Wednesday, December 2, 2009

From Emma

HI Folks,

This was a day of practice
We went to an appointment
The counselors dog was there yesterday
All those smells it was interesting
practice leave it, drop (gosh and just smelling would have been fun)
While waiting = practice the leash, practice my lap, etc etc
Then into the office and MORE dog smells
Yep drop, yep leave it - I was very obedient
When done waiting for a ride = practice get the leash
At home - practice fetching outdoors, practice stop, practice look, practice practice

OK don't feel really sorry for me I did get extra incentives (treats and pets) for all this
We also went to lunch with a friend, and to the dentist
Honestly none is new just used the cues we use all the time
And Mary deliberately did the ones we don't use as often while practicing at home

Well napping was easy and we did that
Then Greg was able to drive and we celebrated by a quick supper out

A little extra reinforcement Mary says - helps keep me sharp
I didn't mind - I liked all the attention
I liked getting out of the house and so did Mary
I liked the extra treats and petting

Mary calls it "practice' or "working"
I call it FUN
We had a good day.

Greg does have an infection but believe it or not is still feeling a bit better!!! We are so glad for that.

Have a good day.
Mary says come sit by the Christmas Tree and watch Rudolph with her...snuggling sounds good to me anyday.

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