Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow to Play In

Hi to All,

Emma and I enjoyed playing fetch in the snow. Yes I uncovered her favorite toy (snow or sun) for outside. Oh yes she likes a plain old ball too. It is so fun to see her scamper through the snow and send it flying while she digs for her toy or the ball or whatever. This dog just loves getting her face wet in the snow also. She just has delight in her eyes and body language. She is a bit tired now. She will go outside again but as temps drop I will stand at the patio door rather than bundle up and go out with her. We sure love the fenced in yard.

A kind neighbor cleared our driveway of snow. Greg tried to do some himself but it was too painful. I can barely walk due to MS and breathing issues in the cold - so I am of no help. I just am so tired that I did not get many indoor chores done either. Not that I get a lot done but I normally get a few more quiet chores done. Tonight I have just a few dishes and then relax. I hope to address some Christmas cards but am not sending many this year.

we are using some computer sites to christmas shop. What a mess today. The ups delivered a package that had something heavy and also something fragile but with very little padding. So you guessed it the fragile things were broken - I don't know who would think to put them in the same package. How nuts is that??

Emma and I enjoyed a full day at home. The temps are suppose to be cold tonight so I am hoping not to freeze going to water exercise. I have a very warm coat, scarf and mittens that don't match the coat. But the air and water by the pool will seem cold. It always does when there is a big drop in temperature outside. Hard to explain but we plan to go. My bag is packed. Just like when i worked, i always have my bag packed ahead of time. Emma will go with me eagerly. Thursday is the day we normally go somewhere for lunch (nothing fancy) but we will see if participants want to get home rather than get out again in the cold?

Greg is going to try to do some computer work from home if he feels better tomorrow.

Emma and I are almost ready to curl up to watch a christmas show on tv. i love the christmas season. Hope all is well with you. Try not to stress this holiday season (am I talking to you or me?).

Wishing you the best, Emma and Mary

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