Thursday, December 4, 2008


I slept a lot today and so did Emma. We did squeeze in time to get my hair colored and cut. All I had to do is sit there yeah for that. Then after yet another nap we headed to the dentist. All he had to do was put on a permanent crown so again all I did was rest. That was the theme of the day rest and rest some more.

I am off to bed soon here. Coughing just a little today and feeling much better than I did a week ago. I have some follow up doctor appointments to schedule tomorrow with the family doctor and the lung specialists. Other than that it will be a quiet day. Anna is coming over to visit and the granddaughters for a few hours. We probably will watch a holiday video. We want to take it easy. That is my goal to take it easy and keep recovering from this cold...a good goal.

At the dentist Emma was so watchful. She did not let me out of sight and was able to lay in a spot close to the chair and still not upset the work of the dentist. He seems to like her which is a good thing. She is close to my side. Gosh home feels good to me.
Greg is battling the cold too...what a pair we are. The whole family is getting over the darn cold it seems.

Today it really felt like winter here. Emma was thrilled as it briefly snowed kind of heavy (snow squall) and I had her outside. She was so excited to run around. I am not anxious for snow and very little is on the ground at this point. Emma will love when it is measured in "inches" and she can run, retrieve balls in the snow and so on.

Our friends are coming from Washington State next week for the wedding. We are so thrilled to have them come for this event.
I hope it doesn't seem too cold for them.

Stay warm and cuddle in - Love Emma and Mary

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