Wednesdau
where we live.

Sunday and monday a possible light dusting
for here

I just can't wait!!!
Isn't that wonderful for snow lovers??
I can't wait.

Mary is concerned about the shoveling
Not sure Greg can handle it

Also Greg works for awhile tomorrow
Mary is worried it will be too much for him
But it is HIS choice
Mike will drive him so if he gets too tired
to drive home.

Mary and Greg sorted out their office part of today
Tossed, sort, and donate things that found there way in to that room

Now they are so tired out
so I am writing.

I enjoyed being outside with Mary or Greg
Only a dusting of snow in our yard
But I still roll in it
And it didn't melt

Snow is on the way

Hope you are Having a good weekend


Friday, December 4, 2009

from Emma

We are having a good day today.

We went to the movie Everybody's Fine
I slept through it but Mary enjoyed it
We slept late!
I didn't even wake them to eat
So my breakfast was at 9:30
Very late for me.

There is a dusting of snow
which makes the back yard even more fun for me
Now we are relaxing

Greg went out for two errands
Now he is worn out
He tries to do too much
He will need to just sleep or sit
the rest of the night says Mary.

It is snowing a little and pretty
I can't wait for more snow to play in
Mary says she is not in a hurry
to have more. snow
Why is that???
I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going outside with Mary
Then we have some laundry to fold
I take it out of the basket and hand it to her
some newspapers to pick up
and then time to make supper
I am ready to pick up anything that drops!!

Thanks for reading this blog
It is fun to help Mary write it.
So glad she is feeling better

Hey Monk Fans - friday night (tonight)
is the season finale I think.
We love that show.


Have a good day and weekend

fom Emma

Mary didn't feel very good Thursday
A good friend drove her home early from swimming.
She went right to bed and slept all afternoon

Greg cared for me till Mary got up
She slept a lot so sometimes I slept with her
Sometimes I went outside with Greg

It is in the night now and Mary feels better
We think it was MS related
Sometimes MS gives you bad days

Mary was able to move her arms again
Pet me and cuddle with me

Now we are up at an odd time
I don't care I just am glad she feels better

Yeah light dusting of snow yesterday
I love snow


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From Emma

HI Folks,

This was a day of practice
We went to an appointment
The counselors dog was there yesterday
All those smells it was interesting
practice leave it, drop (gosh and just smelling would have been fun)
While waiting = practice the leash, practice my lap, etc etc
Then into the office and MORE dog smells
Yep drop, yep leave it - I was very obedient
When done waiting for a ride = practice get the leash
At home - practice fetching outdoors, practice stop, practice look, practice practice

OK don't feel really sorry for me I did get extra incentives (treats and pets) for all this
We also went to lunch with a friend, and to the dentist
Honestly none is new just used the cues we use all the time
And Mary deliberately did the ones we don't use as often while practicing at home

Well napping was easy and we did that
Then Greg was able to drive and we celebrated by a quick supper out

A little extra reinforcement Mary says - helps keep me sharp
I didn't mind - I liked all the attention
I liked getting out of the house and so did Mary
I liked the extra treats and petting

Mary calls it "practice' or "working"
I call it FUN
We had a good day.

Greg does have an infection but believe it or not is still feeling a bit better!!! We are so glad for that.

Have a good day.
Mary says come sit by the Christmas Tree and watch Rudolph with her...snuggling sounds good to me anyday.