Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Snowy Quiet Sunday

we were home most of the day. My son Dan was here nursing his cold. We were happy to give him some warm meals and tlc. He had a bad episode coughing last night and we had to bring him to urgent care. I had restfull conversation with him today. We both napped hoping to get over the colds.

It snowed today again about an inch or two so Emma liked that. She loves when I take her outdoors. she is quick to have her nose in the snow. As it is falling she also likes to sniff the air catching the snowflakes.

Emma's tail was really waggin today. She liked having Danny around I think. It was a lazy Sunday for me. Greg worked morning to night. When we are home all day she enjoys even more play time outside but she doesn't mind our naps either.

We are off to bed. Hoping tomorrow I can be more productive.
Mary and Emma wish you good slumber/

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