Sunday, December 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

We are headed to the doctor again Monday. I just can't kick the cough.

We had a nice weekend. Saturday a breakfast with my siblings . The granddaughters came home with us and my own children were here awhile. Where we met to eat was close by here. The day flew by. We loved having them around and then the granddaughters overnight.

Sunday the Weinand Clan had almost 60 people is my guess at a brunch hosted by Greg's brother. It was such fun. I unfortunately am coughing so much at night that I was a bit tired. Maybe my visit tomorrow will mean a refill on prescription couogh meds or other tips. I was so proud of our family. We had a good time. Rosa and Sophia enjoyed time with the other chilren that are their age.

We came home for a big nap after time outside. tonight the Vikings are playing so Greg is enjoying that. Emma did great in all situations. She got a bit wiggly and we noticed she needed to get outside. Then all was fine.

I bet the holidays are keeping you busy. I just have to get more done but first to feel better so i sleep better at night. What a great time of year to appreciate family and to you and yours.

Emma and Mary

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