Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday - At Home

Emma and i are at home today. Yesterday we stayed home also. Sophia, Rosa, Tia, and Mike came to share time with us. We enjoy that Friday tradition.

I am still dealing with the cold as is Greg. I am having to rest a lot to cope with it. I am coughing less which is a very good thing though. I am enjoying listening to Christmas music as I do some small chores or rest. My "to do list" is most certainly longer than I will accomplish today. I am trying to set priorities.

It has been snowing off and on last night and this morning. EMMA LOVES SNOW. It is fun to be outside with her in the white stuff. It is enough to shovel today. I can't handle that task though. She gets especially excited later in the winter when she can really dive into the snow. I am in no hurry for the deep stuff. We hope the weather stays mild for the wedding which is just a week away. I can't believe now that it is just around the corner. This will be a busy week. Most of all I have to be careful for my health. I don't want to miss the big event, the rehersal dinner, times with our out of town company and so on..

Emma has a new pillow/bed for the living room. Becky bought it for her. She lays on it like a queen when we are resting or relaxinb. We had fun watching a Christmas Movie with the granddaughters last night.

Ilook forward to getting my Christmas tree up..but have to have a bit more energy to do that. Also still have some things in the living room to move out after the work on the floor. I am having a hard time keeping up with my laundry but trying to keep it all in perspective. I am not even worried about Christmas Shopping till after the wedding. I have a few things purchased but not a lot. This will be a simple Christmas I think.

Emma is doing fine. She is helping me with laundry (handing me items from the basket) as needed. We got most the toys picked up last night but she helped with a few stray items. Gosh how we love when the girls or my children come over. I am so blessed that my children and grandchildren all live in town. How lucky is that for the holidays?!!

I wish I had more energy but am trying to be patient. A week ago I could barely breathe and was in the hospital for with that in mind i have to remember I am doing much much better. Emma is hapy to be at my side constantly. It is a sunny day so fun to take her outside. She races around the yard with such is good. A week till the wedding...

Mary and Emma wish you a good weekend.

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