Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I checked my camera for the few pictures I actually took the wedding date. I love this picture of Becky the first time we saw her in her gown. The sweater had such lovely fur trim. It was cute. She was beautiful. The groom, Justin smiled nonstop. In this picture he is with his brother Michael whom I use to tutor in reading. In his toast Michael talked about how much he admired Justin. I think it shows in the picture. Michael is the one who helped me so much in taking Emma outside during the rehersal day and wedding day. I have a special place in my heart for all of them.

I think I have to brush up on my camera skills for Christmas. Some of the others I have taken are a bit blurry or the lighting is not correct. You will also see a picture of Sophia with her friend on her 9th birthday. We had a fun party at the Space Alien restuarant in Blaine. Fun for all ages.

Today I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have most presents wrapped. I am spoiled as my cleaning woman is here working away. My tree looks good and I am excited for the time with my family. In picture Sophia is the one standing. We will see her Christmas Day for awhile.

I plan to write tomorrow but if i don't find time enjoy Christmas Eve day and evening. Merry Christmas from Emma and I. i will watch her closely but she seems to feel better now. Time to take her outside again.

Merry Christmas - mary and Emma

Unfortunately Emma got sick last night. What a mess to clean up. She seems okay but is quieter than normal today. I am letting her sleep in her bed where she seems comfortable. I am checking on her often. Normally she is right at my side all day. i don't think we are going anywhere today. She has perked up on her outings to the back yard though. I think that is good. She is jumping through the snow and enjoying the fresh stuff that came last night. Yes we got a few more inches. Greg will snow plow when he gets home. He had hoped for time off but has needed to work these days..

We plan to watch the movie It's A Wonderful Life tonight. It always makes me cry but I enjoy it so much. I still have two kinds of cookies I hope to make for Christmas. I don't make a lot of differnet kinds anymore - never did do as many as some people do. At this point in my life my excuse is that i would eat too many. My New Years resolution is to eat healthier. I need to give that some serious attention.

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