Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Home From the Hospital Again

I was in the hospital Mon-Tuesday for tests and an asthma problems etc. I am off to an appointment and will write more later. I got home yesterday but slept. Emma was the hit of the show at the hospital. More late-- Mary and Emma

Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Day to Shop, Lunch and Relax

Emma, Greg, and I went shopping. We checked on some recliners that we will get in later January (yeah we need the seating), went grocery shopping (imagine I didn't buy anything else at the super Target), went to Menards for home fix up items and best of all went for a lunch at the Irish Pub. It was so relaxing and yummy. We had seafood chowder and shared fish and chips. Then home for a late nap.

To be sure there are chores around here I planned to do. It was a good day though. Supper was left overs and I had the whole day to enjoy with Greg. We had a very relaxing enjoyable day. Maybe tomorrow we can tackle some of those projects? It isn't even 9 pm here and I am pretty tired.

We are doing well. Hope you are finding time to relax after Christmas. Wishing you sweet dreams.

Mary and Emma

Friday, December 26, 2008

We Slept

Twas the day after Christmas and a few weeks after the wedding and we slept. Yes we slept most of the day. I guess i needed it. Greg even slept more than normal (not as much as I did). We made sure Emma got out to play as it was warm today. She seemed more than willing to nap a lot also. Hope you had a relaxing day. No other news or thoughts today.

Mary and Emma

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Memories

My Christmas was Wonder- filled. We started Christmas Eve with a wonderful Mass at our church at 3:30 pm. Great for me I had a nap and it wasn't too late or too early. Rosa, Mike, and Tia went with us. The Mass was for families and very uplifting.

We came home and Danny (pictured), and Anna were here complete with their gear to sleep over. (which included their lap top computers ha ha). Becky stopped by and they finished some wrapping for us. Becky had to go to her in-laws so I missed her a bit but understood. We had a nice supper. Barbequing steak on the grill was an awesome treat. We had such a nice evening with everyone. I went to sleep to wait for Santa by about 10. Dan and Anna were uptill late but Greg and I just couldnt keep our eyes open. Rosa got to open her new pajamas and was so thrilled.

Christmas Day they rolled in around noon. Anna and Dan were here to help us prepare. We had a wonderful dinner. Greg is the head cook and made both a large turkey breast and bone in ham...we all ate well. Sophia and Rosa were patient as we did not open presents till after our meal. Rosa showed us this year (age 2) she really knew how to unwrap those packages. Sophia also had fun.

The rest of the day we played. We found the block set Rosa received entertained all age levels. Sophia decided she for sure believed in Santa and told me she heard him last night. Mike and Tia and family had to leave around 4 but the rest stayed till late. We played games and chatted and laughed a was good medicine for my soul.

Emma and Lily slept through it all. They both got comfy and just ignored us except for some fun trips out in the snow. Poor lily almost got lost in the snow. I wish I had taken more pictures today but I didn't. I started the day with a migraine so was glad to feel better as the day went on.

I will still be playing the Christmas Songs a bit because I started so late in listening to them. I still have holiday videos. My Christmas tree will be up a while also...I am not done enjoying the season till after Epiphany.

I hope your Christmas was Joyful. I prayed for those who are alone or suffering on this most blessed day.

I am off to bed. Not sure what Emma and I will be up to tomorrow. We can sleep late so that is a good thing.
Merry Christmas

Emma and Mary

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Pajamas

Happiness is new Christmas Pajamas. Rosa was able to open one present tonight at our house. She was delighted and went home in the new jammies.

Merry Christmas. Mass was at 3:30 and so crowded. Emma did well despite how crowded it was. We had a nice evening.

Mary and Emma

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I checked my camera for the few pictures I actually took the wedding date. I love this picture of Becky the first time we saw her in her gown. The sweater had such lovely fur trim. It was cute. She was beautiful. The groom, Justin smiled nonstop. In this picture he is with his brother Michael whom I use to tutor in reading. In his toast Michael talked about how much he admired Justin. I think it shows in the picture. Michael is the one who helped me so much in taking Emma outside during the rehersal day and wedding day. I have a special place in my heart for all of them.

I think I have to brush up on my camera skills for Christmas. Some of the others I have taken are a bit blurry or the lighting is not correct. You will also see a picture of Sophia with her friend on her 9th birthday. We had a fun party at the Space Alien restuarant in Blaine. Fun for all ages.

Today I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have most presents wrapped. I am spoiled as my cleaning woman is here working away. My tree looks good and I am excited for the time with my family. In picture Sophia is the one standing. We will see her Christmas Day for awhile.

I plan to write tomorrow but if i don't find time enjoy Christmas Eve day and evening. Merry Christmas from Emma and I. i will watch her closely but she seems to feel better now. Time to take her outside again.

Merry Christmas - mary and Emma

Unfortunately Emma got sick last night. What a mess to clean up. She seems okay but is quieter than normal today. I am letting her sleep in her bed where she seems comfortable. I am checking on her often. Normally she is right at my side all day. i don't think we are going anywhere today. She has perked up on her outings to the back yard though. I think that is good. She is jumping through the snow and enjoying the fresh stuff that came last night. Yes we got a few more inches. Greg will snow plow when he gets home. He had hoped for time off but has needed to work these days..

We plan to watch the movie It's A Wonderful Life tonight. It always makes me cry but I enjoy it so much. I still have two kinds of cookies I hope to make for Christmas. I don't make a lot of differnet kinds anymore - never did do as many as some people do. At this point in my life my excuse is that i would eat too many. My New Years resolution is to eat healthier. I need to give that some serious attention.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Week


We started our week out with a fun brunch with a friend. We had a nice meal and great conversation. Next stop home to play in the snow (Emma loves that) and a nap (I love that0. I wish I didn't need so much sleep but I do - that is very common with MS.
Mid afternoon I went with my son Michael Christmas shopping. We were only gone a few hours so I left Emma alone. Don't ask me why I just did. Once in awhile it is good for her to handle being alone.

Well Emma got into mischeif. She ate some Christmas cookies off the table. Fortunately their were only a few and non were chocholate. But they were in plastic and she opened it up to get at the paper bowl with some goodies. I wonder if she truly was hungry or if she was stressed being alone? I am very glad it was nothing that would harm her. i never have her "put" things on the table but somehow she used that skill to take things "off" the table. What a dog.

I just heard that for Christmas Eve my son Danny and daughter Anna are going to stay overnight. Yeah for that. Won't it be fun.
Michael and Tia and Rosa will be here both days though not staying overnight. Of course Santa comes to their house and Sophia won't join them till later Christmas Eve as she will be with her dad. I am getting very excited about the celebration. I think it will be a lot of fun spending time together. That is my best present to receive - time with my family. How great is it that I have everyone in town. The whole gang will be here Christmas Day hurray for that.

My gift giving is limited this year due to unexpected bills (a crown, a big car repair etc). My family will understand but it is tough on me not to give as much as I had hoped for...but I think in this economy a lot of people are feeling the blues about the economy. Time with family is the true gift afterall now isn't it?

My cleaning lady comes tomorrow. My living room has Christmas gifts are in there and need to be wrapped. Other tiding up I need to do. She cleans floors, scrubs my kitchen and bathroom, vacuums the steps and things like that. It is a big help to us.
It always lifts my spirits.

I really hope this finds you doing well. I am including a poem that came on the email.

WINTER IN Minnesota

It's winter in Minnesota
And the gentle breezes blow
Seventy miles an hour
At twenty-five below

Oh, how I love Minnesota
When the snow's up to your butt
You take a breath of winter
And your nose gets frozen shut

Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around
I could never leave Minnesota
'Cause I'm frozen to the ground

I don't know who wrote this but heard from my friend Gerri who lives near Seatle that they too have snow and cold. I think so much of the country has colder than normal temps right now. So if you are in a cold zone, stay cozy warm. Think of my friend Jan who is now in Mexico.

The picture is from a few years ago - notice Rosa is not in it. We will have to get a group photo this year. They did take one of our family at the wedding but I guess we won't see them till January.

Thinking of you - stay warm - Emma and Mary

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wedding Photos to Share

You will see a picture of my daughter dancing with her new husband. For some reason photos are loading slow tonight so I will try to do more tomorrow. Again, the photographer is my friend Gerri. She gave us such great digital photos. I did not take photos I was too busy enjoying the event. I hope to get prints from Becky's photographer. The wedding was the 13th. Did I mention it was also the date Greg and I got engaged over 32 years ago?

Today Emma and I stayed home. I didn't blog yesterday. We went to breakfast with my siblings and my Aunt despite a snow storm and most my children were there too. I am so glad they came to add to the fun and conversation. We did some errands, napped and then went out in the evening to Christmas Shop and to have dinner. It was a big day for Emma and I.

Of course Emma likes the accumulating snow. She likes to dive into it any time I let her do so. Today she enjoyed running through it in her own yard. She must have seen something as she barked at something but I had to call her in so she doesn't bark a lot. She came in like a good dog of course. Last night she had to go out late and Greg took her out. That time she rushed in and out without even being called. She knows when it is really cold. Smart dog.

Back to the wedding. Becky is slowly moving things to her place. They have some things to fix up before they move in. I can't believe she is married. I will try adding some more photos tomorrow.

My friend Jan's family decided Friday to go to Mexico for Christmas. They are going tomorrow already. She is so excited but has to be up at to leave her house at 4:30 am. I know she will be so excited that won't be difficult like it would be for other reasons My friend Terri, is headed to her second home in Florida. I wonder if any of you are headed somewhere warm?
It sounds fun and adventuresome.

We better head to bed. My vision is a bit blurry due to fatigue. I hope you had a good weekend. I will write more on Monday.

Take care and have a wonderful week. Mary and Emma

Photos are wedding couple with my daughter Anna (in red). My son Mike (blue tie) and Dan giving a toast. Finally my husband Greg who welcomed people and said the Grace Before the MEal. What a fun family. Bummer I do not have a picture of Tia in this batch of pictures. My friend Jan also took some pictures but I don't have those yet.

Friday, December 19, 2008


My cousin who lives in the San Diego Dessert got snow these past days and so did we. Emma is like the happiest dog on earth. Imagine her delight as she dives into the snow. Pushing her face into the white cold snow is her passion. Then she rolls a bit in it. She only has her back end out of the snow. If this keeps up and it is a snowy year she will be delighted as the inches increase. My goodness does she love the snow. She has been in every inch almost of our back yard exploring the snow. Oh how cute it is to watch her enjoy the white snow. It seems to twinkle at night. She just loves it.

Last week at this time, we were preparing for the wedding. It was the wedding rehersal day. The pictures above are of that day. All the wedding pictures and past days have been from my friend Gerri (from Seattle) who snapped pictures throughout the days. I miss having her here.

The rehersal made me cry even as I anticipated my baby "girl" being a married woman. When Dan was expected Becky was three. She did not want to give up being the baby. So when Danny was born we decided she could be the baby girl and he would be the baby boy. It stuck so I still call her my baby girl at times. Hurray I think today they got there house! I haven't talked to her yet but that was the plan as of last night. hurray for Becky and Justin.

The rehersal for the wedding went smoothly though we started late. Deacon Dave took enough time that we all knew what to expect but not so much time that we were bored or anything. It helped the wedding flow smoothly. The casual dinner after the wedding was a lot of fun also. Yummy they served a special kind of pizza that i really like and so did others. Rosa kept us entertained. Doesn't she look happy playing with the bride (Becky).

We all had such fun. I can't believe it was a week ago. I am so proud to have my family and grateful. I have the most awesome children, grandchildren, husband, and son-in-law and daughter in-law...I feel blessed.

The pictures show a lot of Rosa as she was so peppy that night. You can also see Sophia walking away from the table and her mom Tia making a funny face for the camera and Mike. Enjoy the pictures - I couldn't pick which one so you have a bunch to look at about this event. Emma was under the table and not photographed.

Now time to get ready for Christmas. The movie White Christmas is on Life Time tonight and is a favorite of mine so that will be fun. I'd wrap gifts but I only have a few. I need to plan and then shop for my gang. Hope your weekend is happy. More snow is coming our way... Mary and Emma

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday -

Emma and I went on Metro Mobility to my Lung Specialist. They are still concerned about my lungs and my breathing capacity. I go for a follow up CAT scan in three weeks to check a spot on my lungs where there is an infiltrate. Then the next week see the Specialist again and also for some other tests. They think I need to say on prednisone (bummer) which is tough on the diabetes but helps my lungs. I hope things improve in the next month.

The good news is we had a blast at Sophia's birthday party. It was at a place called Space Aliens besides food they have those games for kids and adults where they win tickets for prizes. Sophia brought a friend, all my kids were there, and two sets of grandparents so 13 in all. Everyone had fun. Rosa too.

I am off to bed and will write more tomorrow. I can't believe our darling Sophia is 9. Emma did fine at all the activities today.
It was a long Metro Mobility ride (over an hour) but she managed just fine. The location if we had gone directly was not that long but they picked up another rider and dropped her at her destination first. I was almost car sick it took so long. Oh well we got there and that is what is important.

Off for bed. Perhaps pictures of the wedding rehersal and rehersal party tomorrow night. HURRAY Rebecca and Justin are suppose to close on there home tomorrow. Finally they have waited for that day.

Have a good day. I think it is suppose to snow here tonight and tomorrow. I hope not too much Sat morning as we have breakfast plans with my siblings, my children, and my Aunt...

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holiday preparations - Mary and Emma

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun with Friends before the wedding day

The Thursday before the wedding our friends Dave and Gerri came out to our house. They insisted I take a nap while Gerri read a book. Emma was glad for the nap too. The men ran errands. one trip included the dry cleaner where they found they lost a shirt we needed for the wedding. So that meant a trip to purchase a new shirt to be pressed. Dinner was made by the men (don't worry I got clean up duty ha ha). It was a sea food pasta, big salad, bread and yummy. Spontaneous plans sometimes are the best. Happily our other college friends Montana (yes nicknamed because of where he lived) and Deb and there boys joined us.

The boys were very happy to see Emma. In the picture I think you can see how they wanted to lay on the floor to be with her. She enjoyed there petting her (she was off duty). At the wedding they helped me by taking her outside a few times to do her duty. Overall though they are active young men they were so gentle and good to Emma.

The evening was a delight as it brought old friends together. The three men were in the college seminary together. They chose to marry so all continued their career as lay ministers (we are Catholic) and now Dave is an ordained Deacon. He celebrated the marriage of Rebecca and Justin.

This was just the first full day of five tremendous days with friends. I am sure glad my health held up.

Fatigue hit me today and Emma and I took an over three hour nap. I woke up when a friend called. I needed the rest. Tomorrow we are headed to a dr appt with lung specialist. I am a bit nervous as it will be a longer Metro Mobility ride and I hope I get their on time. You have to allow time for them to pick up other riders going the same way at that time of day.
I have seen this doctor only at the hospital so we will see how it goes.

Stay warm. I hear many parts of the country are cooler than normal. We are cozy and warm. Yeah the Christmas tree is decorated. Happily tomorrow we celebrate Sophia's 9th birthday with a fun dinner. Yeah for that. I love her so much. I hope she likes the gifts I bought her.

Take care, Mary and Emma

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Emma's Busy Week

This is a picture of Emma and I greeting our friends at a light rail station after they arrived from Seattle. We of course brought Emma to all the events of the almost a week of fun, friends and family. As you can see our friends arrived to see snow to remind them of when they lived here. We are told they arrived home to colder than normal temps in Seattle and a cold house since their heating system was not working - brr.

The first night Emma got a big taste of what the week entailed for her. We greeted friends and then took them to the hotel. i told you Emma snuggled in the back with Gerri and I. Keeping me warm for sure.. Then we gathered at the Apple Bee's at the hotel and chatted for a few hours. Lots of catching up, old memories, new tales of what our kids were up to, what our life was like - lots of laughter and no end to the enjoyment of one another's company. We had such fun the first night I couldn't believe it was just a start to the festivities.

We came home late but our Becky (the bride) was up and had some time for a quiet chat. That was rare the busy days before the wedding. Having her home again for a few months gave us some meals together, and at least some times to chat. Now I have to get use to a quieter house again. I was spoiled to be able to chat with her again now and then as she lived here. I treasured that time. Now she is a married woman and I wish her well.

Each day the past week it has been fun to share with family and friends. I am an steroids for my asthma till i see the dr at the end of the week so I am sure that helped me in my ability to walk and function. We had such a good week. Emma was really so well behaved. In some ways she didn't work as hard due to my abilities, but in other ways she had to really handle a lot of situations with new people and new surroundings. I am so proud of her.

Today we went to water exercise and I think Emma really snoozed as I swam. i bet she was tired. Then home for a nap and she watched me put lights on the Christmas Tree. She watched with great interest. Then I washed dished which just bored her I think ha ha. Tonight there are some Christmas shows on cable channels that I hope to watch if Greg doesn't mind.

With the wedding we weren't focused much on Christmas. Now it is just next week and I have things to do. More than anything I will appreciate the gift of family and time together.

Wow this is long...thanks for reading it all. I have more highlights of the week to share and some pictures.

Hope all is well with you. I will be glad when we see improvement in the economy. So much bad news reported on tv and of course I have two children needing employment - ugh. I worry so much about them...but one day at a time I guess. I also pray a lot for patience.

Wishing you a good day, Emma and Mary

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another Active Day

Monday, My goodness another active day. I think I need sleep soon. We had fun with Dave and Gerri. I spent some time at Greg's work in the morning as he had things to do. In the afternoon we had such fun. We went to the Global Market shopped, had lunch, and chatted away. Dave and Gerri are the nicest friends. I cried after leaving them at the airport. I will miss them. They haven't lived here for many many years but it seems like yesterday. We never ran out of things to chat about, we laughed and had such a fantastic time with them these past days. I wish we did not live so far away. They live happily in Seatle. I don't think they miss MN winters. The ice yesterday and cold temps today (wind chill -24) reminded them why they like to live where they do. They are just the most special friends. Their presence made the wedding and the entire week so special. Dave is a gifted Deacon and Gerri has a gentle kind presence. It was just so great to have them here.

We had one stop after the airport and then headed home for supper and watched some tv. I think Emma liked some of the smells at the global market. They have interesting shops and also eateries. Lots of new smells for her. She rested on the cement floor while we chatted. I didn't bring a blanket in for her. She didn't seem to mind.

Emma did not mind the cold at all. She just keeps putting her nose in the white snow and wiggling her face and body in the small snow banks. Gosh that dog loves the snow. She comes up covered in white and looks like she is smiling. What a sweetie.

While our guests were with us - Gerri and I snuggled in the back seat with Emma. Emma likes to snuggle in with her head on my shoulder. It helps me get warm. She sometimes falls asleep with her head on my shoulder.

I hope our friends have a good flight home. Gerri reads this so I will tell her thanks again. She took some neat pictures while here and I will try to figure out how to post some here.

Tuesday we have swimming if I have the energy to go. I might need to stay home and rest. It is suppose to be very cold. It is also windy here so that makes it feel even worse. There is a weather advisory here due to the cold weather.

Off to snuggle in. Emma likes to sleep between us especially on cold nights. I have to get use to Becky not living here anymore.

Hope you are all well. I will tell you more about the wedding during the week.
Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

Wedding News

The wedding weekend has been a buzz with activity. Today we are soon off to see our out of town friends. Shopping and lunch are planned before they go to the airport late afternoon. I am tired but so pleased with how everything has gone. I think Justin and Rebecca had an awesome wedding day. Here are some highlights:

- Yeah we had a good day 35 degree temps. An ice and snow storm hit Sunday afternoon.

- Emma was awesome. At the reception mostly layed under a table. Justin's brother (I use to tutor) loves Emma so helped Friday night and all day Saturday making sure she got outside for both potty breaks and fun breaks from the action.

- Emma loves the snow. Comes in all white faced from diving her face into the snow.

- family pictures Emma is so use to looking at me - so it was humorous getting her to sit looking at the photographer

- Emma was glad to get home last night. Moved from chair to chair (since this time it was just us) and enjoyed her "home" for the evening

- Emma was wonderful through the entire event.

-Rosa and Sophia were like little princesses they looked so adorable and were so sweet at the wedding. Yikes Sophia turns 9 on Thursday.

More later. I have to get ready for today's activities....Mary and Emma

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A busy Day with Friends

It was a busy day with friends from out of town. We still got in a short nap. We also had a spontaneous dinner cooked by our husbands here at home. Three college buddies and oh was it fun for wives, one family had their children...a fun time for all. Tomorrow i will stay home with Emma till the rehersal to be sure I get some rest. This was such a fun day but I am very tired. We had fun visiting, laughing and some time with the bride to be Becky also...a great day. Emma handled it all well.

Mary and Emma

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Big Day Nears

Emma and I were at home today. Friends are flying in tonight for the wedding. We are so excited to see them. We are soon off to pick them up and get them settled in their hotel. Emma is still enjoying the snow. I don't think it will melt and we have white cover to stay. We are hoping there is not more snow before the wedding on Saturday. Emma is like the queen on her new pillow bed that she has in the living room. She sure likes it. Best of all for me is a washable cover. She sheds so much.

Hope you are having a nice day...>Mary and Emma

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Getting Out of the House

Emma and I got out of the house today. Fresh snow made Emma very happy. Everywhere we went she had to test out the snow. I would let her walk in it, roll in it and stick her nose in it. We were not in a hurry so I could give her some time to do this. We went to my counselor, to swimming, and for a quick lunch. Then at night we went to a store with Greg. Emma was delighted with it all. Of course we also took our nap. I need that. I was a bit slow moving at water exercise but it was good to be back in the water.

Emma was so good today. It has been a few weeks since we went to water exercise due to my cold and she was very comfortable with the routine there. She just lays there so nice and watches us exercise...sometimes she doses. But she peeks out to be sure all is well with me. She has the cutest eyes and is just so darn pretty laying on her towel by the pool. We had a new life gaurd who was in awe of her excellent behavior. I am so proud of Emma.

When we went to the cars today she was just super. We took metromobility once today and the mini bus is NOT her favorite but you can still expect good behavior. That is a good thing for me.

We are off to bed without anything else spectacular to report. Emma is being just great and yes delighted with the snow anytime we go outside. Time to snuggle in on a winter night.

Hope all is well with you Mary and Emma

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Snow

Mn has snow tonight. i guess we could get up to six inches. We are snug in our home. emma is waiting here for another trip outside to enjoy the snow. At night I watch her from the patio door which she doesn't mind at all. tomorrow we finally will get out of the house. We have swimming and a counseling appointment. Both will be needed I think. I sure didn't get much done today which happens due to MS. Just some days I find it more upsetting than others. I can't seem to relax like I need to do so today. Oh well.

Tonight is the finale of Boston Legal a silly show I do watch so I will watch that while Emma and I tackle a bit of laundry. Then off to bed on a snowy night. My mail has been brightened by Christmas cards - I like the cute cards with dogs on the photo. I am so behind I don't know if I will get cards sent this year or not. My goal this week to be ready for the wedding and feeling okay. Becky had her final dress fit tonight - how exciting is that.

Hope you are warm and snug if you are in the snow weather. I know you may be in other parts of the country. Sorry this seems a bit boring as Emma and I are not up to much for the past few weeks...glad to not be in the hospital at least.

Take care, Emma and Mary More later

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Snowy Quiet Sunday

we were home most of the day. My son Dan was here nursing his cold. We were happy to give him some warm meals and tlc. He had a bad episode coughing last night and we had to bring him to urgent care. I had restfull conversation with him today. We both napped hoping to get over the colds.

It snowed today again about an inch or two so Emma liked that. She loves when I take her outdoors. she is quick to have her nose in the snow. As it is falling she also likes to sniff the air catching the snowflakes.

Emma's tail was really waggin today. She liked having Danny around I think. It was a lazy Sunday for me. Greg worked morning to night. When we are home all day she enjoys even more play time outside but she doesn't mind our naps either.

We are off to bed. Hoping tomorrow I can be more productive.
Mary and Emma wish you good slumber/

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday - At Home

Emma and i are at home today. Yesterday we stayed home also. Sophia, Rosa, Tia, and Mike came to share time with us. We enjoy that Friday tradition.

I am still dealing with the cold as is Greg. I am having to rest a lot to cope with it. I am coughing less which is a very good thing though. I am enjoying listening to Christmas music as I do some small chores or rest. My "to do list" is most certainly longer than I will accomplish today. I am trying to set priorities.

It has been snowing off and on last night and this morning. EMMA LOVES SNOW. It is fun to be outside with her in the white stuff. It is enough to shovel today. I can't handle that task though. She gets especially excited later in the winter when she can really dive into the snow. I am in no hurry for the deep stuff. We hope the weather stays mild for the wedding which is just a week away. I can't believe now that it is just around the corner. This will be a busy week. Most of all I have to be careful for my health. I don't want to miss the big event, the rehersal dinner, times with our out of town company and so on..

Emma has a new pillow/bed for the living room. Becky bought it for her. She lays on it like a queen when we are resting or relaxinb. We had fun watching a Christmas Movie with the granddaughters last night.

Ilook forward to getting my Christmas tree up..but have to have a bit more energy to do that. Also still have some things in the living room to move out after the work on the floor. I am having a hard time keeping up with my laundry but trying to keep it all in perspective. I am not even worried about Christmas Shopping till after the wedding. I have a few things purchased but not a lot. This will be a simple Christmas I think.

Emma is doing fine. She is helping me with laundry (handing me items from the basket) as needed. We got most the toys picked up last night but she helped with a few stray items. Gosh how we love when the girls or my children come over. I am so blessed that my children and grandchildren all live in town. How lucky is that for the holidays?!!

I wish I had more energy but am trying to be patient. A week ago I could barely breathe and was in the hospital for with that in mind i have to remember I am doing much much better. Emma is hapy to be at my side constantly. It is a sunny day so fun to take her outside. She races around the yard with such is good. A week till the wedding...

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I slept a lot today and so did Emma. We did squeeze in time to get my hair colored and cut. All I had to do is sit there yeah for that. Then after yet another nap we headed to the dentist. All he had to do was put on a permanent crown so again all I did was rest. That was the theme of the day rest and rest some more.

I am off to bed soon here. Coughing just a little today and feeling much better than I did a week ago. I have some follow up doctor appointments to schedule tomorrow with the family doctor and the lung specialists. Other than that it will be a quiet day. Anna is coming over to visit and the granddaughters for a few hours. We probably will watch a holiday video. We want to take it easy. That is my goal to take it easy and keep recovering from this cold...a good goal.

At the dentist Emma was so watchful. She did not let me out of sight and was able to lay in a spot close to the chair and still not upset the work of the dentist. He seems to like her which is a good thing. She is close to my side. Gosh home feels good to me.
Greg is battling the cold too...what a pair we are. The whole family is getting over the darn cold it seems.

Today it really felt like winter here. Emma was thrilled as it briefly snowed kind of heavy (snow squall) and I had her outside. She was so excited to run around. I am not anxious for snow and very little is on the ground at this point. Emma will love when it is measured in "inches" and she can run, retrieve balls in the snow and so on.

Our friends are coming from Washington State next week for the wedding. We are so thrilled to have them come for this event.
I hope it doesn't seem too cold for them.

Stay warm and cuddle in - Love Emma and Mary

Back At HOme Appreciating Being Able to Breathe

When I was sent by ambulance Saturday to the hospital, I was having a lot of trouble breathing. I was also having some heart difficulties which later they believed was due to the medicine I was using for the asthma. In any case, oxygen, heavy antibiotics, steroids and other care helped things improve. I was in the hospital for five days. Thank goodness for insurance - I hope it covers it enough for us to manage the bill. I am still battling the cold but doing much better. I am at home with medications, resting, and coping with it all.

It is tough because there are chores I would like to do at home but I am doing little. I want to be there for my daughters wedding which is coming up fast. What amazes me is that I was so sick and didn't really understand how bad it was till I saw a doctor. It was really serious how bad my breathing was so good I sought help. I actually went to a clinic but i guess I should have called an ambulance from home. The clinic tried a nebulizer treatment but did a lung xray and heart test and knew i had to go quickly to the hospital.

Pulling out in the ambulance I remember Emma's face. She had been with me till they did the xray and then they wanted to be sure she was not in the radiation area at the clinic. She went with Greg to the hospital via the car. When they put me intoo the ambulance you could see the alarm on her face.

Once she got to ER and was allowed in - Greg said she found me quickly. NO one had to tell him which cubicle I was in. Surrounded by a curtain wall she still found me (via smell?) and was delighted to see me there. We were there in that small space for almost 5 hoours or more and she was perfect.

On Sunday Greg was very sick because he also has the cold so Emma stayed home with him. Mostly due to the driving factor. The rest of the time she was with me days and went home at night. She was content to climb up on the bed with me (even big me on the small beds) and rest or if needed we had a small blanket for her on the floor. She was just awesome. i arranged for family or a friend to take her outside.

The first night I was glad to have her go home as there were peple in and out all night due to my problems breathing. I think the most I slept was an hout. the other days I felt it was easier to not worry about night time bathroom visits. This was our choice I think helping paws would have helped with volunteers? she goe out about 9 ior 10 an then agaain about 7 or earlier in the morning. She did fine going home and spent most the day with me. Becky told me she got a little nervous at home without me but we managed.

I have heard of individuals who kept their helping dog with them all the time for many days at the hospital. They told me aids and otherswould take the dog out. I did not get offers and was shy to ask...also I could have called helping paws but managed. Honestly there were many people in my room at night off and on so Emma would not have gotten much sleep. When she did come to visit she was very very happy to see me.

I am off to take a nap. I still have the cold and have to take care so I make it to the wedding. Drs. warned me this could cause more problems to take it easy and take the meds...a nastry cold I guess..

Thanks for notes of concern. I will do the best I can to get over this bug.

Mary and Emma say take care. Emma is glad I am home.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home from the Hospital

I am home from the hospital...went in on Saturday due to the cold, cough and difficulty breathing. I need to rest but I am home. Emma handled it well...Mary