Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fun with Friends before the wedding day

The Thursday before the wedding our friends Dave and Gerri came out to our house. They insisted I take a nap while Gerri read a book. Emma was glad for the nap too. The men ran errands. one trip included the dry cleaner where they found they lost a shirt we needed for the wedding. So that meant a trip to purchase a new shirt to be pressed. Dinner was made by the men (don't worry I got clean up duty ha ha). It was a sea food pasta, big salad, bread and yummy. Spontaneous plans sometimes are the best. Happily our other college friends Montana (yes nicknamed because of where he lived) and Deb and there boys joined us.

The boys were very happy to see Emma. In the picture I think you can see how they wanted to lay on the floor to be with her. She enjoyed there petting her (she was off duty). At the wedding they helped me by taking her outside a few times to do her duty. Overall though they are active young men they were so gentle and good to Emma.

The evening was a delight as it brought old friends together. The three men were in the college seminary together. They chose to marry so all continued their career as lay ministers (we are Catholic) and now Dave is an ordained Deacon. He celebrated the marriage of Rebecca and Justin.

This was just the first full day of five tremendous days with friends. I am sure glad my health held up.

Fatigue hit me today and Emma and I took an over three hour nap. I woke up when a friend called. I needed the rest. Tomorrow we are headed to a dr appt with lung specialist. I am a bit nervous as it will be a longer Metro Mobility ride and I hope I get their on time. You have to allow time for them to pick up other riders going the same way at that time of day.
I have seen this doctor only at the hospital so we will see how it goes.

Stay warm. I hear many parts of the country are cooler than normal. We are cozy and warm. Yeah the Christmas tree is decorated. Happily tomorrow we celebrate Sophia's 9th birthday with a fun dinner. Yeah for that. I love her so much. I hope she likes the gifts I bought her.

Take care, Mary and Emma

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